Dirty Hippies and Horror at Occupy Youngstown

This is my 200th post!

What a terrible week. I was sick for a few days, my 90 year-old mother in-law fell and hurt herself, I had two cars with flat tires, problems with my house, computer problems and my 49 year-old cousin died. When it rains it pours and the Elecpencil is in need of an umbrella and a little cheering up. I decided that taking supplies and visiting Occupy Youngstown was just the rainbow after the rain I needed. I packed the car, got my sign and dug out my winter coat (couldn’t find my gloves) and I was off.

If you’ve been watching the corporate TV media and listening to their conservative talking heads (or in the case of Beck and Rush, crack heads) you’ve already been given the description of the kinds of people who are at these Occupy movements. They describe participants as dirty old hippies, the youth of today with their nose piercings and tattoos and smokers, jokers and midnight tokers. You’ve been told they are just a bunch of disgruntled people who have nothing better to do. As I attended today’s gathering I took a look around at the 50 folks gathered. I then realized the conservative media was accurate in their descriptions. There were a few hippies my age but they seemed pretty clean, I did see a young man with a nose ring, and one in dreadlocks, I saw an elderly midnight toker (wearing a NORML jacket), I saw one man wearing one of those damn stupid Guy Fawkes masks (see my past post “Occupy Youngstown on the Chamber’s Doorstep” for further explanation). I saw three middle-age folks dressed like Robin Hood, some jokers adding humor with funny coats and hats, a kid wearing all black and a black man wearing an Obama ball cap (which makes me ask….how’s that hope working for you?). The jokers and midnight tokers I have no problem with but what I don’t understand is the smokers. Smoking makes you a pawn of the vilest corporate bastards on the planet that want to kill you. Please, people in the Occupy movement put down the smokes as I need you alive to help make that better planet for my kids.

Other folks I saw at Occupy Youngstown were people holding signs and waving to passing motorists, a woman in a wheelchair, a young mother pushing her baby in a stroller, people dropping off  fire wood and an occupier busy sweeping the area and tidying up things. I also saw and heard people I thought had a little too much B.S., ones who were a little flaky, ones who were a little too full of themselves, ones who were too bossy, a young girl trying to act older bugged me, and one woman annoyed me because she wanted people to keep chanting parts of things that were said. On the other hand, I am getting a little old and cranky. I’m going to scowl at you if you ask  me to chant something, to sing along, to dance or tell me to smile. Who are all of the above people I’ve been talking about? They are our neighbors, our workmates, our relatives, acquaintances, our brothers and sister fellow Americans, they are us the 99%. Because the 99% includes so many people of various backgrounds we are going to have people we love, some we tolerate and some who the jury is still out on.  All together they are people who I am glad are committed to making this country better. These people at the Occupy movements are your representatives not those bought and paid for suits in Columbus or D.C. These people are disgruntled because they know as a nation we can do better and they’ve taken to the streets to point out we need to take care of Main Street not Wall Street.

Laugh hard when the media talks about dirty hippies being the only people at these occupy movements and tell them it was those dirty hippies that ended the Vietnam War. Well, the biggest boost to ending that war was when returning vets like John Kerry joined those dirty hippies. If you’ve been watching the alternative media you have seen how returning Gulf War veterans are joining these Occupy movements so it could be deja vu all over again.  A recent study from the Spectrum Group–an investment consulting firm found, “68 percent of millionaires (those with investments of $1 million or more) support raising taxes on those with $1 million or more in income. Also 61 percent of those with net worths of $5 million or more support the tax on million-plus earners.” Sounds to me like the Occupy movement has some new wealthy dirty hippies for allies!

Thanks so much to Robert Dennick Joki and the Rust Belt Theater actors who came to, Occupy Youngstown to Rockupy the protesters with songs from their production of, “The Rocky Horror Show.” Great job and much appreciated!

I heard a good point today that we all need to do. Take your money out of the bank and put it into a local credit union. The credit unions are owned by you the members. Mrs. E. and I have belonged to 717 Credit Union for decades and highly recommend them. Stop down at Occupy Youngstown and relive some of our brother and sisters who have been spending countless hours of service at the corner of Market and Federal Street in downtown Youngstown for all of us 99%ers.

Don’t believe the polls about Issue 2 being easily defeated see here. Get your butt to the voting booth and vote no on Issue 2 and 3.

Rocky Horror Show: Hot Patootie Bless My Soul

Time Warp

I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service. ~ John F. Kerry



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5 responses to “Dirty Hippies and Horror at Occupy Youngstown

  1. thanks for all the honesty, Mr. Elecpencil, and for writing about the most aliveness downtown in decades ~ and thanks, too, from OY – which is us all, you , me and all – for the OY supplies.

  2. elecpencil

    Diana ~ Thanks for the comment and your time at OY. You’re right that the OY makes downtown more alive. Our area has gone from steel coils to the steel bars of the prison industry and soon to the iron will of the people. It’s cleaner, greener and I hope on election day Gov. Kasich finds out it’s a whole lot meaner.

  3. Dr Ray

    There will be a teach-in on corporate person-hood and the 14th Amendment at the Occupy Youngstown site on Wednesday November 2nd at Noon. General Assembly Meetings each evening at 7:30 p.m. Free Donuts every-morning (courtesy of the YSU-OEA faculty union ) for four more days.

  4. bubba666

    These dirtbags are MY representatives? Who the hell are you kidding and what are YOU smoking? Ever meet a poor person who created a job? You people are all a bunch of losers who either can’t get themselves together to get a decent job, are mentally defective, are too lazy to keep hunting, too into the Socialist/Marxist camp and think the rest of us who actually do well owe you anything. Get over it. You make your own way in the USA. If you don’t like capitalism, pack your rucksack and head for the workers paradise of Cuba, or N. Korea. I’m sure in those places where everyone is equal (poor) you might be happy. Otherwise, take a leap.

  5. elecpencil

    I have met many poor people in Mexico that created jobs. They formed co-ops and ESOPs and all joined together to start a glass factory, a jelly company, a construction company, a pre-school,a community health care clinic etc. All successful businesses paying livable wages. My father was a small business (union shop) owner for over 50 years and just retired at age 83 I grew up respecting mom and pop capitalism. I have no use for corporations that are taking corporate welfare. I don’t feel I owe WalMart a billion dollars on the dole. That is not my idea of capitalism, neither is bailing out banks that are “too big to fail.” Is that making ones own way in the USA? Corporations are the socialist by socializing the expenses and privatizing the profit. They also are traitors and the only jobs they create are exporting U.S. jobs to places like communist China and Vietnam. I have been employed since I was 14 with only one summer off. I need no lessons in getting a job and making a good living, You are the one who has taken a leap. You have become a pawn of the corporations who steal from the taxpayers. Two-thirds of them are deadbeats who don’t even pay taxes. If these polluting, deadbeat, traitorous, welfare cheats are your representatives you should pack your scuba gear and head to live in the oil slick your master BP left in the Gulf. I guess the 666 signifies what a Hell it must be to be a corporate stooge. Hope things change for you and good luck.

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