Independence Day and Modern Day Tories

I hope everyone had a nice Independence Day! Independence Day had me thinking about my freedoms and those who are out to stop my freedoms. We might have the freedom of speech but the editors of our local newspapers don’t have to print the letters we send them and can actually cut or shorten the ones they do accept. The Warren Tribune does hire four Trumbull County residents every year to serve as community columnists. It could be a good way for someone with opinions less conservative than their editor Frank Robinson to lend some balance to the Trib. The fact is unless you’re a conservative you aren’t getting hired.

The current crop recently hired has the background that gets picked every year. One woman is a small businesswoman who went to conservative Liberty University that the late Jerry Falwell started. One man has a business degree and also attended a military institute. Dan Moadus a small businessman and former city councilman was also picked. You might remember Dan as the teabagger who ran as a Democrat in the 2010 primary against Tim Ryan. A couple of Dan’s ideas were: “1. I would vote to suspend all climate change initiatives for 25 years to give American industry a break, and to allow science and technology to catch up with new developments. 2. I would support legislation to cut income, capital gains, and business taxes to allow for greater capital formation.” So you see Dan wanted dirty air and water for our children for the next 25 years. He also wanted to further reward the two-thirds of corporations who already don’t pay taxes and get all manner of corporate welfare. Dan also said voters were tired of Ryan because he didn’t reflect Tea Party values.  The voters in the Democrat primary weren’t interested in Teabagger values as Dan got only 12% of the vote in the primary against Ryan.

If you want to use your freedom of speech to call local talk radio it might be a waste of time. That is if you call WKBN’s Dan Rivers or WSOM’s Tracey Winbush. Dan will cut you off if you aren’t agreeing with his right-wing corporate views. Tracey and her “friends” will just all scream over anything you say that doesn’t agree with their far right views. You could try calling syndicated Rush Limbaugh but his calls are carefully screened so as not to get anything but ditto heads. Rush has to work a long 15 hour workweek for a mere $ 37 million a year so he doesn’t make enough to have to defend his corporate uber alles views with anyone.

If you are an Ohio public sector worker you saw your rights to belong to a union and right to bargain for benefits under attack by Gov. Kasich with Issue 2. That effort was backed by a lot of out-of-state conservative organizations with generous funds. Public and private sector workers also have many right-wing organizations out to take their freedoms away. Organizations like: Building a Better Ohio, North Central Ohio Conservatives, Ohio Liberty Coalition, Ohio Roundtable, Ohio Coalition for Constitutional Values, Ohio Christian Alliance, Ohio Restoration Projest and the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions. Then we also had the local Regional Chamber backing Issue 2. Two of the five corporations who spent big bucks backing the passage of Issue 2 are corporate welfare queens.

I am not much of a conspiracy person nor am I paranoid. I do know that there are right-wing organizations that work hard and spend lots to buy our “representatives.” A lot of what conservative politicians are doing is right out in the open for all to see if you are really looking. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is an example. The plan calls for eliminating safety net programs and proposes increasing the tax burden on middle and lower class families while giving tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans. The Tax Policy Center found that the top 1% of Americans will get an eye-popping “117 percent of the plan’s total tax cuts” while it would raise “taxes for 95 percent of the population.”

 When I think about Independence Day our Founding Fathers come to mind. I think it is high time we realize they were men who wanted change and a new direction. I think that is what we need to consider so that we can leave our children a better world. Our Founding Fathers were not afraid of change and we shouldn’t be either. We do have our modern-day Tories who are afraid of change even though it is apparent that the middle-class is disappearing. The Founders took on a king and we need to take on corporations who have become our modern-day king. These present day kings have a lot of think tanks, organizations, media, propaganda, PACS and misguided religious organizations to keep them in power.  The following right-wing organizations are servants of the corporate king. I didn’t even list them all but this list will give you an idea what progressives in this country are up against: 

Not the top 1% but the top 0.01% that make a killing on killing.

Shawn Mullins: Give God the Blues

Beautiful Wreck

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”~John Kenneth Galbraith


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