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Mr. and Mrs. Elecpencil are happy the Mac is home from college before her next semester. She has always been a hard worker and very frugal with her money. She loved to shop at the valley’s best thrift store, the Village Outlet on Mahoning Ave, in Youngstown. She was shocked to see it had closed and was dismayed to see how they hadn’t informed their workers they were going to close. I have yet to learn why they closed so if you have an answer let me know.

I’ve been thinking about what our country will look like into the New Year. In doing that I first have to think about who will be our next president. The lineup of candidates for president in the GOP camp looks like the cast of a satire on who would make our country the laughing-stock of the world.

Republicans hate candidates who actually worked on the streets getting their hands dirty helping others. They loathe people who were community organizers like, Jesus Christ. They prefer governors who have run a whole state. You know like, Governor Pontius Pilot. Therefore, I will start with people who have been governor.

Mitt Romney is the former one term governor of Massachusetts. Mitt’s dad, George was the CEO of American Motors and Mitt grew up in the affluent suburb of Bloomfield Heights, Michigan. George Romney became the governor of Michigan and was re-elected twice. Mitt co-founded a private equity firm specializing in leveraged buyouts. This type of buyout makes large acquisitions without committing all the capital required for the acquisition. In one investment Romney was on the board of directors of Damon Corporation, a medical testing company later found guilty of defrauding the government. Romney’s company cut thousands of jobs, closed factories, exported jobs and bankrupted five companies. This led to Romney’s current wealth of $250 million. This record doesn’t bother the GOP at all. They only hate the fact he is a Mormon and helped establish a health care plan that helped all of Massachusetts citizens. When John Kerry ran for president the conservative media hung the term, “flip flopper” on him. Mitt has made more flip-flops than the pancake grill at, Bob Evans. The most import thing for the next election is jobs. In bizarro GOP land that means backing a candidate like, Mitt “Flip Flop” Romney who has a history of destroying jobs.

Our next governor is Texas Gov. Rick Perry who is in his third term of governor. Rick’s dad was a rancher and a Democrat. Like GW Bush, Perry was an Air Force pilot. Rick was a Democrat Texas state congressman. In 1987, Perry  voted for a $5.7 billion tax increase proposed by Republican Gov. Bill Clemens. He supported Al Gore for president in the 1988 primaries. In 1989, Perry switched parties, becoming a Republican. As governor Perry has raised taxes over the years until signing Grover Norquists no tax pledge in 2009. In 2003, Perry created the Texas Enterprise Fund, which since has given $435 million in corporate welfare (read taxpayer dollars) to businesses. Many of the companies getting the money, or their CEO’s, contributed to Perry’s campaigns. Perry is a big death penalty supporter carrying out 234 executions since becoming governor. In 2003, he vetoed a ban on executing mentally handicapped inmates. Perry has a dismal record on education in Texas. Perry appointed an Exxon executive head to run Texas Public Utilities Commission. The very next day he received a $25,000 thanks from CEO Ken Lay (of Enron infamy). While at Texas A&M Perry received a D in economics. Rick has a lot of far right Christian backing thus he is a gay basher. Perry may well be the worst kind of gay basher, one who is gay. In 1982, Perry married, Anita Thigpen, a woman he has known since elementary school. Despite this marriage it has been rumored in Texas for years that Rick is gay. Perry’s consultants have had him using an ad in Iowa bashing gay and lesbian veterans. Now, one of those consultants, Tony Fabrizio has been exposed as being gay. It’s sad how many gay politicians and political consultants take the cash to trash and bash the gay community. In 2009, Perry suggested Texans might at some point get so fed up they would want to secede from the union. Perry has now gone from taking Texas and leaving the USA to trying to turn us all in to one big Texas. No thanks Rick “G.W. Bush on Steroids” Perry.

Jon Huntsman Jr. has been elected as governor of Utah twice. His father is billionaire Jon Sr. who runs the global chemical company, Huntsman Corporation. Like all republicans Huntsman wants to lower the corporate tax rate, eliminate corporate taxes on income earned overseas and eliminate taxes on capital gains and dividends. He is also a gay basher, set up the largest school voucher program in the country and is anti-choice. On the other hand Huntsman can’t be elected because he is Mormon, believes we need a health care system, supported the raise in the federal minimum wage and believes we need to do something about global warming.  He has a wealth of knowledge because he has held many, business, political and diplomatic jobs. He has actually helped bring business to his state and was re-elected by a wide margin as he is a popular governor. There is no chance for Huntsman as: only terrible Republican governors can win the Presidency which is why many conservative pundits were throwing around Gov. Kasich and Gov. Christie’s names for president. No chance for, Gov. Jon “I’m Too Qualified” Huntsman.

Donald “Is He in or is He Out” Trump is next. Donald was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thinks he is a self-made man.  He thinks he is the best guy to run our economy. This despite filing for bankruptcy five times. He stiffed banks, bond holders, contractors and suppliers for millions. All of those people paid fewer taxes because of their losses and in the end we the taxpayers got screwed, also. Trump was opposed to the USA helping Libya get democracy unless we could get their oil. Money trumps human rights every time according to Trump (pun intended). Trump says we should go to war with China over economic trade policies. I would suspect Trump would be a traitor to the USA in that war. That is because Trump’s  line of men’s wear, the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, is manufactured in China. He’s an equal sweatshop opportunist as he also has items made in Mexico and in Bangladesh. The guy is P.T. Barnum in a comb over and would sell our country down the drain or bankrupt it for any shiny object.

