Birthers, Still-Birthers and After-Birthers

The Nazis asked, “Where are your papers?”
Now President Obama is being told,
to show his birth certificate.
The Klan did it with a rope,
now the corporate Koch brothers
are doing it with their Tea Party dopes.
Those that question where the president was born
have become known as “birthers.”
A Racist in 1960
equals a Birther in 2011.

The issue is not really about
the president’s birth certificate.
The issue is that now
a black man is president.
How can a non-white man
even be an American?
For a teabagger to accept
a black man as a citizen
they would have to check
the born on the plantation box
at their area voting booth.
It was a sad day for America
when President Obama felt he had
to show his birth certificate.
Birthers then screamed, “Damn facts
take them away they burn my eyes.”
Birthers then heard dueling banjos
and said, “Thank you, Mr. President
now show us the rest of your papers.”

The hard-core birthers became
after- birthers or still- birthers
who claimed the certificate was phony.
These extremists will never believe any proof
and move their “proof goalposts”
further and further to the right.
It’s a case of blaming the victim.
It becomes the responsibility of the victim
to refute all absurd charges,
not the responsibility of the accusers
to prove any of their claims.
“Facts,” the bithers ask.
“We don’t need no stinking facts.
We have scary talking points.
We have FOX NEWS who
never hired fact checkers.”

Republicans know  they need to Swiftboat Obama
because they can never win a presidential election
based on their accomplishments
or their corporate agenda platform.
They are the GOP.
Greed Over Principal Party.
They want to lead us to
a bigger brighter 1850.
Now Trump demands to see
all of Obama’s college grades
he feels it’s evidence he wants to comb over.
I demand to see Trump’s hairline,
as I suspect he has horns under it.
Sorry, Donald, you can’t be a GOP presidential candidate
as all the GOP contenders have to work at FOX.
Do we really want Trump, who filed bankruptcy four times,
to be at the head of America’s economy?

We had a vice-president
who couldn’t spell potato.
We had a president who was senile
and had his hand on the button,
and you birthers can’t accept a president
who graduated Magma Cum Laude from Harvard?
You want to burden this president
with wanting to know if he
ever ran with scissors as a kid.
President Obama is busy fixing the fuck ups
left by the Cheney Administration.
Hell, Reagan and GW couldn’t even show up for the job,
as they were constantly clearing brush at their ranches.
If birhers weren’t so full of racist hate they’d see
President Obama accomplished  the American Dream.

I feel sorry for the birthers and baggers in the “Tealiban,”
because mental illness is no laughing matter.
I blame their problems on Ronnie Reagan,
because he closed so many mental institutions.
I would ask you birhers if your
tin foil hat fits under your white hood.
Now, the Obama Administration has killed
terrorist Osama bin Laden.
The birthers have jumped the trax
and are demanding to see
photos of the dead terrorist leader.
If they are shown the pictures,
they will say it is bin Laden’s double.
The birthers have become “deathers.”
This Crazy Train will keep on running,
because it has an unlimited
source of fuel know as……racism.

WoodyGuth3: Thanks to the Right-Wing Conspiracy Nuts

Bruce Cockburn:Justice

Bruce Cockburn: Tried and Tested

“Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” ~ George Orwell



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2 responses to “Birthers, Still-Birthers and After-Birthers

  1. glenn

    I think you are nuts but I love Bruce Cockburn

  2. elecpencil

    If you agree with the birthers I’m glad you think I’m nuts. How do you type in a straight jacket? Anyone who loves Bruce Cockburn has a chance of sanity. If you think I’m nuts you just aren’t getting Cockburn’s lyrics. Are you one of those conservatives who thinks Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” was about how wonderful the USA was under Reagan? Good luck and thanks for the comment.

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