2011 the Year of Choirs

Happy New Year!

I like hearing from readers so drop me a comment or an e-mail. I’ve noticed people tend to respond more when they disagree with me, than when they agree. It’s human nature I guess. I’ve had quite a few conservatives e-mail me. It’s always to tell me why they think I am wrong on various issues. I have been back and forth corresponding with many of them for quite a few months. I’ve noticed I tend to anger them when I try to present facts on an issue. They tend to be much more into what their gut feeling is, than facts.

I really do try to be patient with those who disagree with me. I try to find the common ground we might have and show we may have more in common than we have in opposition. I try my best to not resort to name calling, but I sure get called everything under the sun. Lately, one of these e-mail conversations has me thinking I’m just wasting my time. Several months ago a conservative named, Thomas sent me a nasty e-mail about something he did not like that I posted. We ended up sending e-mails back and forth for months. Then, at some point Tom mixed my e-mail address up and put it on his list of conservatives that he sends anti- Obama hate mail to. I called Tom on the first piece of Obama hate fest he sent me. Tom sent out a piece saying the Obama’s were not having a Christmas tree or celebrating Christmas 2010. It insinuated it’s because the Obama’s are Moslems. I looked it up on Snopes.com and some other sources that debunk myths and lies. It was not even a fresh lie but a lie that went around from Christmas 2009.

I sent Tom the info proving it was  a lie. I asked him to send the facts I sent him to the long list of folks he had sent the lie to. My theory is that people deserve to know the truth. My other theory is to fact check information, before you send it out to people. Tom refused to correct the lie with the people he sent it to. Tom replied that Obama is so evil that he is sure there is a ton of things he’s done that haven’t been uncovered. Tom feels that justifies any lies he sends out.

I sent Thomas an e-mail saying I would no longer correspond with him because he lacks a code of ethics or honor. Thomas then sent me a racist joke about Moslems, telling me to pass it on. Dealing with dishonest people is bad enough, add in that they’re a racist and you see why I want nothing to do with them. I now laugh out loud remembering that Tom told me he’s a good Christian.

Ignoring Tom’s e-mails from now on lets me better use my time communicating with people who aren’t blinded by so much hate. I’ve heard the expression, “You’re just preaching to the choir.” I realize that’s what I’m doing by not reaching out to the Tom’s of the world. That’s fine with me because I’ve come to believe that the Tom’s can’t be reformed as they’ve sold their honor (maybe their souls also).

A choir is made up of people who all contribute a different vocal range and need each other to make beautiful music. I want to join that choir because they create harmony, that’s a lot better than dealing with people who want to put “harm on me” and mine. Can I get an Amen from the choir?

It’s a new year! Are you at an age like me where you are left asking, what can I as one person do to make a better world? One of the best examples of what one person can accomplish was in the news last year. I’m talking about a chef in India named, Narayanan Krishnan. Check out th e video on this page and see if Narayanan doesn’t inspire you as mush as he inspired me.

Ten ideas for a green New Year.

Now for some choir music:

From 1967 Mentor, Ohio’s the Choir: It’s Cold Outside

A choir can be a place to speak out against problems: Philadelphia Complaint Choir

“I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity to se the faces of real people devoting them selves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.” ~ Paul McCartney


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