American Autumn

There was a house sale a few decades back and it was purchased for a huge amount but the real owners got nothing. Fact is the real owners didn’t even want or know the house was for sale. That house sale was followed by the purchase of the senate and then another house sale, the White House. Since 1980 the White House has been owned by Wall Street corporate interests. In the 2000 presidential elections a fourth property owned by the people was purchased out from under them by corporations. That was the Supreme Court who stopped the democratic process of counting votes so their presidential candidate would win. That Supreme Court’s majority again rubbed our faces in who owned them when they ruled that corporations are considered people.

Sadly, unlike real people, corporations can’t be drafted, called to jury duty, or in the case of two-thirds of them, don’t have to pay taxes. Just because these corporations pay no taxes doesn’t mean that money doesn’t go into our economy. That money is used by Corporate America to hire lobbyists whose job it is to buy “our” elected officials. Corporations unlike people seem to be exempt from serving prison time for hijacking, abusing, assaulting and raping the economy of our country. They have done this by exporting jobs, having their lobby-bought politicians push bad trade agreements and just by being too damn big to fail. The real owners of those four properties are now suffering because of the corporate purchase of those properties.

Over the spring we cheered as Egypt and other Arab nations took to their streets to fight back against the greedy dictators who ran their countries. These were events that came to be called, “Arab Spring.” The dictators that run our country are the corporations who use their bought and paid for politicians to make rules that favor profits over people.  Americans have finally realized the economy favors Wall Street over Main Street and descended in droves to occupy the Wall Street area. This was the perfect place to make a statement as Wall Street is the piece of real estate that bought and paid for the four real estate properties that were set up by our founding fathers to represent “we the people” not the corporations.

After three weeks of occupation the corporate media could no longer ignore the demonstrations. Their news spin is dismissing the protestors as lazy, hippie deadbeats with no real agenda. If you really need to ask, why these people are occupying Wall Street, you are the problem. The demonstrators from Arab Spring couldn’t be fooled by the bull shit spin in our media. They recognized this new U.S. movement as a kin to their movement. They expressed this when citizens of Cairo, Egypt wired Wall Street area pizza shops money to send pizza to the Wall Street protestors. I think the best name for this U.S. movement should be, “American Autumn.”

Instead of fearing the future it is time to fight for it. This could be the start of that better future I want for my kids. If we don’t fight back now when will we? The fact that our citizens got their asses off the couch to march in the streets proves we are fed up, and newsflash here – it’s football season. Do you know how hard it is for Americans to get off their keisters and actually care about anything or anyone else during football season? This alone should scare the Hell out of the powers that be. We older people have to support the young protestors and insure their better future. To the politicians, we are tired of waiting for you to realize you represent us. The fact is, people elected with corporate money will never eliminate corporate influence. We no longer need you as we are going to do what we voted for you to do. We need to put so many people in our streets around the country that we become, “too big to fail.”

These demonstrations are taking place across our country. We have one happening in our valley you can attend. Occupy Youngstown is planning a large protest Saturday, October 15th downtown, Youngstown at noon where it will target banks, courts, corporations and Ohio Senate Bill 5. I hope to see you there. Look for the Elecpencil his sign will say, “Arab Spring/American Autumn 2011.” Now where did I put my poster board and paint…..

See you in the streets where we can sing a little Garland Jeffreys!

Garland Jeffreys: Wild in the Streets

The Answer

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. ~ Henry Ford


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4 responses to “American Autumn

  1. Tony Fasline

    Hey Jim, Thanks for the alert. I marked my calendar and will join you in the streets. I promise to join you in the streets but I won’t be too wild!

  2. elecpencil

    Fr. Tony~ Thanks for the comment. A little wild is good for the circulatory system! See you in the streets!

  3. Jim Jordan

    Jim, sorry, I will be out of town on that date, but my thoughts and support will be with all of you. JJ

  4. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment JJ. It has been a blessing to know someone with the same surname that is on the same page!

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