Thanking the Janitor and Questioning the Pastor

Mrs. E. and I stopped for lunch today at Kravitz Deli at 3135  Belmont Ave. Liberty, OH. It was very affordable because I had a buy one get one  free sandwich coupon from the Entertainment Book. Even without a coupon you get a lot of sandwich for the money.  We both had  a Turkey Panini with roasted red peppers. Mrs. E. said, her sandwich actually had too much turkey. When was the last time you had a sandwich and were able to say that? An elderly woman was sitting behind us on a stool at the counter. Another elderly woman came in saw her and said, ” I remember you sitting there fifty years ago.” Kravitz customer base is made up of that kind of loyalty since 1939 when they opened. They have the best corned beef around and I stop often to get their bagels. Just one more special place that makes me glad to call the Mahoning Valley home.

In July I complained about the Mahoning Valley rest stop on the turnpike to the Ohio Turnpike Commission. The bathroom was filthy and the McDonalds did not have enough people working so the workers were overworked and of course not pleasant. I promptly had responses by e-mails and phone calls from two supervisors from the Ohio Turnpike Commission and from an administrator from McDonalds.  I returned to this stop on Labor Day. I must say the bathroom was much better. The McDonalds was packed but had plenty of people working for the holiday. The manager had a smile on her face and had everything under control. I was actually amazed at how fast they were able to serve a large crowd.

I don’t want to be just someone who complains. I want to also give kudos to people who go beyond in their job. I felt the janitor, manager and staff should be thanked for the excellent job they were doing. They were doing their job and beyond which is at the heart of why we celebrate Labor Day. I e-mailed the Ohio Turnpike commission saying, “You should be very proud of these workers. Anyone who was visiting Ohio got a glimpse of how hard-working Ohioans are.” I promptly got two e-mails from the turnpike supervisors who had responded to my previous complaint. One of them said, “I will be sure to share a copy of your positive comments along with our sincere thanks with our vendor, HLW Fast Track, as well as my Division staff responsible for monitoring those plazas.” A day later I got a letter from HLW Fast Track which owns the Mahoning Valley turnpike McDonalds. They stated they were happy to hear I now had a much happier experience.

As I’ve stated many times my ultimate goal is the same as most parents. I want to make this country and this world a better place for my children’s future. To do that we’ve got to complain when necessary and praise when warranted. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

A few items about idiot Pastor Jones who wants to burn Qurans. Does he know that Jesus is mentioned 28 times in the Quran? See here.  Does he know Mary is mentioned 54 times? Did Jesus say, turn the other cheek or was it burn other faiths holy books? When evil people like Pastor Jones show up I believe  the forces of good emerge to counter act them. See what I mean here.

Downright scary people are not always far away. Here it one in nearby Stark County. Thankfully he didn’t get the party’s nomination.

To remember 9/11 I can find no one who gives me more hope than this  inspiring hero. One woman like her counteracts dozens of hate mongers like Pastor Jones.

Anti-Nowhere League: My God’s Bigger Than Your God

Johnny Cash: War

A quote from right after 9/11: “Unfortunately, at least for the near term, we think it’s going to be a good situation. Er, a dangerous situation. Good for business, bad for the people.” ~ Blaine Ober (Ober is the president of a company that makes armored vehicles).

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