Getcha, Getcha, yaya, a Boule, Boule Burger and “Super Zeroes.”

First off to follow-up on my blog about fracking here is more proof fracking is contaminating ground water.

If you are like me at this time of year, you are busier than Lindsay Lohan’s bail bondsman and Newt Gingrich’s divorce attorney combined. I’ve missed a lot of important meetings and events that are important to our community. Bless all the people who are more organized than the Elecpencil and are working hard to better our community. Yesterday, Mrs. E and I were running around from sunup to sundown trying to bring some kind of order to our lives. We decided to take time out for dinner and patronize a local restaurant. I remembered that the Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board (MVBRB) was going to award the Sunrise Inn in downtown Warren, Ohio with a burger of the year award.  MVBRB came together a few years ago when some postal workers decided to visit area restaurants and review hamburgers in a way to help promote the area business community. I think that is a great idea and I like the idea of being involved with fellow workers outside the job site which I think helps promote a better community at work. So Mrs. E and I stopped at the Sunrise for dinner at 7pm when the MVBRB was going to be giving the award. The restaurant was very crowded and I believe the MVBRB was over in the banquet room so I missed the award presentation. What I didn’t miss was eating one of the best burgers I’ve had in a longtime.

It’s hard to be at Sunrise and not get their pizza which is one of my favorite slices of all time. The other problem is, that  being Irish on every side of my family, it is hard to see a Reuben sandwich on the menu and not order it. Sunrise had the perfect solution, order the Reuben hamburger complete with corn beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on top of an 8oz. burger. It was served on a boule bun with the lettuce on the bottom not the top just as I ordered. One of my many pet peeves is that at some period in history a bed of lettuce on a sandwich became a blanket of lettuce hiding everything. That is just wrong as the lettuce helps keep the burger’s bottom bun from getting soggy. This boule bun is the best burger residence I’ve ever seen a burger housed in. The burger came with skin-on, hand cut fries which according to us Irish, is the only way of serving fries and respecting the life-giving potato. Mrs. E opted for some shish kabob that she said was very good. I left feeling overly full and thankful that the MVBRB had turned me on to the Sunrise burger. As I said, it’s hard not to get the pizza but one can get a burger served between two slices of pizza which sounds so good eating one must be breaking an 11th commandment. I say get to Sunrise and as Labelle sang in the song,” Lady Marmalade” getcha, getcha, yaya, a boule, boule burger! Thanks Sunrise and MVBRB for being a part of our valley!

On the downside Sunrise serves that skunk water Coors (and Killians which Coors owns) on tap. The Coors brothers are union busters and use their money to fund the far right-wing Heritage Foundation which is no friend of the working-class in this country. In the same vein you should be boycotting Yuengling because their management threatened to shut down the factory and close shop if workers kept union representation. To keep their jobs the employees filed for union decertification in 2006. Info on the union busting. When at your local working-class tavern point out to them they shouldn’t be selling products that are the enemy of working people.

Because the MVBRB is made up of postal workers I want to mention: Three Big Lies at the Heart of Republican Attacks on the Post Office.

Last blog I was speaking about talk radio and how we need to speak out about the lies and horseshit we hear on it. I think fighting the lies you read in the newspaper and speaking against the lies on talk radio should go hand in hand with the Occupy movement. In that vein I need your help. A few months back a new talk radio station debuted in our valley at 600 am on the dial called, WSOM. It is owned by Cumulus Broadcasting, the second largest owner of AM and FM radio stations in the U.S. behind Clear Channel Communications, operating 570 stations in 150 markets. WSOM features syndicated right-wing talk hosts: Glen Beck, Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries, and the unfunny comedian, Dennis Miller. They also feature a local show from noon to 3pm called, ‘”Traci and Friends.”  This local shows goal is to be as stupidly misinformed and proud of it as FOX NEW’s morning TV show, “FOX and Friends.” I at first thought “FOX and Friends was a satire as no one could actually be that stupid and be on TV. Upon first hearing, “Traci and Friends” I assumed it was a satire on the radio as no one could be as stupid as the “Friends” and still breathe air. Traci is Traci Winbush a former area school board member. With school board members like Traci who has no children, hates unions and  loves vouchers is it any wonder we have problems in our school systems. The way Traci, her co-host Jeff and Ben a local business owner unprofessionally, rudely yell over callers I can’t begin to imagine someone at a school board meeting getting a word in edgewise if you disagreed with her.

