Mere Coincidence

It’s time again for one of my poems. I try to write poetry for people who don’t necessary like poetry. I also want to try and inspire others to write poetry. That is based on the idea if I can do it anyone can.

Mere Coincidence

Between 2001 and 2010,
Ohio Republicans, who now control
both the Governor’s office and
the Ohio General Assembly,
received nearly $4 million in campaign contributions
from two men – David Brennan and William Lager.
Both men own charter schools in Ohio.
It’s probably just a coincidence that
Gov. Kasich and Ohio GOP politicians are
proposing more charter school for Ohio
while at the same time cutting public school funds.
CCA a private prison company donated
a generous contribution to Kasich’s campaign.
It’s merely a coincidence that Gov. Kasich
wants to sell five state prisons
to an as yet to be named private company.
Gary Mohr, Kasich’s new secretary of corrections,
said the buyer isn’t necessarily CCA.
Mr. Mohr coincidently used to work for CCA.
Kasich’s new casino commissioners will be paid
$60,000 a year to attend one meeting a month.
A sweet big pay little work job indeed.
They will also have a swanky expensive office
located in downtown Columbus, Ohio.
One would think you wouldn’t need an office
for just a one day a month job.
The offices by some coincidence are owned
by a Kasich for governor campaign donor.
The governor is pushing for increased oil and gas exploration
in Ohio since taking office in January.
He called Southeast Ohio’s shale deposits
a potential ‘Godsend.” and has proposed
allowing drilling in state parks.
John Kasich got a “Godsend” in campaign cash
from the energy and fossil fuels sector
to the tune of a whopping $639,000.
All a strange coincidence I am sure.
The unions for teachers, police, firemen
and other Ohio public sector workers
supported Gov. Strickland over John Kasich.
I’m sure it’s just a big coincidence
that Kasich is passing a law to weaken
Ohio union’s bargaining rights.
The wealthy supported John Kasich
while the poor voted against him.
It is merely a coincidence
that the Governors budget
had cuts to day care for children of low-income parents
cuts to work-support programs for the poor
cuts of $1.4 billion from Medicaid funding,
it also had cuts to children’s hospitals
that help ease the pain of Ohio’s poorest children.
The budget gave the wealthiest Ohioans
even more tax breaks making them
exempt from any pain in the budget.
If you are in the biggest percent of Ohioans
that will suffer under Gov. Kasich’s reign
think twice about drowning your sorrows
at your neighborhood tavern.
The Republicans in Columbus
are working on a brand new bill
that will allow concealed carry firearms in bars.
It’s probably some kind of coincidence that
the NRA contributes mostly to GOP campaigns.
Meanwhile, Kasich wants metal detectors
installed in the Columbus Statehouse.
No coincidence involved there
just outright damn hypocrisy.

Brother Ali: Us

Uncle Sam Goddamn

“A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward.”
— Franklin D. Roosevelt, radio speech, October 26, 1939.





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2 responses to “Mere Coincidence

  1. Tony Fasline

    Jim, I read all of your blog and am now introduced to it. Your “elec Pencil” is sharper than a sword”! You have a unique way, with facts, of cutting to the chase, pointing out the inequities of our policiticans, corporations, our media, our commerce world, etc. I enjoy your blog although it makes me angry at those you write about. Am sharpening up my chain saw! I like that you have an outreach to the community, to muscians. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

  2. elecpencil

    Father Tony thanks for your kind words. I admire what you do also!

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