Broken Jar (test tube) Part II

This is the follow-up to my last post about the experiment of corresponding with conservatives. My hypothesis was that liberals and conservative have more in common than they have in differences. I left off talking about my daily e-mails with RT for over a year now. I mentioned that RT sends me the latest e-mails that are circulating among conservatives. Sadly, most are a few years old and riddled with lies. As I said, conservatives can’t smell them for the trash they are because what is in them meets both their criteria of anger and serves their agenda. I keep sending RT the facts disputing the horseshit he sends me. He continues to not research anything he sends. I am beginning to think he has employed me as a fact checker (as the conservative media fired theirs years ago). If so I want a paycheck and some benefits from him. I’m also going to form a union to represent me as his fact checker which will piss him off.

 RT has sent me a ton of e-mails attacking President Obama. RT assumes as a liberal I’m a Obama supporter. I keep telling him I think President Obama is just one more president owned by Wall Street. That would make him just like every other president in my lifetime. Still, I will defend President Obama or even a conservative from articles and e-mails if they’re filled with lies.  RT sent me an e-mail going around saying Pres. Obama’s grandmother said he was born in Kenya. I sent him quite a few facts showing what a lie that is. RT for once admitted it looked like he was wrong. I noted that he had sent the e-mail not only to me but to a few dozen other people. I asked him to send the facts I sent him to the rest of the people he had sent the lie to so they would know the truth. RT replied to me, “I was wrong on this one but I am sure Obama has done something else that I find objectionable that I just don’t know about.  So therefore I’m not going to acknowledge to people that I made a mistake in this particular case.” I responded, “Do you know what the thing is I hate the most when I’m dealing with conservatives? It’s that they lack integrity.”

I received an e-mail from RT about how Pres. Obama is arrogant. Calling Obama arrogant is a big buzz word for conservatives. It is a code word for what conservatives would have called him in the days before civil rights, which would have been “uppity negro” (or worse). The sheer audacity of a black man running for president let alone getting elected makes him arrogant to some conservatives. RT sent me a story to show how uppity Obama is. It involved Obama putting his feet up on the president’s desk. The desk is historical and made from the wood of an English ship and called the “Resolution Desk.” RT’s e-mail was widely circulated on conservative blogs before he received it. I did a little research and found a picture of President G.W.  Bush with his feet up on the same desk a few years before Obama was president. I asked RT why he had not been outraged by Bush relaxing with his feet on the same desk. I of course got no reply to this, which has been par for the course when I trump RT.

Another time RT sent me an article by an English newspaper writer trashing Pres. Obama for bringing 500 people with him when he visited England. Researching that was difficult as the number of secret service agents that travel with a president is top-secret. I did find when President Bush traveled to England in the fall of 2003 for a state visit; the Guardian reported that “Mr. Bush, his wife, Laura, and a 700-strong entourage worthy of a traveling medieval monarch, flew into Heathrow airport.” I relayed the info to RT that Bush traveled with a bigger posse and asked where RT’s outrage was over that. RT responded that Obama has used Air Force One, the presidential jet, way more than GW had over the same period of time. A little research and I showed that RT’s assumption was not a fact as GW was way ahead on using Air force One

I did feel trumped when RT brought up how John Edwards had a “love child” with a woman other than his wife. The feeling of being trumped didn’t last long as RT followed that e-mail up with this question, “How could a man cheat on his wife when she is suffering with cancer?” My reply, “I don’t know but perhaps you could ask Newt Gingrich.” Lately, the news came out that the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a “love child” with his maid. I sent the info to RT and said, “You can tell the media is right-wing because Sen. Edwards got caught when his “love child” was a month old and Arnold wasn’t caught until his “love child” son was thirteen.

