Ohioans, What in the Hell Were You Thinking?

I have been thinking about the elections in Ohio this past November. I have been baffled by the results. Before the election in Nov. 2010 the people of the USA said the number one issue was jobs. Residents of Ohio agreed with that. If that was really the case in Ohio I have to say, WTF is with the candidates we elected in Ohio.

John Kasich was elected governor with 49% of the vote. As far as bringing jobs to Ohio we should remember as U.S. Congressman Kasich voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA has cost 879,280 U.S. jobs, 739,280 of those jobs, were relatively high paying manufacturing jobs. Ohio has lost more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000.  No need to write to me and tell me about Clinton’s involvement with passing NAFTA. I also blame Bill Clinton (who was a Republican lite)  for the NAFTA agreement. That’s part of the reason I will never support his wife as a presidential candidate.

Kasich spent seven years working at Wall Street firm, Lehman Brothers. John must have not been to proud of those years at Lehman as they were strangely absent from his John Kasich for Governor website.  Historians have been searching for thousand of years to learn about the missing years of Jesus. I played historian and set off to find out about John’s  missing years working for Lehman. His website offered no e-mail or phone numbers for me to ask my question. Calls to GOP headquarters thanked me  for my call and said, they’d get back to me. I’m still waiting.

Gov. Strickland ran ads talking about Kasich working for Lehman Brothers. That forced Kasich to address his amnesia years at Lehman. He stated in a campaign ad, “I didn’t run Lehman Brothers. I was one of 700 managing directors. I worked in a two-man office in Columbus.” In the first half of 2008, Lehman stock lost 73% of its value. In September 2008 Lehman filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with bank debt of $613 billion and $155 billion in bond debt. Despite Lehman’s collapse Kasich’s tax returns reveal Lehman paid him, $600,000 in 2008. It took a lot of media pressure to get Kasich’s 2008 returns, he wasn’t about to show what he made from Lehman in years where they made a profit.

How is a man like Kasich who supported NAFTA and won’t admit his part in Wall Streets failures that cost taxpayers billions the guy that is going to bring jobs and a better economy to Ohio? I have no clue, ask the fools who voted for him.

Another loser Ohioans picked to fill George Voinovich’s senate seat is Rob Portman. Portman had been an U.S. congressman and a big supporter of GW Bush. Rob served two federal cabinet positions for the George W. Bush Administration. The first was as the U.S. Trade Representative, then as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  So, how did those GW Bush trade years and his budget work out for you my fellow Ohioans? At one point Portman’s name was being tossed around as a VP for John McCain when he ran for president in 2008. GOP pundits weighed in on Portman as a VP candidate. Some stated with Portman’s ties to Bush’s budget he’d be more of a liability than an asset. One comment I read said, “No guy who was in charge of U.S. trade policy is going to talk economics to people in depressed Rust Belt factory towns.” Well, the rest of the country might not want Portman representing them as a VP but my fellow Ohioans embrace him as our senator by a 57% majority. I should note Portman outspent his opponent, Lee Fischer 8 to 1.

Republican challenger, Mike DeWine defeated Democratic incumbent Richard Cordray for Ohio attorney general. DeWine won by 48 percent of the vote to Cordray’s 46 percent. Cordray was a true fighter against Wall Street. He sued global financial institution, bond-rating agencies, foreclosure operators and subprime lenders, earning legal settlements for Ohioans that have topped $1 billion. Sadly, he was defeated by Dewine a career politicians who is a Washington beltway special interest insider.

Charlie Wilson two-time U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 6th district was defeated by Republican Bill Johnson by a 50-45% margin. Johnson is a retired veteran and businessman from Poland, OH. The Democrats ran this ad against Johnson. If it’s true why would Ohioans vote for someone who doesn’t care about U.S. jobs? Even if the ad was false I still have another question for Ohio voters. Do you think someone like Johnson who has only lived in Ohio for four years understands our state?

One term 16th district, Congressman John Boccierri, who served multiple tours in Iraq and whose district is in northeast Ohio,was defeated by Wadsworth, OH Mayor, Jim Renacci. Jim is a republican who thinks we need to shrink government. He feels we should rely on the private sector not the government to better our lives. He has made his fortune from his company, LTC Management Services, which owns and operates nursing home facilities throughout Ohio. Jim doesn’t like to discuss that his personal fortune came from government programs like, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Renacci beat Boccierri 52% to 41% with 6% of the vote going to Libertarian Candidate Jeffrey Blevins.

I remember hearing an activist in Mexico say, something I’ll never forget about elections. She said, “My hopes and dreams don’t fit on a ballot.” I’d say I certainly have to agree. If my hopes and dreams were on a ballot the voters of Ohio and this country would shatter them every time. I laugh when I hear calls for term limits. Why should we have term limits? Instead we need informed voters.
The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all. ~ John F. Kennedy

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