Regionalize This

It’s that time of year to do a little spring cleaning. Yes, I know it’s summer but we didn’t have a spring just a rainy season. The cleaning I did was on my blog’s contents. I try to stay current by posting once a week. I deleted some blogs that haven’t posted for months. I also added some new ones and am open to suggestions on local blogs, if you want to send some along. I have an area called “Exploring Other Communities” to which I have added some new links . What I wanted to do with this category is present some blogs about some of our neighboring cities like : Akron, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I think we should all know more about our neighbors and find things worth exploring in our backyards. I have also added a category called “PEST” (Poor Economy Survivor Tools). I don’t want to just talk about the vanishing middle class I want to provided some tools for us to survive in this global economy.

Now for something on a local note. Every time I write something negative about the Warren Tribune Chronicle and it’s editorial page, I get an e-mail from a young lady who works for the Tribune. I guess her job is cruising the internet looking for any criticism of the Tribune. My comments are generally about the Tribune’s poor excuse for an editor, Frank Robinson. I am now going to make some negative comments about the Trib because I haven’t had an e-mail from their young staffer for a while and think it’s time her and I catch up.

Editor Robinson, loves the idea of regional collaboration, merging and combining things like fire departments, police departments and schools. The services once combined will end up being inadequate but it meets Robinson’s main goal. That is some people will be losing their public sector jobs. When the service to the taxpayer is diminished,  Robinson can claim the government can’t do it’s job. To a conservative like him that means you get rid of things like the police and hire  a private company, like Blackwater, to  police your community.

The terrible record Blackwater has earned in Iraq will be ignored just like the terrible record of  CCA (Community Corrections of America) was ignored when they opened a private prison in Youngstown. I joined some prison ministry folks to do prison visitation at CCA when it opened in Youngstown. The ministry really wasn’t about religion as much as giving prisoners some hope because they were shipped to Youngstown from D.C. Most were from poor families who couldn’t afford to come visit (yes, I also care deeply about the victims of crime). Every week I visited I was given new rules to follow as the place was totally unorganized. I wasn’t surprised when prisoners escaped and in the first year, 20 prisoners were stabbed and two were murdered. There was little in the way of corrections as rehabilitation is a dirty word when your business is based on filling up cells. It would be like you owning a McDonalds and teaching your customers to be vegetarians. Youngstown’s Mayor McKelvey told reporters after the 1998 escape, “Knowing what I know now, “I would never have allowed CCA to build a prison here.” Had the ex-Mayor done a little research he would have known CCA’s dismal history. Ohio’s Gov. Kasich has taken political contributions from the private prison industry, so he wants to privatize many prisons here in Ohio. Here is a comment about that plan.

 It doesn’t matter to conservatives like Editor Robinson how many dogs die from contaminated food, how many babies die in faulty cribs, how many people die from food poison, faulty Firestone Tires, exploding Ford Pintos, unintended accelerating Toyotas and cancer causing cigarettes. No matter how many recalls of deadly products conservatives still believe government is bad because it hinders the private sector with regulations to protect consumers.

I’m for the regionalization of private sector companies and we can start in the Mahoning Valley. For example, do we really need an Applebee’s, a TGI Fridays, a Ruby Tuesdays and a Chili’s? They are all decorated the same and have pretty much the same boring menu. If you were taken into any one of them blindfolded and had the blindfold removed you’d have no idea which one you were in. Then we have interchangeable breakfast chains like;  IHOP, Waffle House, Perkins and Denny’s.  I prefer to go to a local restaurant like the Golden Dawn and have an omelet with a frosted schooner of Genesee for breakfast. You can’t get that combination at a chain restaurant.

We also need to regionalize our two valley newspapers into one as two are just not needed in this area. The Warren Tribune just confuses me way too much. I don’t like how they have now put the comic page on the editorial page. Though I will admit Frank Robinson’s editorials are a hoot, even if they aren’t meant to be. With a merging of the Youngstown Vindicator and the Warren Tribune Chronicle only one editor would be needed. Mr. Robinson would have to be let go. I’m not totally heartless as I  have found him a new job he will be perfect at. It’s at Ape Entertainment who is publishing a new series of Richie Rich comic books. Considering the way Robinson represents the views of the wealthy I’m sure he’d be perfect for the job. He’s probably already been researching homes for sale in Richie’s hometown of Richville.

I know the Vindy has some real issues about not representing our area citizens. We need a newly combined newspaper that represented the views of our communities working class. When we have one local newspaper the ideal name would be “The Valley View”. Go green, save the trees and campaign for one area newspaper! That’s regionalization we could all benefit from.

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“A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.” H.L. Mencken


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18 responses to “Regionalize This

  1. Anonymous

    I hope you take a designated driver to breakfast at the Dawn.

  2. Elecpencil

    I only ever have one beer if I’m driving. What’s better than smelling like beer first thing in the morning?

  3. Anonymous

    That’s one beer to many.

  4. elecpencil

    If you haven’t had a frosted schooner of beer at the Golden Dawn you haven’t really lived.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually I have. I don’t drive after drinking one. Just being responsible.

