The Valley, Videos and a Vision

I’ve wanted to talk more about the many things in our Mahoning Valley that makes it special. I was hoping to get your ideas and comments about what you love about our valley. I wanted to compile a list of these things that might aid people who have moved to our valley. It would also serve to inform our own residents about many things people haven’t discovered yet. I was mentioning to a couple of people yesterday that I was going to the University at Larchmont in Warren, Ohio for a fish fry. I’ve been going there for over 25 years and these two people who have lived their whole lives in Trumbull County had never heard of it. So you can see there is always lots to discover in our area. Instead of trying to mention the wonderful things are valley has to offer I’ve decided to set something up on Facebook just for discussing things in our valley. I think that is a better medium to have people access. So please check out Mahoning Valley Citizen Promoters and add your comments and suggestions about our valley.

Next week in this blog I’ll get back to discussing issues that frustrate me. I’m never at a loss for words and I have lots I want to comment on. Despite that rather than anything I could say this week I’d rather have you view these two videos. I feel they contain info that gives us a vision of a different way of thinking that would make life in our valley and the world a much better place if we took their messages to heart.

The first one is I received from a few different members of the local Emerging Community group.

Designing for Generosity: Video

The other one was sent to me by my fellow Irishman and friend Mickey:  Live a Life of Victory. If this guy doesn’t touch and inspire you then you must be in a coma.

Hang on to your gentle pains of hope because we as a species can do better and must. Let me know if you felt the above two videos like I did.

Brianna Gaither: Find You


An act of love, a voluntary taking on oneself of some of the pain of the world, increases the courage and love and hope of all. ~ Dorothy Day


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