A Visit We Shouldn’t Relish

The Warren Tribune just had a front page article on GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R) stopping at the Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren, Ohio. This brings me to my pick of idiot of the week. That would be John Brown of Warren a customer at the Hot Dog Shoppe. John who claimed he had been a Democrat for many years says he is voting for Romney/Ryan. He continued, “I don’t see Democrats doing anything for this Valley.” I am not the only one calling John Brown an idiot because the front page of the same days Warren Tribune also does. It says, “69 million dollar manufacturing initiative to be based in Youngstown.” Our congressman Tim Ryan (D) and Rep. Jason  Altmire (D) of Pennsylvania conceived the Tech belt initiative along with area businesses and educational institutions to help create new industry and jobs for our valley. President Obama’s administration helped back this federal program for our area. President Obama also helped save GM and thousands of jobs at GM’s Lordstown plant. Willard Mitt Romney on the other hand has said he would have let GM go bankrupt and close plants. Meanwhile I must say the GOP has finally helped our area financially. That was done when Paul Ryan visited Warren. You see he picked up the tab at the Hot Dog Shoppe for him and a few others. Paul helped our valley by spending $8.78. I have no word on whether he left a tip.

Rep. Paul Ryan took awhile to order and ended up asking the owner what to order. I laughed when I read this comment on Vindy.com by Another AverageCitizen: “Wow. If he needs help making a decision on what to order at a hot dog shop, just wonder what help he needs on a real issue. A great decision maker. One we can be proud of.” No word on whether Ryan liked the Hot Dog Shoppe’s hot dogs. His endorsement of them would have meant something as Rep Ryan worked as an Oscar Mayer salesman during college. He’s even drove the Wienermobile.

The Weekly Standard covered Paul’s visit to NE Ohio. They quoted Eleanor Constantino who was at the Hot Dog Shoppe. Here is what she said, “I’d been a Democrat for 50 years, but the last 10 years I’ve been strictly Republican,” Why did she switch sides? “Because I’m pro-life. And that’s it. That changed me completely.” I guess Eleanor thinks the GOP being for the Death Penalty and starting a war in Iraq based on a lie that has caused the death of 4500 US soldiers and 118,209 civilians is pro-life. “Hey Paul, Good luck! Kick ass!” yelled Emma an elderly woman from Howland to Ryan who was placing his order with the cashier. Eleanor if you value liberty then Paul Ryan is going to kick YOUR ass based on his record of shredding the Constitution as seen here.

“He’s going to save Medicare,” chimed in Eleanor’s friend Karen Combs from Cortland, Ohio about Romney/Ryan. She continued, “There’s $700 billion under Obamacare coming out of Medicare, and seniors should be more frightened over that.” What is frightening to me is how people like Karen won’t spend any time researching facts and is willing to accept 30 second TV sound bites. Karen if you were investing money in a mutual fund for your future would you do any research or would you just go with what a broker for that fund says?

To me this election is about the future my children will have to live with. Knowing that I’m willing to do some research and use a little common sense. Let’s start with Romney who as governor of Massachusetts had the state’s job growth rate at 47th in the nation. That is in a state with higher-than-average education levels. The infrastructure of Massachusetts under Willard Mitt was left terribly in need of repairs. He never raised personal income taxes as governor. But he increased government fees such as doubling fees for court filings, marriage licensing fees, professional registrations and firearm licenses. He also quintupled the per gallon delivery fee for gasoline. All together, the fees raised more than $400 million in their first year.  In 2004, Mitt cut nearly 5 percent, or about $230 million, from the local aid budget to cities and counties. The Massachusetts Municipal Association, representing the state’s cities and towns, said Romney’s cuts “forced communities statewide to cut services and raise local taxes and fees.” “According to Moody’s State Debt Medians, in 2007 — the year Romney left office — Massachusetts had the highest debt per capita of any state in the country, $4,153. Connecticut ranked second, with $3,713, and Hawaii third, with $3,630.” Add in Willard Mitt’s closing businesses and exporting jobs record at Bain Capital and you have an incompetent Governor and an unscrupulous businessman. You would think such a terrible combination could never get elected for president but then you’d have forgotten G. W. Bush. So Karen I’ve done the research for you and here is the true story of President Obama’s cuts to Medicare.

Since I mentioned the Warren Tribune, did you notice all of the annual community writers they hired this year are all conservatives? Anyone surprised by this local newspaper that does not represent the working-class values of our valley?

Q: What do an empty hot dog bun and  Rep. Paul Ryan have in common? A:  They’re both “hollow-weenies!”

Q: What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor? A: “Make me one with everything.”

Arrogant Worms: Hot Dog Song

Don’t Go Into Politics

The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it.” ~ Lawrence J. Peter.


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