Regional Horror Chamber

I really love watching the History Channel. I just saw a show on it about Apache leader, Geronimo. The show mentioned that the U.S. Calvary was sent to return him and his band of braves to a reservation. It was stated, Geronimo would never have been capture if the calvary wouldn’t have had a secret weapon. They employed his fellow Apaches as scouts to track him down. Taking the scouts off the reservation and giving them some money and letting them wear a uniform was all it took to get them to hunt down their fellow Native American. Once Geronimo was captured these Judas scouts were of course no longer needed and returned to the reservation. Some tribes of Native Americans fought for the French and some for the British during the French and Indian War. After that tribes were again divided with some fighting for the British and some for the colonialists. Hindsight of course shows the Native Americans should have all united and chased the white man from these shores. Sadly, they got caught up by the divide and conquer strategy of the powers that be.

The same strategy is in effect today by the corporate powers in their war on the middle-class and poor. The Apache Judas’s of today are the Teabaggers who are bought and paid for to bring down their fellow working-class brothers and sisters. Private sector workers are also being manipulated to attack public sector workers. The private sector is being told their tax dollars are going to greedy over paid public sector workers. Never mind that the taxpayers have had to bail out corporations, banks and Wall Street. The corporations, banks and Wall Street want you to forget about that fact. They want you to forget that even though they failed their CEO’s got huge bonuses. Wall Street has created a spin to take the heat off of them. They are pointing a finger at city workers patching and plowing Main Street and telling taxpayers these workers are their enemy.

I’m assuming you’ve heard about the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber backing SB5 the Ohio bill that destroys collective-bargaining rights for Ohio’s public workers. I want to talk about some of the local players who are helping to fight this bill and fight the local “Regional Horror Chamber.”

Locally, I want to thank Bishop Murray for coming out against Ohio Senate Bill 5. I want to thank Roger Jones Chairman of  Fireline Inc for his decision to leave the Regional Chamber over the chamber’s support of  Senate Bill 5 that would strip bargaining rights from unions. I’ve met Roger a few times and found him to be kind and conscientious.

Roger spoke at a rally along with some others. One of the others was USW (United Steel Worker) District 1 Sub-District Director Gary Steinbeck. I have no kind words for Gary as he has cost me lots of money and part of my pension. You see, Gary was the union negotiator at the barrel plant I worked at for 28 years. Gary delivered us nothing but concessionary contracts. I know the industry was hurting but I swear Gary would have let us vote on a blank contact to be filled in later by management.  He must have walked into negotiations and said to the company, “What do you need, I’ll get it.” Our last contract was so ugly that it was voted down by two-thirds of our employees. Gary decided we were going to take the contact anyway. I filed labor board charges about the lack of democracy. I lost the case only to learn that the USW like many unions has the power to overturn the employees vote because the union is the official bargaining agent. I’m the most pro-union guy you’ll meet but I don’t need a union that won’t support its members vote.  Gary did us no favor as the plant closed down shortly thereafter and we walked away with four years of stolen pensions and other issues. Now that I’m in the public sector Gary wants to try to help me? No thanks, Gary my family can’t afford your type of help. When it comes to working-class issues Gary Steinbeck is no John Steinbeck.

I also want to thank, Turning Technologies who withdrew its chamber membership. Their CEO Mike Broderick also resigned his position from the chamber’s Board of Directors. Thanks also to, the Mocha House, with restaurants in Warren and Boardman, who have resigned their Chamber membership due to the Chamber’s position on SB5.  Mocha House owners stated they have family members, friends and customers that are affected by SB5.

Either a millionaire or one of their Teabbager stooges posted this comment on “It looks like the Democrats are upset about SB 5 passing. I guess they will be losing campaign donations now. After all the unions won’t have the extra money to give. Too BAD!!!!!!!!!!”

To the unions I say, “Spend every dime you can supporting politicians that have voted against SB5, or for politicians that will be opposing incumbents who voted for the bill. Ask your members to contribute what they can also.”  This bill only passed in the Ohio House by nine votes and in the Ohio Senate by one vote.  The number one candidate that needs to be defeated is Sen. Shannon Jones (R-Clearcreek Twp.) who was the sponsor of SB5. A few more years and it’s goodbye Jones and goodbye Kasich. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s hope that over the next few years Kasich doesn’t take us so far back into the Stone Age that we look at Arizona and Mississippi as progressive states.

For a Regional Chamber members list.

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If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re gonna get selfish, ignorant leaders. ~ George Carlin




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6 responses to “Regional Horror Chamber

  1. Anonymous

    this guy always was like this. way back to the 1970’s when I knew him and worked with him. He always had his own ‘personal agenda’!

  2. elecpencil

    Are you speaking about Kasich? Thanks for your comment.

  3. Anonymous

    STEINBECK! When he started out as a union rep he wanted to settle quickly and get done. And the contract was never for us; just a way out for him and the ‘feathering of his bed’. I’m sure the COMPANY loved him. He was going to ‘win for him’ no matter what. I noticed this years ago and was suprised at the position he’s attained. I know the late, great, union organizer John Sullivan is turning in his grave!

  4. elecpencil

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Gary is a real piece of work and a definite “cop for the boss.” I worked at a place that turned down an awful contract by a new would be owner. It was turned down by 75-25. Gary did not go back to the bargaining table. he merely said, he was our bargaining agent and we were taking the contract. The plant closed a short time later as theses new owners had no idea of what they were doing. Gary also cost be four years of my pension by messing up two contracts. The guy is a first class worm.

  5. Anonymous

    AGREE! He was like that in the 70’s. No fight in him for his rank-and-file brotheren! With representatives like him, I guess thats why all our steel is made in CHINA! There won’t be a steel plant in this country in a few years, all made by the COMMUNISTS!!! And it all started in the 70’s.

  6. Anonymous

    right on brother about Steinbeck…Years ago he had his favorites and would out-right force a union brother to a lower level job over one of his “suck-ups” and “moles” when work slowed or lay-offs came. Don’t trust this guy at all. He pulls crap all the time.

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