Science Gone Too Far

“Science gone too far, science gone too far. How did you ever break the jar? Science gone too far, science gone too far. Maybe it hasn’t crawled too far.”  That is the chorus to 1977’s, “Science Gone too Far” by the Dictators. I was reminded of it by my own scientific experiment that went on far too long and ended with its own broken jar, so to speak.

My experiment involved corresponding with two conservatives. My hypothesis was that liberals and conservative have more in common than they have in differences. I decided on this experiment after being contacted via e-mail by a conservative in 2009. I had stumbled across his blog while looking up some info. He had a question on his blog asking, what is wrong with America? After reading some of his past posts I was easily able to answer his question. I commented, “What is wrong with America is too many people have beliefs like yours and won’t listen to any other opinion.” In no time I got an e-mail from the blogger who I will call HX. HX said he was open to anything I had to say, so my experimental idea was formed. I tried my hardest to find as much common ground as I could.

I ignored XH’s characterizations and name calling and kept digging up similarities. Finding similarities kept getting harder and harder to do. He rejected any  similarities I tried to point out. HX insinuated that my parents raised me in a commune, that I was a jobless, hippie communist, welfare recipient who spent all day listening to the Grateful Dead.  In fact, my father had been a factory worker, a car salesman, a department store manager and lastly a union tradesman who owns his own business. I grew up  seeing  the hardships that a small business owner endures. I’ve always had a job since age 13, ran a small side business for a few years with Mrs. E and I have never collected a dime in welfare. I was no hippie but actually a punk rocker who spent as much of my day as possible listening to the MC5, the Clash and the Dictators.

The science experiment jar broke on my “friendship” with HX in a little under a year.  The last thing I heard from him said, “I finally realized you are right about the corporations taking over our government.” He included a video saying that this convinced him he had been wrong all along. The video was one of those Alex Jones type of wackadoodle things about how some inter galactic space aliens actually are controlling Earth. HX had finally gone off the deep end. I was hoping he didn’t have a gun in the house. I figured maybe he didn’t as he was more the business type conservative than the Ted Nugent type conservative.  I decided I would try the experiment again when the opportunity arose.

In 2010 my next science experiment came in the Ted Nugent meets corporate tool type I will call, RT. A friend sent me an e-mail from some conservative he’d run across asking me to address it. The e-mail was one of those types that conservatives send out then all post on their blogs. It is usually blasting President Obama, government, liberals etc. It’s funny these items tend to never be fresh but instead are always a few years old. Being old they tend to smell like garbage. They’re false or filled with so many falsehoods they are indeed garbage. Conservatives can’t smell them for the trash they are because what is in them meets both their criteria of anger and serves their agenda. That is why conservatives won’t even spend a minute on Snopes. com or any of these sites to fact-check an article before e-mailing it. When an e-mail has a stinky smell it usually takes me less than a minute to research and debunk.  I e-mailed my friend proof about the lies in the e-mail that RT was spreading and he sent those facts to RT.  Now RT had my e-mail address and kept sending me daily falsehoods that generally took me less than a minute to disprove with facts and return to him. You would think RT would start fact checking the B.S. he sent me and others also listed on the e-mail but he wouldn’t. My scientific experiment with RT is nearing the science gone too far, broken jar state. That is the background and I will follow-up on whether we are at the similarities or cavernous divide state on my next post. To be continued……….

For now: Tree Hugging Scientifically Proven to Improve Your Health.

My daughter, the Mac and I stopped at Molly’s Restaurant 1309 Salt Springs Road, Youngstown, Ohio for lunch recently.  Mac had a fish sandwich and I had a made on premises hot sausage patty sandwich and we shared some fair style french fries. Everything was excellent with the sausage not overly spicy hot. The Tuesday special is 35 cent wings and Friday features fish specials. Prices are very reasonable and there is a reason Molly’s has been around almost 30 years. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Turn it way up for: The Dictators, Science Gone too Far

Exposed and Heartache

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”
— Arthur Conan Doyle, (Sherlock Holmes, Scandal in Bohemia, 1891)



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2 responses to “Science Gone Too Far

  1. Tony Fasline

    Jim, was glad to read tree hugging is good for your health. I am in consort with Rod Covey in N. Canton. He is the guardian of a Magnolia tree, the biggest in our nation, that is in his condo complex. I am on the board to preserve it. His email is : for details. Worth a visit to it. Worth a hug!

  2. elecpencil

    I need to get more exercise. Now that I found out tree hugging is good for your health I have an exercise program! Thanks for the comment.

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