WGWJC What Gun Would Jesus Carry?

Labor Day will soon be here on Monday, September 5, 2011. Labor Day is my favorite holiday because it celebrates the fact that the working-class were the backbone that made this country. Loving it as I do I’m always willing to start celebrating  it a little early. Come and join me doing just that as I have found the best way to respect our working-class forbearers. That is to hear them honored in the music of labor troubadour, Mike Stout. Mike will be singing at the Farmer’s Market outside the Unitarian Church Saturday September 3 2011 from 11-1 pm and it’s free. If you’ve heard Mike I know you’ll be there if you haven’t he’s not to be missed.

Christ Sanity

On Sunday, the Unity minister talked about his late grandmother.

She wore a hearing aid attached to a radio-like device around her neck.

When confronted by gossip

or any negative comments

she quite visibly

turned off the device.

She was all about

always being positive.

The minister then stressed

God is a god of love

and Jesus is the Prince of Pease.

Therefore, Christianity is about

the practice of love and peace.

So there is no need

to buy into negativity.

On my way Home from church,

I turn on the car radio

to 1440 AM out of Warren, Ohio.

Years ago, 1440 featured

Dr. Rock and oldies.

Now a days the station represents

ancient oldies from

the Old Testament

spun by lots of different

fundamentalist preachers.

They all spew forth hate

for women, gays, Moslems,

liberals and atheists.

The current radio’s minister

is talking about his love

for guns and the NRA

mixed with damning anyone

who was not “born again”

to the fiery depths of Hell.

This form of Christianity

was quite different from the

minister’s church I just left.

I wondered why anyone, given a choice

between the two ministers,

would ever worship

with the radio minister

who preaches hate and damnation.

I feel sorry for these

born againers as they

suffer brain damage

during the re-birth.

Music: MTV Best Videos With A Message Nominees

Making fun of born-again Christians is like hunting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope. ~ P.J. O’Rourke



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4 responses to “WGWJC What Gun Would Jesus Carry?

  1. Tony Fasline

    I like the title Christ Sanity. Saying it aloud almost sounds like Christianity.
    Christ Sanity should equal Christianity but but are words and worlds apart per the preachment of some professed Christians. Noteably the one mentioned. “Born againers suffer brain damage”. Like that!

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks Father Tony! Christianity sure covers a wide spectrum of beliefs and is used to justify some really terrible things. Thus it is with every religion and every economic and political system.

  3. I wondered where this Sharia Law nonsense came from. All of a sudden one day all the conservative news outlets were babbling about it. As if we don’t have enough real problems to worry about.

  4. elecpencil

    Mike thanks for the comment. I guess the fundamentalist Christians want to shove their faith down our throats so they are raising a stink about any other religion’s laws.. Fact is there are different Islamic sects and they all have various thoughts on what Shari Law means..You are right that all this is a distraction for the things that really need to be addressed in this country.

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