Pimping Out Mill Creek Park

Mrs. E. had suggested I might have been a little rough on my assessment of Catholic talk radio station the Living Bread Radio at WILB, 89.5 FM. Then the other day after she listened to the station and heard a Catholic spokeswoman bashing Obamacare she decided I had been right on. What Mrs. E. most objected to was the spokeswoman using figures from the Heritage Foundation to attack Obamcare. The Heritage Foundation was begun in 1973 by Joseph Coors of Coors beer fame. Coors is a longtime opponent of unions, gays, civil rights, gun control laws and safety in the workplace. One would think those are things the Catholic Church would support. I should say except for unions that is. Over the years popes have written encyclicals about how union workers should be respected. This while Catholic hospitals and schools fight to keep unions out. Anyway, Mrs. E and I found it hilarious that any organization would use figure from the conservative Heritage Foundation to attack Obamacare. That is because Obamacare is based on Romneycare which was developed by the Heritage Foundation. We live in strange times indeed.

Since I’m discussing talk radio and misinformation that brings me to WKBN talk radio’s Dan River’s show. Dan made a statement the other day which just shows what a corporate tool he is. The issue he was talking about was whether there should be drilling for oil or gas in Mill Creek Park.  Dan felt that the park had been on the dole long enough so there should be drilling in the park. This way the park could give something back to the taxpayers. I personally love the park and think the park has given more beauty and recreation back to the taxpayers than can ever be measured in dollars and cents. Conservatives like Dan feel Mother Nature is just something to be stripped, molested and raped while they shout, “Drill baby drill.” If there had been a crowd of conservative spectators in the Garden of Eden like Dan they would have advised Eve on her contemplation about eating the apple. They would have cheered loudly, “Eat baby eat.” Don’t expect Dan to ever demand major welfare queen Walmart/Sam’s Club give back any of its $1 billion per year in taxpayer funded corporate welfare.

I know you’ve seen kids wearing T-shirts that say something like, ‘My mom and dad went on a cruise and all I got was this lousy T-shit. “Well I can now apply that idea to my life.  Awhile back I talked about retired minister Richard Faber and his wife Ida and also ninety-five year-old Frank Domjancic. They all live a half dozen miles from me in nearby Fowler, Ohio. Richard and Ida Faber received a bonus check for $701,580 for leasing the mineral rights to 240 acres for deep well drilling. “The real money comes when we get products out of the wells,” Faber said. As if $700,000 is not real money. Ninety-five year-old Frank Domjancic, received a check for more than $70,000, for his 24 acres. “This is something good for the Valley,” he said. Well, Richard, Ida and Frank got big fat checks and like the T-shirt saying all I got was this lousy dangerous 5 mile long waste water brine spill that occurred last Saturday on Warner Road and state Route 305 in Fowler Township. Brine is a salty, chemical byproduct of natural-gas and oil drilling. Thanks to a nurse who was a speaker I heard the other day at a talk on fracking I have a report that shows the dangers of brine were know as early as 1971. Yet, we still have “officials” saying spilled brine is not a problem in 2012. I hope Richard, Ida and Frank enjoy their money as it might have cost all of us who are their neighbors our health.

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There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi



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2 responses to “Pimping Out Mill Creek Park

  1. susie

    Thank you. Great to see you and talk with you. Love to read your blogposts.

  2. elecpencil

    Great to see you also Susie. We generally have the same causes and I’d run into you more if I had 10% of your energy! Thanks for the job you do and for being there to support others.

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