Rockin’ Occupy Youngstown

It’s Saturday! It’s the weekend and sitting here under a blanket typing is not what I had in mind for today. I wanted to be at Occupy Youngstown at 2 pm. That is when my favorite singer/songwriter Mike Stout will be playing music that matters. He writes the type of musical ideas that I wish I could convey with my poetry. It’s that right in your face-here’s the problem-what are we going to do about it message with no artsy fartsy horse crap special sauce included. Ever eat a crab cake that is 10% crab and 90% bread crumb filler? Well, Mike’s music is 100% the real meal deal. If there was any justice in the music industry singer/songwriters like Mike, who enlighten our souls and evolve our minds, would be platinum selling musicians. That is the kind of music that should be the meat that nourishes us. Instead the top sellers wear meat dresses, go by names like “Lady Gag Me” and sing technopop songs about getting high and dancing.

Well anyway, I was up most of the night feeling sick so I won’t be leaving the house today. I seldom miss work and if I get sick it tends to be on the weekend. It is just part of my damn luck. I will talk about that and my problem being an asshole magnet in a later post. I hope you are luckier than me and get down to Occupy Youngstown to see Mike and visit with our brothers and sisters who are keeping the vigil. Here are some needed things requested by the Occupy Youngstown troops: Sign material, foam board, sharpies, markers, very strong pieces of wood, PVC piping, etc. Overnight shift: Coffee, disposable cups, cold medicine, citrus fruits, high calorie foods, umbrellas, ponchos, bodies! tissues, etc. Day shift: PEOPLE, ponchos, high calorie foods, umbrellas, trash bags, etc. Food storage has become an issue and several plastic totes with lids to keep food dry are needed. They also could use canned, dry goods or raw ingredients.

I’ve heard some in the media comparing the Occupy movement to the Tea Party. I find that insulting as the real difference is that the Tea Party is only concerned with who is in the White House and the Occupy movement is concerned that fellow Americans are losing their houses. The Tea Party is a front for corporate interests like the Koch Brothers. They are corporate tools who have been easy to manipulate because of their own self-interests. The teabaggers follow the Republican ethic, “I got mine, to hell with everyone else.” Like most conservatives they actually believe they are self-made men. That ignores the fact that the recipe that made them included lots of help from other people, organizations, programs etc. throughout their lives. I imagine the obituary of these self-made men will read, he was killed in an accident while walking, he was hit by a motorboat.

The conservatives and the teabaggers like to trash democrats and those in the Occupying movement as being lazy people who think they deserve, “entitlements.” Getting something for nothing is really a conservative thing. We had to bail out their banks, companies, and investment firms because, “they were too big to fail.” That screams they were “entitled” to tax payer bailout money to save their asses. They won’t pay us back,  yet they rewarded the CEO’s that tanked those businesses and also used the bailout money to take expensive vacations. That is because the bailout money came with no stipulations. Sorry, that reads: big time something for nothing to me. The Walton family of Wal-Mart fame made over $15 billion in profit yet last year but still got $1 billion in corporate welfare from taxpayers. That is taking care of the greedy and not the needy so republicans approve of that. The teabaggers don’t want to pay benefits for teachers, city workers, police and firemen etc. When the baggers were younger someone paid for their education, their fire and police protection. It’s now their time to give back but they don’t want to pay for the next generation’s education and protection. That is them getting something for nothing. Then these greedy self-serving conservatives have the NERVE to talk about Occupy groups wanting something for nothing. The baggers are a “me-me-me movement” and Occupy is a “we movement.” Anything that would aid the poor and middle class is labeled by conservatives as an “entitlement. The things that benefit the rich are to be considered “a way of life” or “business as usual.”

The Tea party is willing to ruin the economy for their political agenda, and that political agenda is not in the interest of most Americans. The proof of how far they will go to destroy their fellow citizens is in the pudding and here is the pudding. That kind of pudding is too rich for my blood and makes my blood pressure rise. Add in that the GOP is not interested in any kind of jobs bill and “Houston we have a problem.” If you remember GOP leaders declared on the first day Obama was elected that their main goal was to make sure he didn’t get re-elected. These “representatives” are supposed to represent the people. The people had spoken and elected Obama as president but the GOP didn’t give a rat’s ass because everyone knows they represent the corporate interests not the people’s interests.

Occupy Youngstown enjoy some great rockin’ with Mike Stout and thanks for what you are doing! Love ya ~ the Elecpencil

Top ten media lies about Occupy Wall Street.

Some day the workers will take possession of your city hall, and when we do, no child will be sacrificed on the altar of profit!~ Mother Jones


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