Quacks Hacks Fracks and Sad Sack Yak Yaks

A Quack

The dictionary defines a “quack” as “a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualification he or she does not possess; a charlatan.” I firmly believe in the First Amendment’s right to free speech. Given that, to me the press remains one of the most important defenses against tyranny. Sadly, some in the press think that the First Amendment entitles them to special protections that don’t apply to anyone else. The best local example of a “journalist” that would deny freedom of speech to others is the Warren Tribune’s Editor Frank Robinson. Maybe, it would be better said that conservatives like Frank put a price on freedom of speech. In Frank’s recent editorial he called the Occupy movement, “A tiny, self-appointed elite that has become a leech feeding on the 99 percent.” Frank is angry that the cost of the Occupy movement in 18 of the big cities cost $13 million in police, sanitation and vandalism. I’ve been to Occupy Youngstown and people there sweep the area and keep it clean. I have not seen any need to have a police presence at all at the Youngstown site. Far as I can see around the country the police have injured Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. Editor Frank thinks he should be protected by the First Amendment but a price tag should be put on his fellow Americans rights to the First Amendment. Sorry, Frank the Supreme Court has repeatedly made it clear that the media’s right to free speech is no greater than anyone else’s. Frank as far as journalism is concerned you are a “quack.”

A few months ago I had a blog reader send me an e-mail dealing with Frank Robinson. This wiseacre suggested that since I spend so much time picking on Editor Frank I might as well devote my blog to nothing but that effort. He said, I could write a column whenever I think Frank wrote an idiotic editorial. My answer, “I write a blog once a week and don’t have the time to blog on a daily basis.”

A Hack

A political hack is a negative term ascribed to a person who is morally bankrupt. Ohio’s Governor Kasich is the poster child for political hacks. Even Kasich’s friend right-wing talk show host Bill Cunningham had his number. Cunningham told Kasich his support of SB5 would be obvious to everyone as an attack on union labor because they support  democrats. When Voinovich was governor  his economic plan consisted of bringing in garbage and medical waste from other states. At that time our license plates read, “Ohio the Heart of it All.” During Gov. Voinovich’s reign it should have been changed to, “Ohio the Dump of it All.” Now Gov. Kasich’s plan is to sell turnpikes, prisons, state parks and everything not nailed or welded down. During his reign we certainly will need more welders and nailers. Soon the signs entering Ohio will say, “Welcome to Ohio see anything you like send a bid to the governor.”

Gov. Kasich and the GOP in Ohio are willing to risk the lives of Ohioans to profit the gas and oil industry. The Columbus Dispatch on Monday November 21, 2011 featured a story called, “Disclosure of ‘fracking’ chemicals not complete.” The article stated that, “the state won’t ask drilling companies to disclose all the toxic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, known as “fracking,” or subject them to mandatory water-pollution tests.” To me that just shows Gov. Kasich is a political hack that is not going to protect the citizens of Ohio because he is morally bankrupt. The article went on to say the fracking companies have disclosed to Ohio 84 chemical used in fracturing. Of those products listed, 11 contained at least one ingredient that was kept secret by the companies as a “proprietary compound.” Identified chemicals include naphthalene, which destroys red blood cells, and ethylene glycol, which can damage the kidneys, nervous system, lungs and heart. They have disclosed 84 chemical used but it has been said over 596 chemical are used. Politicians in Ohio have benefited from nearly $3 million spent by oil and gas producers on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions in the state during the past decade. Do you think these politicians have your best interest at heart or the oil and gas industries?


Fracking is the process of injecting chemicals at high-pressure into the earth to pull out gas and oil. The gas and oil companies state they have been fracking for decades and they claim that not one single water well has been harmed by hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. Here is info on a case that goes back to 1982. There has been lots of cases of contaminated well water since 1982 but many are unreported as the victim’s settlements included confidentiality agreements. Here is a case in point about that confidentiality. Here are some of the lies of an oil lobbyist pointed out. The gas companies have spent $747 million to buy “our” politician’s souls. Many right-wing pundits have been citing a Penn State study that found fracking has not contaminated wells. Never mind that the gas industry actually paid Penn State $100,000 dollars to write the favorable case study on the fracking industry. The Penn State study says no problems in Pa. Oh really than explain this video. Fracking insiders admit to employing military ‘psychological operations’ on American citizens. The manipulation of saying Hydro-fracking is patriotic. Exposing the lies about the boom in jobs that come with fracking. I know I’ve given you a lot of info on fracking but our area needs to learn as much as possible about this industry because it is being shoved down our throats. We need to be informed to see if this is something we want in our valley. The other reason we need to be informed is to be able to speak facts and truth against the next group I’m going to mention.

Sad sack yak yaks.

Editor Robinson is paid good money by the corporation that owns the Warren Tribune Chronicle to spew a corporate agenda. Gov. Kasich and other politicians are given huge amounts of campaign cash by oil, gas and other corporations for doing their bidding. Lobbyists are paid large salaries by corporations to purchase politician’s souls. In 2008 the world’s richest drug addict Rush Limbaugh signed a new contract. He will be earning $38 million a year through 2016. He also received a $100 million signing bonus. Corporations pay Rush this kind of money because he is the Johnny Appleseed of talk radio. You see if idiots grew on trees talk radio would be an orchard. I perfectly understand that many people will sell their souls for cash. The people I don’t understand are the sad sack yak yaks. They are the callers to talk radio that do the dirty work of lying corporations for not one red cent. These sad sacks somehow think it is patriotic to worship corporations that have no loyalty to this country. Two-thirds of the corporations pay no taxes, they collect our tax dollars in the form of corporate welfare, they pay politicians to pass trade policies that harm our country and these same corporations export American jobs. The Supreme Court may have awarded corporations personhood but if the people of this country were as traitorous as many of these corporations we’d be in GITMO or before a firing squad.

The other day on WKBN talk radio there was a discussion about fracking in our valley. There are callers who call everyday that will defend anything corporations do. One for instance is an elderly daily caller from, Pittsburgh named, Kay. She was making insinuations about activist, Josh Fox who made the film, “Gasland” which exposed the dangers of fracking. She feels he did the film for monetary gain and that the gas and oil companies want to frack out of the goodness of their hearts.  Kay lives for two things the first is, calling radio talk shows everyday spreading corporate lies and the second is, spending the rest of the day at her proctologist looking for her head. I called, to state some of the facts from the links above. I first expressed that I wish fracking could be proven safe and actually provide a ton of jobs to turn our valley around. The caller after me said that I am so opposed to the oil and gas industry and so pro-government that nothing could convince me fracking was safe. The caller totally ignored my statement about wishing fracking would be a boom for the area. He also ignored my comments that our politicians are so bought off we couldn’t trust the state or federal government to regulate fracking. My son graduated from college two years ago and moved all the way to Vermont to get a job. I would have preferred he had the opportunity to get a job in our valley. My daughter will be graduating college in another year and I don’t want her to move so far from Mr & Mrs. E.  In other words I want good paying safe jobs in our area for all our children.

  I feel the next stage for the Occupy 99% movement is to speak out against all lies that you see in the newspaper or hear on talk radio. Yes, as I’ve said they will distort your words but don’t let that deter you. Think of it as the zero B.S. tolerance movement as in we won’t tolerate any bullshit from anyone!

Norman Ball: Inside Job

Rick Fowler Band: Guided Missile

“Too many whites are getting away with drug use…Too many whites are getting away with drug sales…The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them, and send them up the river, too.” –Rush Limbaugh, in 1995



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    Thanks for picking up my song Inside Job. Here’s a parable in a similar vein ;)

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