Anger, Lies and Masochists

First off I want to ask you to sign a card thanking Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords here. Giffords is known as a Blue Dog (moderate) Democrat. Only a subhuman monster would speak ill of Giffords who was severally wounded by a crazed gunman in an attack in Tucson, Arizona.  Such a monster is one of Giffords’ constituents  former Marine, George Morris. Morris is a wounded survivor of the attack but his wife was among the six killed. Norris hated Giffords and considered her a liberal. He came to confront her at the town-hall meeting. His hatred one could say cost him his wife of 54 years. Morris says, “Giffords makes me want to vomit.” In the days after the shooting, Morris, a self-described “ultra conservative,” refused an invitation to have President Barack Obama visit him in his hospital room. Truth is I couldn’t be in politics because I don’t have enough diplomacy to want to represent such hate filled angry constituents like, George Morris. I truly admire Giffords because it couldn’t have been easy to represent Arizona which is full of hate-filled politics. Love and best wishes to Gabby and I hope Mr. Morris can find some peace to unharden his heart and soul.

I want to acknowledge that I have made a mistake (my record is one every other decade). In a previous post I talked about a local radio show on WSOM AM 600 called, ‘Tracey and Friends.” I was not mistaken that Tracey and friends, Jeff, Ben and Sticks are the most ill-informed B.S. shoveling goofs to ever be on the radio. My mistake was when I said that Sticks was a white woman who was a dimwit spreader of lies. It turns out that Sticks is a white man who is a dimwit spreader of lies. If you have heard Sticks on the radio I’m sure you also thought that he was a she. I turned on the show the other day while I was at lunch. They should have a warning on WSOM that you should not eat while listening to, “Tracey and Friends.” Mr. E almost choked on a bite of his PB&J sandwich (a staple in my lowly income range). My almost demise was because I was stunned by the ignorance of one of Stick’s comments. Mr. Sticks said, “If Obama (he will never say, President Obama) wanted to get his agenda through he had two years to when he enjoyed a filibuster-proof democrat house and senate majority.” The actual amount of time the Democrats held a filibuster-proof majority was about 14 weeks. Sticks lies more than an Italian cruise ship captain.

On the same show I heard Tracey say this, “People are calling me an Uncle Tom because I am a Republican conservative black woman.” I want to point out to Tracey that a woman cannot be an uncle other than that I would agree with what people are saying about her. Sticks and Tracey went on to explain that it was Republicans not Democrats that helped fight for civil rights. They pointed out that Dixiecrats were democrats that fought against blacks having civil rights. The truth is that Dixiecrats were a right-wing conservative splinter group of the Democratic Party that were for states’ rights and objected to civil rights programs. The Dixiecrats defected from the Democrat Party when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and became Republicans because they were more accepting of segregationist policies. The point isn’t so much of whether Democrats or Republicans in 1964 helped passed the Civil Rights Act. The fact is it was more people with liberal ideology than conservative ideology who fought to get the Civil Rights Act passed. That is what conservatives like Sticks, Ben, Jeff and Tracey need to know.

I have mentioned how I correspond with a conservative I call, RT. He keeps sending me hate-filled pieces attacking President Obama, liberals and democrats. I take less than one minute to fact check what RT has sent me and over and over I send him facts that show what he sent is a lie. RT refuses to fact check anything so over and over I prove him a liar. He doesn’t seem to care that I have beaten him up with facts so I have concluded that he is masochistic. RT just sent me a stupid piece entitled, “The Tax System Explained in Beer” by David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D. Professor of Economics. My first thought was why doesn’t it say where Kamerschen is a professor? In less than a minute of research I find this from Dr. Kamerschen’s web site: “Contrary to Internet folklore, Dr. Kamerschen is NOT the author of “Tax Cuts: A Simple Lesson in Economics” or “Bar Stool Economics” or anything similar to that. Additionally, he does NOT know who wrote it and he has no opinion on its merits.”

What did RT say when I corrected him? Nothing. Instead he sent me a story about a man shopping in Wal-Mart who got angry because two people he took to be welfare recipients were talking about their “Obama phones.” The man in Wal-Mart was angry his tax dollars were going to fund welfare recipient’s cell phones. My first thought is if you are the type who doesn’t like having your tax dollars used to help someone with something you think they don’t need why are you shopping at Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart is the biggest welfare queen on the planet having received more than $1.2 billion in corporate welfare taxpayer dollars. I guess conservative say, billions in taxpayer dollars for the greedy but zero in taxpayer dollars for the needy. I call that, “Trickle down Jesus Red State Christianity.” Anyway, I took a minute to fact check the idea of, taxpayer-funded “Obama phones.” The taxpayers pay nothing for these phones  for the poor as can be seen here. I have of course sent the facts to my masochistic conservative “friend” RT who has plenty of angry white man hate (but not near as much as George Morris) but is too lazy to do his own fact checking. I’m sure I won’t get any more fact less B.S. from him until……………..tomorrow.

The GOP’s racial politics video.

Mike Stout: Occupy the Song

Mike Stout: at Occupy Youngstown

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.” ~Harry Truman



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4 responses to “Anger, Lies and Masochists

  1. Anthony

    Jim, another gem of writing. Your laughable combat with an ignorant responder! There are many RT’s here in Arizona. All followers of a “finger wagging” demagogue governor . “Mr. Vomit” man is a member, I am sure.
    Was happy to sign the card and thank Gabby for being one of the few politicians in this “frontier state” with some sanity.

  2. Anonymous

    Jim, if I am not mistaken, the Dixiecrats came sooner than the LBJ days. I believe it mushroomed in the Truman years. jj

  3. elecpencil

    They did come along in 1948 and nominated Strom Thurman as their presidential candidate.

  4. elecpencil

    Fr. Tony~ Thanks for the comment and for wishing Gabby well! Mr. Morris and Gov. Brewer seem like very unhappy hate-filled people. Their kind of hate is not healthy for them or the nation. Arizona might seem like an angry state but a least they have people like you and Gabby to fight make it better.

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