“Will Baby Will”


It’s being said fracking in the Mahoning Valley

will be an economic boom

and bring in much-needed jobs.

In depressed areas like ours

lots of people respond, “Drill Baby Drill.”


When entering a region, fracking companies

grossly overestimate the number of jobs

that will be locally created.

Actually, most of the fracking jobs

are short-lived (lasts about a year),

and the high-paying jobs go to transient,

out-of-state workers with specialized skills.

The parking lot of the Carizzo Oil & Gas Company

that recently located at the end of my street

is full of cars with license plates

from: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana

Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

I’m thinking, lies about impending jobs

don’t “Fulfill Baby Fulfill.”


Workers in the oil & natural gas industries

are seven times as likely to die on the job

as the workers in other industries.

47% of all oil and natural gas workers

breathe air that exceeds the safe

breathing limits for silica dust.

Between 2003-2008 the number of fatalities

in the industries grew by more than 41%.

Many oil & gas industry trucks

crash due to poor maintenance.

The Pennsylvania State Police, inspected

2,200 oil and gas industry trucks

between 2009 and February 2012

and 40% had to be removed from the road

because they were too unsafe to drive.

People are  “Ill Baby Ill.”


In fracking areas around the USA

there are reports of poisoned drinking water,

polluted air, mysterious animal deaths,

industrial disasters and explosions.

We’ve had 12 earthquakes in Youngstown

since the D&L Energy disposal well

began operations in December 2010.

Despite all these “Fraccidents.”

areas welcome lying dangerous

oil & gas companies.

“Bitter Pill Baby Bitter Pill.”


While natural gas is said to be a needed resource

it should be noted it wastes something that is more needed.

I’m talking about the precious resource known as water.

Up to seven million gallons of water

are needed to frack a single well.

This is insane considering parts of our country

are experiencing a very serious drought.

One would think drinking water

was more important than fracking water

but the public’s thirst is overshadowed

by the oil & gas companies thirst for profits.

“Shekels Baby Shekels.”


Truckloads of chemicals

make up the toxic cocktail

that is poured by tons into wells.

Of 632 chemicals used

in natural gas operations

25 percent can cause cancer;

37 percent can disrupt the endocrine system;

more than 40 percent can affect the brain

and more than 75 percent can impair the eyes,

intestines, and respiratory system.

Many of the chemicals used

have not even been tested

for their health and environmental risks.

The local newspaper editors and radio talk show hosts

call anyone opposed to cancer causing chemicals

a tree hugging environmentalist wacko.

That’s because the media talking heads

are corporate “Shills Baby Shills.”


Does anyone believe our government

is more interested in protecting our safety

then of collecting campaign contributions?

Deep drilling has very deep pockets

as the fracking industry has invested $20.5 million

in campaign donations to members of Congress

and spent almost three-quarters of a billion dollars

on national lobbying during the past decade.

They have poured many millions more

into front groups and PR campaigns.

The politicians pass oil & gas industry subsidies

as well as favorable and industry friendly regulations.

This all happens because our “representatives”

respond best to more and more

“Dollar Bills Baby Dollar Bills.”


Despite the increase in U.S. fracking sites,

the number of inspections has decreased.

The number of drilling rigs rose

by more than 22 percent in 2011

from the previous year,

but the number of inspections

at work sites fell by 12 percent.

This is because of the laws

written by oil & gas lobbyists

that the corporate owned politicians passed

that weaken local/national government agencies

whose job it is to protect and regulate

for the common good of the people.

These agencies workers are hogtied

and given a rubber stamp

so the oil & gas industry

can continue to trash our country.

“Lobbyist Bills Baby Lobbyist Bills.”


As for fracking turning

around the US economy

The fracking industry might soon

pack up shop and head to China

land of cheap labor and a dirty environment.

China anticipates overtaking the US

in shale gas production as soon as 2015.

Our own government helped China

by signing the US-China Initiative in 2009.

It aids China’s technical expertise in fracking.

Chinese concerns for the planet are

“Abysmal Baby Abysmal.”


Fracking, like nuclear energy is a really bad idea

as it’s shortsighted and driven by big corporate money.

The fracking of America is about

health, environmental, economic,

and natural-resource issues.

It is also about something even bigger.

It is about who is in charge of our society.

Is it we the people or the profit driven corporations?

If we decide profit trumps everything

we will continue to let corporations rape the Earth

and send our sons and daughter off to wars

that profit only their corporate interests.

We’ve got to change this horror story

into an up lifting happy ending story.

Where there is a will

there is a way.

It’s way past time we get

the “Will Baby Will.”


Fracking Damage Cases and Industry Secrecy

Capitol Steps: This Land’s Not Your land

Battle Hymn of the Tea Public

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. ~ Ansel Adams

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