  6. elecpencil

    I believe I can handle a few beers but I never drink more than one when I have to drive.

  7. Anonymous

    That’s still one too many!

  8. elecpencil

    I know my limit and I guess
    you know yours.

  9. Anonymous

    I think the Mothers Against Drunk Driving would disagree.

  10. elecpencil

    MADD founder Candy Lightner left the organization when it changed its mission from preventing drunk driving, to preventing drinking.
    She said, “It has become far more neo-prohibitionist
    than I ever wanted or envisioned”
    I drink responsibly and don’t like MADD’s real goals.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m surprised that someone like you who talks about social responsibility would argue an issue such as drinking and driving. This doesn’t seem to fit with your other views on social responsibility.

  12. elecpencil

    I have never had an alcoholic beverage when I had my kids out for a meal. That was whether I was driving or not as I think drinking in front of kids is not good. Now that my kids are grown I might have one beer or a small glass of wine at home every other month. I might have one beer which I will nurse for over and hour or more when I am out for the evening. That might happen twice a year. In my book that makes me more socially responsible than anyone I know.

  13. Anonymous

    Okay, okay I get it. This is your blog and you don’t like being called out on any issue. Your logic that you know your limit when it comes to drinking has decimated many families. I’m not questioning your drinking habits at home, rather your comment that a schooner of beer from the Dawn for breakfast is a good idea.

  14. elecpencil

    If I didn’t like being called on an issue I would scrub comments that called me on something. I have NEVER scrubbed a comment. I have had alcoholics in my family and as co-workers. I have more than seen the devastation of alcohol. I have done prison ministry and visited with people who made terrible decisions influenced by drugs and alcohol. I have never even drank a cup of coffee in my life because I thought my parents were addicted to it. I need no lessons on the abuse of substances. I do know that an xxl man my size who drinks ONE schooner of beer would never bob the needle on a breatalizer. I would be well within the legal limits of the law. I was making a joke at suggesting you could have a beer with breakfast. I’m sorry you didn’t see the humor but I appreciate your concern and comments.

  15. Anonymous

    Your reply to my concerns about drinking and driving did not reflect your assertion that you have seen the devastation caused by alcohol. My concern is that if everyone thought as you do that they know what their limits are can be very harmful. I am not giving you lessons on substance abuse. Whether or not you would “bob the needle” is beside the point. Alcohol does effect the brain and decision making abilities. Please be careful after your breakfast schooner. Making a joke is one thing; defending drinking and driving because you know your limit is another issue.

  16. Elecpencil

    The laws on drinking and driving are based upon carefully studied effects not on what you or I think my limit is. They are based on peoples weight, if they’ve eaten and over a time frame etc. Drinking responsibly and driving is not a crime. DUI refers to consuming alcohol to the point where the drinker’s mental and motor skills are impaired. A responsible driver would not drive when over the legal limit for driving, which is 0.08% alcohol concentration in your bloodstream.

    Over the years I have been hit by three drunk drivers. One was at 4pm and two were about 8pm. I am not promoting getting drunk in the morning or any other time and driving. I don’t like guns because many people are not responsible with them. I don’t promote taking guns off of those who are responsible with them because of those who aren’t. MADD employs scare tactics and misinformation. A MADD spokesman said, “The most effective way to deal with (people who drink and drive) is to arrest them.” Richard Berman, Executive Director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, responded to that statement saying he hopes the “Drink Responsibly. Drive Responsibly.” message “literally crowds out this ‘don’t drink and drive’ message, which is not legally, socially or scientifically accurate.” I agree with Berman because I am not for taking rights off of people. I don’t want to control women’s bodies, guns, cigarettes, fatty fast foods etc. I want people to be RESPONSIBLE for themselves. As I said I have been hit by drunks and I say lock them up. I’m not for locking up people who like me drink one beer over a period of a few hours and drive a car. One beer drank over a period of hours does not effect my abilities if it effects yours act accordingly and call a cab.

  17. Anonymous

    Do you ever admit that perhaps you are wrong? You quote “facts” and figures to deflect. Saying you know your limit is not the answer. Many people drink and say “I know my limit”. Perhaps the 3 people that hit you said the same thing to themselves before they got in their cars. You don’t drink coffee because your parents were addicted, but you’ll drink alcohol and drive because you know your limit. I don’t understand that way of thinking.

  18. elecpencil

    I’m not wrong by being a responsible drinker within the law. Why do people hate facts? Twice a year I may have one beer over a few hours with a meal and drive isn’t putting anyone in the world in danger. Of the people that hit me one was so drunk he couldn’t get out of his car. One guy that hit me was so drunk he got out of his car with a can of beer in his hand in front of the cops who had arrived. If those guy didn’t know they couldn’t drive in their condition they had mental problems. My parents like a lot of coffee drinkers seemed like they needed coffee to get going. I didn’t want to be like that and instead used a good nights sleep to get going. My way of thinking is I can handle one beer over the course of a few hours. That is just not my way of thinking but the laws way of thinking That shouldn’t be so hard to understand it’s called being responsible and within the law.If you can’t handle one drink without going crazy it’s not my fault.

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