Good Local Shopping, Eats and Representation!

On my blog I have a section called, “Armchair Activism.” On that link I put a few of the many actions I receive in my e-mail. I hope you will take advantage to see if some of them are issues you want to take action on. I also e-mail and phone politicians on issues that interest me that they will be voting on and I encourage you to do the same.  I recently e-mailed our 32nd District State Senator, Capri Cafaro asking her how she was going to be voting on a recent bill. The next day I got home late from running errands after work. When I checked my home phone I had a call recorded from Sen. Cafaro explaining how she had voted on the bill in question. She left a number for me to call her back but it was late in the evening so I didn’t call. The next day when I walked in the house after work the phone rang and it was, Sen. Cafaro. I thanked her for voting the way I had wanted and we had a pleasant exchange about state politics in Ohio. I had recently had a senior citizen tell me they could always depend on Sen. Cafaro to meet with senior citizen groups promptly and answer their questions and needs. I relayed that info to her and thanked her. She told me senior issues are dear to her heart as she watched her grandfather struggle with Alzheimer’s. I think Capri is doing a great job for our district but I wish she would have beaten Steve LaTourette for his congressional seat. She’s got my support in the future and I hope yours also.

It’s great to live in an area where you can discover new things even if some of the things have been here for a long time. Around Christmas time Mrs. E. and I discovered a place to shop that has been around since, 1965. It’s named, Meander Hill, LLC.  It’s an Early American home furnishings store specializing in furniture, pictures, lighting, candles, rugs, and accessories. It featured some great Christmas displays when we stopped. It is in an old dairy barn in a truly beautiful setting. We loved some of their quality made furniture and Mrs. E. purchased some candles for presents. It sits barely off of Mahoning Ave. at 20 North Turner Road  Austintown, Ohio 44515. This is the kind of place you want to take people who are visiting you from out-of-town.

Yesterday after work Mrs. E and I were just too tired from a long week of work to go home and cook. We decided to go on an adventure and eat somewhere we had never been before. I have a friend who knows how I love to discover dive restaurants that have made a business out of serving a limited menu that they have mastered. Awhile back this friend suggested the next time I want to go to a Friday Fish Fry to check out Patsy’s Bar & Grille at 2212 Wilson Ave. Campbell, Ohio. On the outside it certainly qualifies as a dive and maybe also inside. The bar took up a good bit of the place and every bar stool was taken. The crowd was a friendly Cheers type of middle agers so you didn’t hear cussing like you do in some bar environments. We took a seat at one of about a half-dozen tables. We were soon greeted by a friendly waitress and we ordered two fried jumbo haddock fish dinners. The dinners come with cole slaw and your choice of either Idora park skin on type fries, haluski, mac and cheese or homemade pierogies. Within several minutes we had our meal with the fish so big it hung over the plate. I note that those plates were Mrs. E.’s favorite Ohio made Fiestaware.  The owner was very friendly and came over to see if we liked everything and stopped back to pick up our plates and thank us for coming. The fish was the best we have had in a long time and the diners were just $7.50 each! I saw spaghetti with meatballs and a salad on the menu for $5.25. Where are you going to eat for that kind of Elecpencil friendly dough? Here is part of what is on their menu.

What a great place to live! I’ve discovered a great local store, restaurant and the fact that we have a politicians that represents us!

Since I didn’t get around to talking much about politics check out the following links and see what you think:

Six ways capitalism is Failing Working America: Here.

I keep saying Ron Paul is a racist that the neo-Nazis love. Here is the latest on that.

Mitt Romney has said, he cares about the middle-class and that is what his economic plan will focus on. His plan only takes care of the Thurston Howell III’s like him as seen here.

Cheryl Wheeler: Don’t Forget the Guns

also: Your God

Dubya Dubya

“Authority is supposedly grounded in wisdom, but I could see from a very early age that authority was only a system of control and it didn’t have any inherent wisdom. I quickly realized that you either became a power or you were crushed”

~ Joe Strummer



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5 responses to “Good Local Shopping, Eats and Representation!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m surprised you wrote “The crowd was a friendly Cheers type of middle agers so you didn’t hear cussing like you do in some bar environments”. My last comment on that subject was met with a dissertation by you on why profanity was totally acceptable. Interesting.

  2. elecpencil

    If the people in the bar were describing some corporate tool piece of trash like Warren Tribune Chronicle’s Editor, Frank Robinson I would expect them to use profanity. People like Frank love pollution, war and human’s working for slave wages. Call him a saint if you want but I prefer lots of profanity when talking about such human waste. There is no other way to describe such vermin and leeches on society. People in bar’s tend to talk about problems in their lives. People like Robinson are a big issue in our lives so it’s natural to hear swearing. A crowd being middle-age might have already discussed such vermin many times and not need to repeat the story. I say if you’ve never met a person that angers you to the point of swearing you’ve led a charmed life. I’m not so lucky and I’d rather swear than explode as it is healthier. If the worst thing I do in life is swear I’m Heaven bound!

  3. Anonymous

    I have met met people who have angered me. I’m not referring to Frank Robinson, or your dislike of his viewpoints. I’m referring to your use of profanity. What I’m understanding is that your use of it is acceptable while the common man sitting at a bar discussing the important issues of his life is not acceptable. Are you saying if a person holds your viewpoints profanity is acceptable? That is not the only time you have used profanity while making a point. Very confusing.

  4. elecpencil

    I have no problem with anyone using profanity, no matter their viewpoints. Is that unconfusing enough? I was warning others like you who may have a problem with profanity. I find social injustice, war and polluting to be fouler than any language I have ever encountered. “Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.” ~ T Bone Slim. T-Bone is a hero of mine and I agree and part of that attack includes good old fashion swearing. I’ll speak no more of this with you as it’s such a minor issue it’s not worth talking about. Thanks for reading and your comments.

  5. Anonymous

    If you feel the need to warn your readers why do you use profanity in your writing? Ghandi would be a great hero.

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