Holiday Déjà Vu

First off there is an event happening Nov. 30, 2011 that you need to attend. It is called, “Fracking A State of Emergency.” For more info click here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is hardly over and we are being besieged by Christmas ads. Given that I’m going to drag out a Christmas poem early that I wrote a decade ago.

Holiday Déjà Vu

It starts before Thanksgiving

those articles in the newspaper

on what to cook with left-over turkey.

Turkey ala-king, pot pies, burritos.

why not something new like:

a bowl of turkey jello or

turkey and stuffing smoothies?

Why don’t they just say buy a

god damn smaller turkey.

Then I wouldn’t have to see

all those redundant articles.

Next comes Christmas.

Ready for Christmas’s religious service

I sit down to read the daily newspaper

and of course, there’s an article

on how Christmas is too commercial.

It says, Christmas has become

the largest annual economic stimulus

for many countries in the world.

The story is squeezed in between

a Christmas sales ad and

an article on the hottest toys to buy.

I contemplate the question

of Christmas commercialization

sitting at my Thomasville dining room table,

drinking my Carnation instant hot chocolate

complete with Kraft marshmallows

from my Correll peach garland pattern mug.

I spill some on my Geoffrey Benne necktie.

I toss it in my Kenmore washer and

add some Tide extra strength.

I turn on my Toshiba stereo TV and

ease into my Lazy Boy recliner.

I set it to full tilt and

view the 27″ screen between

my black Dexter wingtips

they are so old they

were made in the USA.

I eat a Fiestaware bowl of

Nabisco Shredded Wheat

with slices of Dole bananas in it.

My Timex watch says it’s time to go.

I get my tie out of the Maytag dryer

and put on my Botany 500 sport coat.

I get into my green Ford Taurus

with my wife in her Columbia ski jacket

and leave my Ryan built home.

I brush off all the ideas of Christmas

being too commercial

as I enter church to celebrate

the real meaning of Christmas.

For the rest of you…..

Merry McChristmas and

a happy K-Mart New Year.

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Thanksgiving Song

Native American Thanksgiving Song: Stole My land

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.  ~Edward Sandford Martin


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