Sorry, Louie

I’ve mentioned radio station WSOM (600 AM) radio in Salem, Ohio on this site before. It is owned by Cumulus Broadcasting and has a Talk format. The station features syndicated conservative radio host like, Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphries and Glenn Beck. I’ve mentioned their only local host Tracy Winbush’s show, “Tracey and Friends” which is on Mon-Fri from noon-3.  I usually go to my car on my lunch break and listen to the radio.  For a long time I have been listening to WHTX 1540 AM and the local, “Louie b. Free Brain Food from the Heartland Show.” Louie does a fantastic job and I admire his commitment to our valley. I had a friend tell me I needed to listen to Tracey’s show. He described it as either the funniest satire ever on how dumb conservatives are or if it was not a satire the biggest trainwreck on the radio waves. I generally am not a rubbernecker at trainwrecks but I was shocked to find the show was not a satire. I couldn’t believe that people as uninformed as unprofessional as Tracey and her friends would be allowed anywhere near a microphone. Tracey and gang like to scream over callers and cut of their calls as if a bunch of third-graders were playing radio station.

I listened lunch period after lunch period and either got a sore neck at shaking my head at how idiotic Tracey and Friends were or lost my voice laughing so hard at their utter ignorance. I finally realized Tracey was given a show because she filled a need the GOP had. That was to have African-Americans as voices for their party. Tracey and fellow African-American Jeff rewrite history on a daily basis on the airwaves. They both believe that Abraham Lincoln would recognize today’s present GOP as the party of Lincoln. They throw the 1960’s term Dixiecrat around to undermine today’s Democrat party. They fail to realize those Dixiecrats like, Strom Thurman became Republicans. They need to forget the D and R terms and realize it was liberals who fought to bring civil rights to black Americans. It was conservative mentality that wanted to maintain segregation laws.

The other day Tracey was speaking about political spin. She talked about how she helped out in a mayoral race by “exaggerating” that the opponent in the race may favor legalizing marijuana for personal reasons. She then admitted when she ran for office she told some misstatements about her opponent. She wasn’t apologetic and brushed it all off by saying, everyone does it. Later in the show Tracey was bashing parents for not teaching their kids integrity. She said between the parents and teachers they were dumbing down kids and turning out delinquents. Tracey never saw the irony that her involvement in politics lacked integrity. She never recognized that her and her crew’s daily manipulation of history and facts was dumbing down listeners. Noting that Tracey who has no children, hates unions, hates public sector workers and loves vouchers served on a school board makes anything she has to say about teachers moot. I suppose Tracey like a lot of politicians doesn’t give a hoot about kids they just use being on a school board as the first stepping stone of a political career.

On a show later in the week Tracey and her friend fact hater Sticks were trashing people on welfare. They were talking about how something needs to be done about welfare cheats. Being conservatives they were of course not talking about corporate welfare cheats. Tracey and Sticks both claimed they knew welfare cheats. A caller said he turned in a woman who faked a disability and bragged she was going to get a check and never have to work again. He said that Tracey and Sticks needed to do the right thing and that if they know welfare cheats they need to turn them in. Tracey who does a lot of talking about how people need to take action to make their communities better replied, “I don’t snitch, I’m not getting in to trouble.” Sticks who thinks he is Mr. Righteous said, “The cheats I know all own automatic weapons therefore I’m not turning anyone in.” The caller chastised them both for having no backbone. He said they are like everyone else in that they want to complain but don’t want to do anything.

I would imply they were lying about knowing welfare cheats just because they are haters and want someone to hate. They hate unions because unions are about people coming together to make life better for their fellow workers. They hate liberals because liberals put people before profits. Traci and her crew Sticks, Jeff and Ben are not only know nothings they are do-nothings. They spend three hours a day spreading hate for the GOP. They want to talk about others they consider the blight in our country. The truth is it is people like them that distort the truth, point fingers, refuse to right wrongs or fight for justice that set bad examples for our kids. Our country is plagued by these blow hard do-nothings that don’t want things to change and we need to vaccinate our kids against them by speaking truth to power to our children. As for me I can no longer listen to the Tracey and Friends trainwreck and I’m going back to intelligent talk with the best talk radio host in our valley, Louie b. Free. Sorry I left you Louie but I’m turning off the mindless junk food and joining you for some brain food. Harmony and hope make a better diet than hypocrisy and hate.

Steven Emerson: Blue Beware

Wolf Larsen: If I Be Wrong

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke



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4 responses to “Sorry, Louie

  1. Anonymous

    Jim, this talk radio is so sad, but big money does the talking. We are definitely in a “new” gilted age, but where is the Teddy Rooselvelts of the Republican party? Yet, we can’t give up, never ever, jj

  2. Today’s Republicans would think Teddy Roosevelt was RINO for being so stringent about conserving the environment.

  3. elecpencil

    Many right-wing Talk radio stations have been losing big money for lots of years. Wealthy conservatives and think tanks still throw money at them because the right-wing talk shows dumb down the public and that pays off in uninformed voters backing conservative candidates. You’re both right that Teddy and even Lincoln wouldn’t be welcome in today’s GOP. I even think Nixon who wanted heath care and was for the Clean Water Act would be a GOP outcast.

  4. Tracey gets a show on WSOM the same way Louie is heard on 1570/1540 – a check to pay for the airtime.

    Louie seems to have made more of a business out of it…not sure what Ms. Winbush is doing in that regard.

    Why doesn’t Louie prominently display his air time and stations on his Vindicator-hosted website? (For that matter, the audio archives have been broken for months.)

    When he moved back to 10-2, the only indication on that site was a cutesy “10-2” graphic. W

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