 I have two children and what I want most in life is for them to live on a kinder, gentler Earth. RT informed me that he has three children and a couple of grandchildren so I assumed he wanted a better planet also. I thought that was a great starting point to emphasize our similarities. Sadly, he wants to protect U.S. corporations from having to meet clean air and water standards. He wants to protect auto manufacturers from having to meet miles per gallon standards. He is for tort reform to limit the amounts people can sue corporations or doctors for damage or death to loved ones. I commented to RT that I want to be able to sue an irresponsible doctor or corporation for as much money as I can to get them to clean up their act if they have injured or killed someone in my family. It seems to me RT would rather protect irresponsible corporations than his own family. I would offer people who want tort reform a very simple solution. That would be to sign a legal paper saying, they will never sue a corporation, doctor etc. no matter how much harm that party does to their family members. I say, set an example for what you believe in instead of punishing me and mine. In 1994, when Rick Santorum was in Congress and running for the Senate, he introduced H.R. 3918, which would have capped damages awarded by juries in medical malpractice cases at $250,000. In 1999, Santorum’s wife, Karen, filed her own medical malpractice lawsuit against a chiropractor in Virginia, seeking $500,000 in damages. My problem with these conservatives is they talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. It is the same thing I see with them getting behind the latest war when they were chickenhawks like Dick Cheney who had five draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

Lots of other things about RT’s beliefs stand in the way of that better planet I want for my kids. Such as, RT has no problems with tax laws that enable two-thirds of U.S. corporations to be exempt from paying taxes. He bashes people for getting social welfare but has no problem with corporate welfare. He somehow thinks welfare for the needy is bad but for the greedy it’s all good. He has no problem with the lies that led to the Iraq War. He sees no problem with Abu Ghraib or Gitmo torture. RT is a Rush “dittohead” and sees no problem having a drug addict as a news source. Like Rush, RT calls Pres. Obama the “Messiah.” To Rush and RT, Ronald Reagan is the “Messiah” the one true God of Gods. Like other conservatives RT dreams of having someone like Ronald Reagan as president. I pointed out to RT that Reagan supported, armed and trained Latin American dictator’s death squads. I said that Reagan is therefore a mass murderer that helped kill over 200,000 people. RT called me a liar so I sent him info and ask him if he has forgotten about the Iran Contra Scandal. He replied that Reagan had a good and honest administration. I send facts showing that the Regan administration was the most corrupt in history. They had 138 administration officials convicted, indicted, or the subject of misconduct and/or criminal violations. While RT looks the other way about mass murderer Reagan, he is, of course, for the death penalty.

As far as my correspondence with RT,  I’ve said, this is the last time more than a dozen times ago. I have lately thought about throwing in the towel and saying, “I will never have anything in common with these conservatives who stand in the way of a better world.” I then decided to reach out one more time. I sent RT this message, “I want a better planet for my kids and I bet you do also. I know we are squabbling but I bet we have more in common than we do in opposition. Any thoughts? Just trying to take a common ground, a more peaceful spiritual direction. Where does squabbling get us? I’m sure you are just as American as I am.” RT responded, “Interesting thought. Where does squabbling get us? I actually enjoy the interchange and you might be right, we may have many areas of common ground (but not likely in politics!). I worry a great deal about our planet and specifically the direction of our country. If you are part American Indian you might have an edge, but you are correct I am American to the core!”

I’ve decided for now, maybe I also enjoy the interchange and even the best of families squabble sometimes. The differences between RT and me are not going to change by me ignoring them.  I will try to be tolerant but I’m sure I will also be snide (as will RT because we can’t help that). We’ve both decided in our own way to be participants in a communications exchange which is better than being mere spectators in life. It’s not going to be pretty but RT and I are going to keep verbally boxing with one another knowing no one is going to win the bout.  I’ll keep you posted on some of the rounds.

As my plug for our valley I want to promote a local honest repairman. Mrs. E informed me our oven was not working right. I contacted a few appliance repairmen that said they’d get back to me within two days. None did so I called Girard Hardware (a place I have enjoyed doing business with) and asked them to recommend a repairman. They recommended Bill Barnett. I left a message for Bill and in no time at all he called asking when he could come. Very soon after my call Bill showed up and fixed the oven. Bill was fast, courteous and best of all even affordable to the poverty-stricken Elecpencil. If you need an appliance fixed I’d say call Bill first at, (330) 881-7047. I got to go as I smell cookies baking.

The Band: I Shall be Released

It makes No Difference

This quote might be why RT hates facts and would rather believe assumptions:

“Facts are stupid things.” ~ Ronald Reagan

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