Bigoted Conervatives Are the Terrorists

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned a study called, “The Mark of a Criminal Record” by Devah Pager. The study found that black non-offenders got less job interviews than whites with prior felony convictions. This was the case even though they had all other things being equal. I am all for felons who have served their sentence getting a job and being able to have a new chance at life. On the other hand I can’t believe an employer would trust a  white convicted felon more than an African-American who had never had a felony on their record. I think it is a powerful statement to show that racism is still with us. It’s not just racism that is evil but discrimination over religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, age etc.

A publisher actually got death threats for showing Islam in a positive light. I keep hearing conservatives say that Muslim leaders and Muslim organizations have not spoken out against terrorism.  Have they bothered to do any research? They haven’t because they don’t want to know the truth. They would rather have their bigoted views than the truth. Here is a list of tons of Muslims who have spoken against terrorism. I hope it makes conservatives melt like the wicked witch in OZ. These conservatives full of hate and bigotry are terrorists. How crazy of an intolerant nation are we becoming? Sometimes our youth can show us the way! Here is the story of teenagers who took on the fight against bullies picking on a girl for her disability.

Here is a couple of poems I have written about bigotry:

No Time for Bigotry

I am generally stupid enough to say
publicly just what I’m thinking privately.
Especially when confronted
with bigotry or racism.
No I’m not gay just because I defend
gays or the recognition of gay marriage.
I’m not being self-righteous
if I call you on your bigotry.
I just strongly feel that
silence = agreement.
I won’t buy your bull shit argument that
everyone’s to politically correct these days.
I’m just going to tell you that
what you said is really racist
and that you shouldn’t say it
where people with brains can hear you.

Poetic Justice

 Mick, wop, dago, spick,
nigger, chink, wet back,
squaw, gook, zipper head,
rag head, Jew bastard.
Pretty vile terms for most
but Betty’s daily language.
She just needed someone
to blame for her failures.
Her racist language and hate
drove away a husband
and her daughter Anna
refused to let
the grandkids
near her anymore.
Anna had barely survived
growing up in such
a racist household
she certainly wasn’t going to expose
her children to such verbal poisons.
Being consumed with so much hate
took its toll on Betty’s health.
One’s brain and heart eventually fail
when force-feed so many toxins.
Betty’s family wanted no part of her so
she ended up in a county nursing home.
The irony is now the only ones
who daily care for her
are a black nurse
named Helen who
changes her bed pan
and wipes her ass
and a Hispanic nurse
named, Lupita who does
the same on afternoon turn.
Dan Seals: We Are One


Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught.  I have a two-year-old son.  You know what he hates?  Naps!  End of list.  ~Dennis Leary



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4 responses to “Bigoted Conervatives Are the Terrorists

  1. Tony Fasline

    Good stuff, Jim. I agree with your title! We worry about terrorists outside our borders. We have our own terriosts right here, within our own borders. You point them out!

  2. elecpencil

    Tanks Fr. Tony~ Proud to have you on my side. In solidarity~ The Elecpencil.

  3. Anonymous

    Excuse me?! You refuse to adapt yet you called bigoted conservatives terrorists?! From what I learned, conservatives refuse to adapt. And since you don’t like to adapt, that makes you conservative.

  4. elecpencil

    Bigotry and racism can lead to terrorism. I’m not going to adapt to bigotry, racism or misogyny no matter how much of it surrounds me. Many experiences in life happen to change people, Marriage and having children certainly changed me. They are just some of the things that people have to decide if they are going to adapt.. When having to adapt to new things I try to look at the positive side of adapting. Conservatives only see the negative side and generally decide not to adapt.

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