A Pity Party for the Rich and Appliances for the Poor

Having one of those jobs where you can work at home must be great. The biggest expansion in home based jobs is being a corporate tool and lemming for the 1%. You see their right-wing letters to the editors in your local newspapers and opinions in the comment sections on political websites. You also hear their calls to CSPAN and local talk radio stations. Rush Limbaugh makes $33 million a year being a corporation shill, so you would hope the folks spreading the weekly corporate talking points would pick up a livable wage for their effort. I really can’t believe that folks in the middle-class would sell their soul to spread right-wing propaganda without a nice pay-day. I don’t believe anyone in the middle-class would actually be dumb enough to become a self-appointed guardian of the status quo.

The latest corporate tools have been employed to get the propaganda out about one of their corporate overlords, the poor oil companies (one of our new corporate persons) who they feel need to be worshipped and cherished for the wonderful job they do for a measly 6% profit. I heard a caller to a WKBN talk show the other day saying such to try and throw a pity party for the poor oil companies. Was I suppose to be so moved that I would empty out my credit union saving account, drive down to my local gas station hand over all my money, fall down on my knees and worship the gas gods who have been making record profits? If the oil companies are really only making 6% and want me to cry I’d say close up shop and invest in something else. The corporate tool callers talk about how corporations are locating in other countries because the U.S. corporate tax rate is too high. Why do the corporations even care what the tax rate is as Exxon, GE and 85% of the top 100 US companies pay $0 in taxes? Add in that corporations like Big Oil get incredible subsidies (read corporate welfare) courtesy of the taxpayers. Big Oil is also subsidized by the fact that the US military goes to war for it to secure investments while taxpayers donate their money and children as cannon fodder. Corporations don’t pay taxes: they collect them by using taxpayers as ATM machines. How did oil company’s profits become more important than the needs of the people? That is because the oil industry spent $1.15 billion in lobbying over the span of 14 years. That’s quite a bit for the oil industry that  claims to make a mere 6% profit.

The other propaganda I keep hearing from the corporate tools is that the U.S.’s poor are better off that the poor of any other nation. Will this soon become a rallying chant? I can see Romney (who said he wasn’t concerned with the poor) having a political ad showing the homeless of  say Boston wrapped in three beat up coats in heavy snow jumping up and down with their index fingers in the air chanting we’re number one, we’re number one.  The corporate tools have been using attack propaganda from the Heritage Foundation a right-wing think tank to push the idea that the U.S. poor are just not poor enough. Heritage complains that the U.S. poor have more appliances that the poor of other nations. The late Paul M. Weyrich was the founder of the Heritage Foundation along with Joseph Coors of the union busting Coors Brewery. Heritage got its start at pushing a conservative agenda by defending Bob Jones University’s racially discriminatory policies. Bob Jones University had policies that refused black students enrollment until 1971, admitted only married blacks from 1971 to 1975, and prohibited interracial dating and marriage between 1975-2000. A quote by Paul M. Weyrich shows how like today’s GOP democracy takes a back seat to winning elections: “I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

Heritage and the other corporate owned right-wing think tanks will keep giving their corporate lemmings new propaganda to spread. With the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida you will continue to hear the corporate tools defending the white shooter, George Zimmerman. That will be in an attempt to keep racism alive as a divide and conquer strategy.  As for me I’ll take a wait and see stance on Martin’s shooting, throw a fundraising pity party for the oil companies and pick up some small appliances like toasters to give the homeless and tell them what lucky people they are. Be vigilant and drop me a comment when you recognize the next propaganda from the 1%. It’s not hard to recognize just follow the greed is good stench.

Conscious Plat: Homeless

Land of 10,000 Homeless in Minnesota

” I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil.” ~ Robert Kennedy


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