Optimistic About a New Year

It’s almost Christmas and it’s time for an annual event. That event is FOX NEW’s, Bill O’Reilly’s annual lies about the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). He annually claims they are taking away the rights of Christians, to celebrate Christmas. The ACLU  works to protect people’s constitutional right to be protected from the government endorsing, sponsoring, or establishing a religion. The ACLU  has fought hard to protect individual’s rights to exercise their religion. Here are the facts for O’Reilly and his lemmings about how the ACLU has fought for Christians.

Here is a  Christmas stories from 1993 that reflect  the best of what  Christmas (or any other religion’s holiday) should be about. From Billings, Montana we have,” The Town That Fought Hatred.

A clip from the PBS special, “Not in Our Town.”

The “Not in Our Town” story led other towns to create programs to fight racism.

The hate people have for those of other faiths is based on ignorance. Right now we have a lot of misinformation about Islam. To help clear some of that up here are five ridiculous things people believe about Islam.

Please think about the environment when buying electronics for Christmas presents.

For a New Year’s Eve resolution consider what you can do for others. Even what seems like a small effort by you could make a great impact on someone else. When you do good for someone they may pay you back by making you look at life in a new perspective.  Here is a story by Kent Nerburn that illustrates what I mean.

I think Kent is a wise man, so I have added his link in my blogroll.

For the third year in a row Mrs. E and I attended B.E. Taylor’s Christmas Show. Our friends Patti and John joined us for what is a magical Christmas concert. I’m remaining optimistic and looking forward to a good new year. Happy holidays to you whatever your holiday is!

Greg Lake ~ I Believe in Father Christmas

James Brown ~ Soulful Christmas

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” ~ Bill Vaughn




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