Shout, Bullshit

If you are ever wondering about how to vote on an issue or candidate I have a perfect solution for you. Pick up a copy of the Warren Tribune Chronicle and see who or what Editor Frank Robinson endorses. Then if you vote the opposite way 99 out of a 100 times you will have voted the right way. I was happy to see Issue 2 fail but saddened to see Issue 3 pass. As far as Issue 1 I had someone (didn’t get permission to use his name) talk me into voting yes. He made me realize that voting against the issue was age discrimination. I realized most of the people I really admire for their wisdom are over age 70. My own father just retired and sold his business at age 82. He was quite mentally capable of  continuing to work except he was really suffering with arthritis. I had a young girl tell me she voted no because she felt old people need to retire so young people can find jobs. I have a son who finished college and moved to Vermont to look for a job so I understand her reasoning. Yet, discrimination is discrimination and I can’t live with that. I had a great time discussing the three issues at a meeting of the Midwest Spirituality Center at the Lemon Grove the night before elections. A great bunch of folks who have a monthly meeting at the Lemon Grove that you should check out. Since I’m trying to promote them I’m calling on them to update their web page with their latest current events.

Ohio State Representative Bob Hagan said with the Issue 2 defeat we had sent a message to the GOP. I’d say with the passing of Issue 3 we backed the GOP. When Issue 2 (SB5) was being pushed by the GOP, Hagan said, “I’m not mad at the tea party for being so loud; I’m mad at everyone for being so quiet.” I for one am pissed at the teabagger Kock-suckers because 48 hours after Issue 2 was defeated by more than 20 points, the Tea Party vowed to put a right-to-work type, anti-union bill on next year’s ballot. If you look at right-to-work states like Mississippi, you’ll see they are our poorest states and have the lowest wages in the USA. A recent poll showed sixty-one percent say wealth disparity is at an all-time worst. Sixty percent want the federal government to reduce the disparity. Guess the teabaggers don’t get it.

In one aspect I think Gov. Kasich has to be happy about Issue 2 failing. The fact is that the unions spent so much money to defeat Issue 2  Kasich realizes that its money the unions won’t have to use against his re-election. Then again money that was spent supporting Issue 2 is money that won’t be around to aid Kasich in a re-election bid. The unions could have saved the money and used my idea to defeat Issue 2. My idea was that since I am paid by the public sector the unions should use my sad assed paycheck or my W 2’s to gain sympathy for defeating Issue 2. My annual wage is a few thousand dollars under the Federal Poverty Level and that bastard Gov. Kasich wants me to work for less. My family is very lucky that Mrs. E also works. The unions could have saved millions and I’m sure people would have felt sorry for the Elecpencil and passed the hat. The Elecpencil has always been allergic to money but has never had any danger of breaking out in a rash from having any. I do realize I am wealthy because I have two children that have turned out to be fine young adults that make me proud. It may not be the kind of wealth you can spend but it is the kind of wealth that makes for a better future for all of us. You can take that to the bank.

My last three contracts have all been concessionary; setting up a second tier, doubling co-pays, doubling what I pay for my monthly healthcare and the latest one adding a three-year wage freeze to that. My fellow workers had nothing else to lose so if Issue 2 passed it would have been moot in our case. My union, the NEA, has thrown in the towel for the last three contracts. I work with people in education whose jobs hinge on school levies passing. Yet, because these union members have taken wage freezes and cuts they have to cut back on expenses. Many of those workers vote against school levies to save money. If the school levies keep failing do they think they will gain any wages or benefits in future contracts? Aren’t you really just cutting your own throat? The powers that be use their mouth pieces like Warren Tribune Editor Frank Robinson to speak against school levies because they want to privatize public education. Sorry, Frank but I don’t care how poorly I’m paid I will still vote for school levies, fire levies etc. that benefit my community. If I need to cut back I’ll quit buying your rag of a newspaper.

Other valley unions aren’t faring any better than mine. The UAW at GM’s Lordstown’s plant has two tiers and Delphi has three tiers and barely stopped a fourth a few years ago. These aren’t unions they are what the late Labor historian, Marty Glaberman called, “cops for the boss.” On Nov.11, 2011 in, Warren, Ohio local 717 of IUE voted down a proposed contract agreement with Delphi Packard Electric. Karen Krolopp said, “‘It’s quite disappointing, but the contract went down.’ She also said,”Considering the times and the economic times we are in, we thought it was a fair contract, but it didn’t address their expectations.” What Karen said is exactly what you would expect someone in management to say. Sadly, Karen is not a manager she is president of IUE-CWA 717. Many of  local 717’s members wanted improvements for those on the third tier. The pact didn’t provide health care for third tier workers, some of whom began working in mid-2008 as the company was reorganizing in bankruptcy. They started at $10.50 an hour with few benefits.

The powers that be have planted the idea that has people saying, “How dare a union or working people fight for anything.” The effectiveness of that planted idea is that “cops for the boss” like Krolopp chastise their rank and file members for putting up a fight. Hopefully, the Occupy movement welcomes rank and file union workers who join them and keeps out the union “leaders” who are in bed with company management. Union “representatives” like Krolopp no more represent workers than our political “representatives” represent the 99%. It doesn’t matter how weak and in bed with the companies our unions get, we will still have goofs call local talk radio and say, “Our area unions are too powerful in this valley and that is why businesses won’t locate here.” These calls to the radio show must be very expensive as these fools are living on another planet. As I’ve said before it must be hard to dial a phone while in a straight jacket. Dear beings from another planet, please tell me who this powerful union is because I want to join it.

Another part of the Occupy movement needs to be about getting facts out to people to paint a clear picture of what needs to be fixed in this country. The corporate owned media will combat that with misinformation. That means people are going to have to fight back by shouting, “bullshit” when they smell it. We are daily confronted by lies in editorials, letters to the editor, talk radio, television etc. Don’t just let bullshit sit, speak up and tell others so they don’t step in it. This kind of bullshit comes from hate and greed and is meant to fertilize even more hate and greed. Turn on your bullshit detectors and warn others when you whiff these deadly toxins.

Retired Philadelphia Police Captain arrested at Occupy NY protest. Captain Ray Lewis said, “All the cops are just workers for the one percent, and they don’t even realize they’re being exploited.”

Fifteen Tea party freshman take in $3.5 million from 700 different PAC’s in first nine months in D.C.

Time to rediscover the late great, Fred Neil: “That’s the Bag I’m In”

The Water is Wide

Achoo! … Sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit.~ Del Spooner (Will Smith), I, Robot



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4 responses to “Shout, Bullshit

  1. Jim Jordan

    Jim, as usual. well written and well in thoughts. I am doing a bit of subbing for TCESC and they all know you, but not me, says how popular you are. Hope some day to sub at your work place. JJ

  2. R N

    I agree. Well done, Jim. I took the identical view of Issue One: pure age discrimination.

  3. elecpencil

    JJ ~ Thanks for the comment and we need to do lunch again. Glad to hear you’re subbing and hope to see you.

    RN ~ Thanks for the comment and glad you agree that discrimination is discrimination.

  4. Anonymous

    Jim, I am getting more and more pissed at my Catholic Church for their one sided conservative views. They do not speak for us all, yet attempt to sway people against Democrats and President Obama. Enough!!

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