Laundry Day for the Local Filthy Lying Media

I’ve been contemplating what passes for our local media and find it pretty vicious on many issues. Then again when I read some of  the vicious comments online or hear radio talk show callers agreeing I realize maybe it represents them.

The Youngstown Vindicator just featured a story on Youngstown’s newly constructed public-housing units called, Brier Hill Annex. I thought it was great that they were constructed using green technology like rooftop solar panels which are capable of supplying 25 percent of the development’s electrical needs. They also featured energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation, recycled-content Formica counter tops, tankless water heaters and low-flow, water-conserving faucets and toilets. The article mentioned Michelle Nieves and her three children who were appreciative to be living in one of the units. The Vindicator did not get into any information on Ms. Nievens or her three children. Those commenting at online did not need any facts about Ms. Nievens as they invented their own hate filled fables. She was on public assistance and that was all they needed to know to start their venomous rants. Out of 87 comments only a dozen were not negative or hate filled. One person commentating summed it up for me. That was FLHTCUI who wrote, “Love how these screaming posters are all for corporate welfare and more tax breaks for the have-mores who don’t need it. They can’t stand to help somebody who needs it though.”

The Warren Tribune Chronicle is celebrating its 200 anniversary. At signman wished them well saying, “I believe the Tribune has done a remarkable service to both the city of Warren and surrounding area for ALL of its many years. Running a newspaper without bias isn’t easy.” If he thinks there is no bias he needs to read their editorial page to see that they always have a pro-corporate anti-worker bias. Just the other day Editor Frank Robinson was in his glory celebrating more working-class misery. Ohio turnpike tollbooth workers have taken concessions plus all employees will contribute more for their health care. Frank exaggerated what workers make and doesn’t tell you if that includes what their benefits are worth or that the average includes way higher paid supervisors factored in for the average.  Frank states, “It’s good to know that turnpike tollbooth workers now have their pay and benefits on par with private sector toll collectors in parking lots across the region.” I think Editor Robinson has been sniffing in more exhaust fumes that they turnpike workers and it has killed too many brain cells. Frank acts like he is protecting the middle-class private sector workers by celebrating the wage and benefits destruction of middle-class public sector workers. No one is buying it Frank as we have seen you in the past happily report how private sector workers like Delphi set up a second than third tier of workers. We’ve seen him ecstatic that Lordstown’s GM plant set u a second tier paying half of what the first tier makes.  Frank’s job is way below the honest job of being a janitor. Part of a janitor’s job is putting on a new roll of toilet paper. Franks job is putting out an editorial page that is not fit for wiping your behind on. In other words Robinson is way over paid from what a janitor makes. While I’m on it Janitor Frank you need to include hand sanitizer and wipes with the Trib on days when the editorial pages includes the rabid hate filled poisonous venom of “writers” like corporate mouthpieces; Michel Malkin, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and racist Pat Buchanan.

If you could use some extra money the Warren Tribune Chronicle is looking for some community writers. You can get hired if you are as paranoid as current community writer, Bill Finnigan. Bill celebrated Veterans Day writing a column about how dialogue and compromise are bad substitutes for war. Bill tells our veterans to stand ready to fight on our own shores because “We are in a battle that cannot be denied or ignored.” Bill rants that “The seeds of godless, socialistic tyranny are growing throughout our land.” He also stated, “The foreign threat of terrorism looms over our heads daily, when actually the worst foe may be within.” So if like Bill you think that President Obama is a communist/socialist/fascist and is going to declare himself dictator you have two options. You can either realize you are a paranoid schizophrenic and run not walk for mental help or apply to the Warren Tribune as a community columnists.

 I had said I wouldn’t be listening to, “Traci and Friends” radio talk show at 600 am on WSOM anymore. Truth is some days I want to add a little more humor to my life. What could be funnier than listening to that train wreck of a radio show where the “Friends” try and top each other on who can lie to listeners the most. Traci, Jeff and Sticks lie more than Sean Hannity and Rush combined but their “Friend” Ben is trying to sell more whoppers than Burger King. Like all conservatives Ben hates George Soros. He is hated by them because he is a billionaire who tends to donated to progressive instead of regressive causes. That makes him fair game for lies by those in the right-wing media like Ben. A week ago Ben claimed that George Soros, as a child, collaborated with the Nazis. KSOF radio’s director on February 26, 2007, issued a correction  saying that one of their stations hosts made comments that were “not accurate” and that the station “regrets that they were broadcast.” They were the same lying comments Ben made about Soros. Three years later in 2010 the Toronto Sun newspaper apologized for one of their commentators who told this same lie about Soros. Now it is 2012 and we have Ben on the radio still telling the lie. I e-mailed a few links proving the story was a lie to the “Traci and Friends” show asking them to have Ben apologize. I doubt that will happen as Ben considers facts a vile four letter word and the “Friends” have zero integrity. Ben has also been saying Obama’s book is stolen from Hitler’s, Mein Kampf almost word for word. Therefore Ben says Obama is going to take over like Hitler so he advises everyone to buy a gun. This is all really a cry for help as Ben is really saying I need serious mental help and am a danger to society and should be in a straight jacket.

The media for the most part is corporate owned and right-wing and they have an agenda. That agenda is to foster hatred among the middle-class. Hatred of women, nonwhites, single moms, welfare moms, non-Christians, gays, unions, the poor etc. Hatred of immigrants illegal and legal is not just something you hear in Arizona it can be heard locally by Dan Rivers at WKBN radio. The media never mentions the real villains like Wal-Mart the billion dollar a year welfare queen, two-thirds of U.S. corporations who pay no taxes and the Koch Brothers who own enough of our “representatives” to write their own tax and environmental exempt laws. I see a lot of misplaced anger that if it can be rescued from the right-wing spin machine can be hung up on the clothes line to see the light of day. The best way to kill the hate-filled media bacteria is with fresh air and a good dose of sunshine.

Michael Franti and Spearhead: The Sound of Sunshine


The problem with going with your gut as opposed to your head is that the former is so often full of shit. – Randy Chestnut

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