Underdog in Y-town


by the Elecpencil

In the GOP presidential primary
crowds booed a gay soldier,
they cheered the death of a man
who couldn’t afford health insurance,
they applauded one of the candidates
who ridiculed food stamp recipients.
They cheered one who wanted to
get rid of child labor laws and have
grade school kids be janitors.
One candidate said he could fix the economy
but has filed bankruptcy 4 times.
The debate audiences went wild with glee
at the mention of Governor Rick Perry
of Texas executing 234 inmates.
Ron Paul suggested that there
be an international golden rule;
that we should not do to other nations
what we do not want done to us…
…and was booed by the crowd.
If they knew Paul’s racist writings
they would be his loyal supporters.
One candidate said he
didn’t care about the poor.
These candidates offer more
trickle down economic stupidity
which ignores the fact it never worked.
They don’t care as they disregard history,
and fired the fact checkers years ago.
Conservatives hate the idea of facts.
They prefer to wallow around
in their own stupid fantasies
and self- imposed deceptions.
Such fact haters have drug addicts
Rush and Beck to act as firefighters
and facts are the fires that they
put out and spin against daily.
These candidates ignore science
if it says pollution is dangerous.
They all calculate using fuzzy math
and decide policy based of corporate lobbyists.
These are people who swear that humans
can’t possibly damage the Earth.
I guess they didn’t hear about
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl
and Three Mile Island.
It is troubling enough facing
non man-made disasters
like tsunamis, hurricanes, floods,
tornadoes, volcanoes and famines.
Oddly enough those who don’t believe
in man-made disasters also believe
that the Earth is only 5000 years old.
They call for smaller government
because it’s makes it much easier
for corporations to own and operate.
The GOP candidates don’t care about the citizens
our economy, our health or social welfare.
They care about relentless deregulation
and corporate welfare schemes on behalf
of wealthy global corporate interests
that have no loyalty to the United States.
White-collar criminals like Keating and Milken
were in the past sent to prison to serve time.
Today such criminals instead will get
multi-million dollar retention bonuses.
Corporations are now our court ruled
fellow American citizens.
You won’t see them in a foxhole with you
carrying a rifle and heavy back pack.
You will see them funding a Super Pac
to get a candidate elected that will
start wars to make them a profit.
Which puts you their fellow citizen
in a foxhole dodging bullets.
The US has over a 1,000 military bases
around the world which protect
nod, wink 21st century democracy
or as it is now know global corporate interests.
Speaking of interest if you are poor
or middle-class voting for any of the GOP candidates
is against your best interest plain and simple.
Meanwhile, at suburban shopping centers
people stand in line overnight to pay full retail
for the latest Apple product on the market.
It is always made in far away China
at the largest sweatshop in the world
where over 400,000 people work
as much as up to 32 hours straight.
They are housed in high-rise dormitories
where workers in such despair
go to the roof and jump to their deaths
over their terrible situation.
In the U.S. situation is the nick name
of a lazy drunken man-child
on a popular TV show
called, Jersey Shore.
Weekly the Situation along with
a short bimbo named Snookie
and a cast of other drug addled alcoholics
exist to get tans, go to night clubs
dance, fight and get sloppy drunk
and end up puking or porking a skank.
For this Caligula type behavior
they pick up a pay check from MTV.
On the E Channel a sleazy rich mother
her ex-jock hubby with a bad face lift
and her bunch of trashy daughters
have a show about being slutty and
shopping and sticking their
large posteriors out for the camera.
The American Family Association
a group of religious wack jobs
wants JC Pennys to fire Ellen DeGeneres
from their ads because she is gay.
I guess they forgot that Jesus
hung around with prostitutes.
Why don’t they try to boycott
Sears who sells a clothing line
put out by the trashy Kardashian girls?
Right-wing conservative Christian group
the (FFA) Florida Family Association
got Lowe’s to pull their advertising
on the “All-American Muslim, “TV show.
The FFA was angry that the show featured
a Muslim family that were regular Americans
instead of radical Muslim terrorists.
No plans anywhere for a show about
knee-jerk Neanderthal flat Earth
angry white fundamentalist Christians.
Locally some human monsters
are kidnapping dogs
strangling them to death
or throwing them over bridges.
They chopped off the leg
and part of the tail
of a black lab puppy.
I saw the dog on the local news
standing on its three legs
wagging its chopped off tail
as a man petted him.
One would think that dog
wouldn’t trust another human
and just bite any one it saw.
Yet, here it was
happily wagging.
I’ve just written this acknowledging
all the incompetence, greed,
anger and hate I see daily.
Despite that I am like that puppy
in that I believe there is more good
than there is evil in this world.
If I didn’t really believe that
I wouldn’t have had children
and I wouldn’t get out of bed every day.
Best of luck to you puppy
still standing peacefully
and very proudly
on your strong three legs.

Mutt Romney Blues.

XTrue Naturex: Be the Change

Our Mother

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Gandhi


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2 responses to “Underdog in Y-town

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jim – You go bro. Staying sane in a sea of ignorance and keeping your head above the slimy murky waters is no easy dog paddle. Luckily I’ve never seen any of the tv garbage you allude to, otherwise I wouldn’t have a tv as my shoe would be through it. But I’m sure they serve their purpose: detaching working folks from the real world as the one-tenth of one percent and their flunkies pick our collective pockets and destroy our planet. I must admit that back in the heyday of the 60’s and 70’s progressive movement, I NEVER thought I would see the level of ignorance 50 years later fthat we witness today. I guess I severely underestimated the ability of bacteria to regenerate.

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment my brother! I do get disappointed with people but I am not willing to believe that we can’t have an even bigger heyday of a progressive movement. It seems inevitable since we are up against ever growing regressive forces.

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