Racy Entertainment, Cheap SOB’s and a Kenyan Prince

The Elecpencil doesn’t always want to talk about doom and gloom. I’d like to bring a smile or laugh your way. There is some new racy entertainment in town. It is a peep show you can catch at your local Walgreens. It seems you can go there and watch women get pap smears and breast exams. It must be true; I heard it said the other morning on “Fox and Friends”. In an attempt to disparage Planned Parenthood, one of the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” Gretchen Carlson suggested that women who need pap smears and breast exams could just get them at Walgreens. Walgreens issued a statement clarifying that its stores do not offer such services… but “Fox & Friends” hasn’t retracted the lie.  Sorry, I guess your peep show fun is not a real story. Who knew that they lie over at Fox News.

I enjoy watching “Fox and Friends” in the morning because the three hosts are the Three Stooges of news. Sadly, they think they’re  serious journalist.  “Saturday Night Live” finally realized how funny they are and did a skit about them. See it here. “Fox and Friends” is a great place to get misinformation. The “Fair and Balanced” reporting of FOX NEWS. You are not allowed to be a dissenter unless you are  a Teabaager according to Fox News.

Governor Kasich visited Mac Trailer Manufacturing in Salem, Ohio. The plant, produces dump, flatbed and transfer trailers in both Salem and Alliance. Kasich praised Michael A. Conny, the president of the company, which employs 550 workers and is seeking to hire 100 more. Kasich is quick to jump on the fact someone is hiring 100 people when he has cut 57,000 state jobs. Kasich talked about, how at MAC Trailer, the workers pay 25% of their health care compared to places like Summitville Tile where the employees pay 40%. I laughed when I heard the comment about Summitville Tile employees paying 40% and wondered why Kasich would mention them. Summitville Tile is owned by the Johnson Brothers who are big in the Mahoning County GOP, the GOP headquarters is attached to their tile store. I’m told one of the brothers is proprietor of the Spread Eagle Tavern in Hanoverton, Ohio. The Spread Eagle is a big Republican meeting place and hosts fundraisers with guests like scumbag, Karl Rove.  I find it ironic Kasich used  the Johnson Brothers to show that, when it comes to providing health care to their employees, the brothers are some real tight bastards. I’d pretty much say, they are spread eagleing their employees. I’ve heard one of the brothers call local radio talk shows and bash union workers. I believe in supporting local businesses but I wouldn’t enter his business if he was giving tile away.

I will talk about how sad I am about Obama feeling he had to release his birth certificate next post. For now I offer this funny comment attributed to Madisonhack. I saw it on Huffington Post and I’ll address it to all the crazy birthers:

“I am a Kenyan prince, and I have Barak Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate, but I need your help to get it out of the country. Just give me your bank account number and I will open a safe deposit box at your bank in your name. I will then have the birth certificat­e that proves that Barak Obama was born here placed in your safe deposit box. There will be no need to repay me for this service, as I will be rewarded simply by knowing that you will do the right thing with this certificat­e and take back your country. If you should happen to notice any large amounts of money missing from your accounts, do not be alarmed, they will be returned in no time. Just go about your business of saving your country and the monies will reappear shortly. Really, they will. Stop looking at the balance. I said stop looking, the money will be there lickety split. That is unless Obama took it. Yeah, that’s it, he’s on to us. Hurry, get the birth certificat­e out of your box. Don’t let them tell you there is no box, it is a lie.”

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Apathy is the glove in which evil slips its hand. ~ Anonymous



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2 responses to “Racy Entertainment, Cheap SOB’s and a Kenyan Prince

  1. Seriously, that “Fox and Friends” morning show is unwatchable. Sometimes I’ll switch over from Morning Joe to see what they’re talking about and I’m stunned by what I see. I only know them as the judgmental blond guy, the judgmental blond chick and the monkey on the right who doesn’t understand what is going on. Ever. They take cringe-worthiness to Michael Scott heights.

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Mike. They are the only news show you can exercise to. When you watch it you will find yourself shaking your head. Great workout for the neck.

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