Traci and Jeff are proud of the fact that they are black republicans and think of themselves as members of the party of Lincoln. Lincoln died 146 years ago and would never recognize today’s GOP. Today’s GOP is hard at work making it harder in each state for African-Americans, minorities and young people to be able to vote. Yet, Traci and Jeff like to talk about how many of the KKK and southerners who opposed civil right were democrats. The fact is they may have been registered democrats but they were conservatives and Traci and Jeff refers to themselves as conservatives. Ben owns or operates a frame shop in the Marc’s Plaza on Rt 224. Ben likes to trash unions so I will be boycotting his business. Jeff, like Ben and Traci, is a wealth of disinformation. As with all the media on the right, they have fired the fact checkers years ago. A woman they call, Sticks is a daily caller to Traci and Friends. I think she is called Sticks after the old put down that someone is so dumb they couldn’t blow their nose if they had sticks of dynamite for brains. Traci’s show is available via the internet so one conservative from Chicago and one from South Carolina weigh in daily to prove that conservative stupidity is nationwide. A woman who is more moderate named, Jacki sometimes sits in with the friends and tries to add sanity and intelligence to the show. She is quickly yelled over by Jeff and Traci. A frequent caller these friends have named, Diva calls in using something the friends are allergic to….facts, common sense and wisdom.

Jacki and Diva need your help as the deck is stacked against them in the form of rude yelling, a corporate agenda, spin, lies and outright bull shit. Traci actually defended Herman Cain by saying that so many women came out with statements against Herman’s morals that it must be a plot to get him. Yep, Cain is not a sleazy rascal it’s just a case of he said, she said, she said, she said, she a said, she said, she said etc. Traci talks about young black men not having role models yet she feels men like Cain and Newt are role models who could lead our country. She is a real piece of work and along with goofs like Jeff, Ben and Sticks they make a team of “Super Zeroes.” Fact is, from 12-3 pm you should be listening to 1540 am and the Louie Free show for intelligent conversation. For now, I ask you to please tune into “Traci and Friends” on your lunch break or wherever and help Jacki and Diva combat the daily barrage of lies on our local airwaves. Consider it cleaning up our valley’s environment by taking out the trash talkers.

Christy Moore: Ordinary Man
Victor Jara 

Yeah, but you need an experienced radio veteran who is a liberal advocate. And there just hadn’t been any radio that did that. And so they weren’t trained – they had developed all these bad habits of being objective and balanced and stuff like that. ~ Al Franken



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4 responses to “Getcha, Getcha, yaya, a Boule, Boule Burger and “Super Zeroes.”

  1. Jim Jordan

    Jim, thanks for the info. In regards to am talk radio, I don’t often listen to am radio, period because of the radical right bull shit! I will take your word about the burgers at Sun Rise and try them. I often thought that Yankee Kitchen in Vienna made the best burgers. Merry Christmas to you and your family, JJ.

  2. elecpencil

    JJ ~ Thanks for the comment. Love Yankee Kitchen! You need to listen to talk radio to fight the bull shit with it’s natural enemy, truth. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  3. Happy New Year! I’m glad you enjoyed the burger! I wish that you would have came back, there was plenty of room! We’re headed to the Lake Tavern in Mecca, next. They have a great menu – 25 burgers! (I guess you have to be a burgerhead to get excited about that!)

    Thanks for the PO link.

  4. elecpencil

    Happy New Year also! I’ve heard the Lake Tavern is a good place but I haven’t gotten there yet. I understand they have bison burgers! Thanks for promoting our valley.

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