Michele “I’m a Fruitcake” Bachmann is a Minnesota congresswoman. Bachmann is notoriously anti-government and hates “entitlements” and social subsidies and safety nets. She and her husband own a Christian counseling practice. The clinic received nearly $30,000 from Minnesota government agencies (read taxpayers) between 2006 and 2010 in addition to at least $137,000 in federal payments and $24,000 in government grants for counselor training. Bachmann’s father-in-laws farm has received $260,000 in federal crop and disaster subsidies (taxpayers) between 1995 and 2008. Michele does not believe in global warming, wants creationism taught in school, doesn’t believe in evolution, is against gay rights and has said Pres. Obama is foreign-born.  She wants to phase out Social Security and Medicare. Michele has made too many comments that make her look as stupid as Sara Palin. Bachmann’s own New Hampshire staff resigned in mass calling Bachmann’s national campaign “rude dishonest, and at times cruel.” Which means this woman has a future in the GOP.

Rick “the Hypocrite”” Santorum was a U.S. senator from Pa. from 1994-2006. Rick a Catholic blamed liberals in Boston for the Catholic Churches sex abuse scandal. Even Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney called Satorum’s charges an outrage. Rick has compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. Rick is not only opposed to gay marriage but would like laws banning homosexuality. Like most homophobes Rick thinks laws would prevent homosexual acts. I believe that laws about bestiality and pedophilia are the only things keeping creeps like Rick from kiddy fiddling and screwing poodles. Rick pushed for tort reform which would have prevented Americans from getting just compensation for their pain and suffering caused by medical malpractice. Yet, sometime later Rick’s wife sued a Virginia chiropractor for a half million dollars in “pain and suffering. That amount is twice as much as the cap on such damages that his own legislation would have allowed others to receive. Rick doesn’t see the hypocrisy as he calls their own lawsuit a “private family matter,” but doesn’t think everyone else’s family deserves the same rights and respect. In January 2000, the judge in Virginia set aside the jury’s award, saying the $350,000 was excessive and reducing it to $175,000.  Rick lost his last senate run and thinks he can win the presidency. Why do guys like Rick who hate the government keep trying to get government jobs? Go away Rick and do us all a favor.

Ron “the Nazis, KKK and John Birchers Love Me” Paul: Paul has served in Congress three different periods totaling 12 two-year terms. Ron is for closing bases around the world and against getting into wars. Other than that the man is a creepy old guy. He has made plenty of racist comments over the years which have made him the darling of the white supremacists. I guess because he is such a long shot for president the media hasn’t brought up the facts about his racist newsletters. In a 1996 Dallas Morning News interview with Ron Paul, he justified his racist newsletters. Now, Ron Paul supporters are saying the interview is a false and fabricated interview created by The Dallas Morning News. Paul has been called the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party movement. Which just goes to show you that the teabaggers are racists. I’ll waste no more words on this racist and assume racist in Texas keep electing him but I’m confident the country won’t ever elect him president.

Newt ‘”Family Values” Gingrich: Newt married his high school geometry teachers, Jackie Battley. They had two daughters and he divorced her after 18 years of marriage. He asked her for a divorce while she was in the hospital recovering from her third cancer operation.”The divorce started off very badly. We went to court to get the basic financial necessities met. The utilities were about to be cut off –it was dire.” Jackie’s testimony at a hearing to determine alimony –revealing Newt’s $34,000 personal debt, his spending habits, his refusal to pay forwarded bills. After the divorce Gingrich refused to pay his alimony and child-support payments. The First Baptist Church in his hometown had to take up a collection to support the family Gingrich had deserted. Newt on why he wanted a divorce from Jackie: “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer.” Source: Katharine Q. Seelye. “Gingrich’s Life: The Complications and Ideals.” 11/24/1994.

Newt had been having many affairs during his marriage and six months after his divorced in, 1981 he married Marianne Ginther who had been seeing him while he was married. Marianne had been a staffer for Ohio Congressman Lyle Williams. Newt divorced Marianne and got married to a House of Representative staffer 23 years his junior. Mickey Porter: “Gingrich’s most recent ex-wife (Marianne) says he ditched her eight months after finding out she had multiple sclerosis. Marianne Gingrich, 48 … says the ex-speaker of the House told her on Mother’s Day 1999 that he wanted a divorce, after learning she had a neurological condition that could lead to MS [multiple sclerosis].” Source: Mickey Porter. “Newt’s a Beaut.” Akron Beacon Journal. 7/25/2000.

Gingrich acknowledges he was having an extramarital affair even as he pushed for the impeachment of President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair.” Source: AP. “Gingrich admits affair during Clinton impeachment.” Frederick News-Post. Frederick, Maryland. 3/10/2007. pg. A-10. Marianne: “He believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected.” Source: John H. Richardson. “Newt Gingrich: The Indesensible Republican.” 8/10/2010.

During Newt’s term as Speaker of the House eighty-four ethics charges were filed against him. After an investigation and negotiation by the House Ethics Committee, Newt was fined $300,000. Now Newt has made $1.6 million to provide strategic advice to Freddy Mac. This while he blamed Freddie Mac for our housing collapse. Newt wants to be our president despite being a liar, adulterer, lousy father, and a crook. He is riding the “born again” train and he’s picked up enough conservative passengers to make him the front-runner. Newt will not be “manning” up too his past and just avoiding that train station. He’s laying tracks for the “family values” express and the family values party will look the other way at the train wreck that has been hypocritical Newt’s life. I hope he ends up being the Republican voter’s candidate as that will show the GOP for the joke it is.

Looking at this group I can only think that the GOP tent houses a freak show.

Johnathan Blackshire: 99 to 1

American Dream

We’d all like to vote for the best man, but he’s never a candidate.  ~Frank McKinney “Kin” Hubbard


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