Slavery, Polygamy, Concubinage, and Incest are Bible Family Values

The Youngstown Vindicator’s headline on Thursday May 10 read, “It’s been slow, but it’s progress.” Underneath that it said, “Couple with Valley ties applauds Obama’s support of same-sex marriage.” There also was a photo of former Youngstowners Glorianne Leck and her partner Susan Savastuk. They both now live in Bloomington, Indiana. I attended a going away event for Glorianne and Susan before they moved. They were both activist that you could count on to be specialists at fighting any social injustice happening in our valley. I hate seeing activist who don’t know the meaning of the word surrender leaving our valley. Instead of specialist fighting for a better community we are left with spectators who do nothing but bitch but won’t get off their ass. You know the complainers to and the radio-talk show callers like that do nothing Bob from Ausintown I talked about on my last post. If I were to create a utopia I’d trade a 100 Bob’s from Austintown for every Glorianne and Susan. I guess I should admire the fact that Bob is able to call several radio-talk shows everyday despite the fact he is in a straight jacket. Last post I talked about how callers to Ron Verb’s talk show trashing inmates didn’t know that Jesus said to visit those in prison and care for them as you care for him.. This week the callers mentioned how Jesus damned gays which of course is not in the Bible.

In the article Glorianne said, “Attitudes about same-sex marriage are changing and the president’s statement mirrors that.” I would tend to agree with Glorianne but I realize some people are still living in the 15th century. Those would be people like Pastor Kenneth Donaldson of Rising Star Baptist Church on the city’s East Side. In the Vindicator’s article he said the president’s comments haven’t changed his opinion. “It does not surprise me one iota. It doesn’t surprise me because he’s always supported [same-sex marriage.] That’s why I never voted for him,” he said. “The Catholic Church has been very clear in its position on same-sex marriage, said Monsignor Robert Siffrin of St. Edward Parish. “We are very concerned about supporting family and traditional marriage because of the good that we see that comes from it. We’re not taking a stand against anyone; it’s a stand for marriage and family life,” he said. Since the Catholic Church has commented I’ll change my opinion that it is not 15th century thinking that is against same-sex marriage but 14th century. I wonder if Monsignor Siffrin explains how 50% of those traditional marriages end in divorce and if he sees good coming from that.

Online at 14th century thinker LoserNeverWin says, “I hope all the gays Burn In hell! GOD never planned it that way; otherwise Adam would have been having sex with John!” I’d ask Loser, “Did you know Adam and Eve’s children married one another?” They had to marry their own brothers or sisters because there was no one else around for them to marry. Marrying your brother or sister is against our modern cultural values. The words in scripture have not changed but our cultural perceptions and our family values have changed. Bible scripture calls Abraham “the friend of God. Abraham had multiple wives and concubines and had an incestuous marriage with his half-sister, Sarah. Yet, Christians today hold up Abraham as an example of faith. I could go on forever about such practices in the Bible that certainly wouldn’t be considered acceptable by Christian’s today even though God doesn’t speak against them in the Bible.

The claims by today’s Bible thumpers that they are upholding family values seems ignorant of the family values in the Bible they profess to believe. Same sex marriage expresses the willing desire of gay men and lesbians to settle down, and embrace faithful, monogamous relationships. That is pretty tame compared to all that slavery, polygamy, concubinage, levirate marriage and incest that God had no problem with in that holy book know as the Bible. I had a conservative tell me that if gays can marry what is stopping men from marrying sheep. I had a suspicion all along that the only thing stopping conservative men from marrying sheep was the mere fact that there is a law against it. I am generally an animal rights activist but if marrying a sheep will make angry white men conservatives a little less angry and a bit more human than I’ll support their effort to marry sheep.

I recently got confirmation that supporting same-sex marriage is the right thing for everyone to do. I realized that because of an e-mail I got from one of my blog readers. He informed me about something that Traci and Jeff from, ‘Traci and Friends” on WSOM radio said. They said that God sent Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans because the city was going to have a gay parade. I knew that Traci and Jeff were angry morons but now I realize they are the local personification of evil (which they share with Warren Tribune editor, Frank Robinson).

Glorianne and Susan I hope this finds you well and I hope in the near future we come into the 21st century and legalize same-sex marriages.We certainly miss you in Youngstown.

Times are changing: Republican mayor reverses his stand against gay marriage.

Marriage Equality Song: Waiting All My Life

“I saw with so many of the gay couples, they were so devoted to another. I saw so much love. When this hearing was over, I was a changed person in regard to this issue. I felt that I understood what same-sex couples were looking for.” — Maryland state Del. Wade Kach (R), Feb. 23, 2012, telling reporters how meeting with gay couples led him to vote to legalize gay marriage in the state.

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