A Bus Driver and an Angel Come to the Rescue

I just hope in my lifetime a presidential candidate will say this, “We are going to go to war and use every resource we have and unlimited funds. We are going to ask all nations to be our allies and take on the world’s worst terrorist know as…….cancer.” That will be the candidate I will work night and day for. Fighting cancer is certainly a more worthwhile issue than B.S. like fighting to get prayer in school or passing a flag burning amendment. Everyone’s friends and families have been touched by this mass murderer. Common sense says that is the war we need to commit to. If only common sense wasn’t such an endangered species.

You might not believe me but I really would like to write something positive every week instead of pointing out all the negative. Luckily two people have provided me with what I’d call positive stories.

The first comes from my daughter, “the Mac” who is in her senior year of College in the Pittsburgh, PA. area. Mac went with several friends to celebrate the birthday of the last girl in her group to turn 21. Being responsible young adults they left their dorms and got on a city bus. After a few hours of drinking on Pittsburgh’s popular Southside they caught a city bus back to their dorms. The bus was filled mostly with students heading back to various Pittsburgh colleges. Mac and her friends were chatting loudly and having fun as girls will do. At one bus stop a middle-age man who was rather dirty looking got on the bus. He was near Mac and her friends and said loudly, “You girls need to shut the fuck up.” Almost immediately the bus driver smacked on the brakes and got out of his seat. He came back and stared at the rather dirty man and said, “I wouldn’t stand for anyone talking like that to my wife and daughter and I won’t have you talking like that to these girls.” He then said, “If I hear one more word out of you I will stop and throw you off this bus.” Mac said people on the bus applauded the driver. Everyone was very quiet after that except the dirty man who kept mumbling under his breath.

In these days of crazed gunmen you just don’t know who you are dealing with. In light of that I want to thank that bus driver for being there to protect my daughter.  He proves that it really does take a village to raise a child and I’m glad he is a member of my daughter’s village! It’s hard to believe we have various governors and the Tea Party who want to attack public sector workers like this city bus driver.  Shame on them and where were they to protect my daughter?

This next story comes from Robert Dennick Joki’s Facebook page.  You might think I am being lazy by not writing something myself. Truth is I couldn’t write something this good and besides at this time of year, I am busier than the workers at the lunch meat counter at Rullis.  Robert gave permission to others who asked to use it so I’m going to use it because I think it is a story that needs telling. I should note that I first met Robert Dennick Joki at the Oakland Center for the Arts at an open stage night where we was singing and I was doing some poetry. Robert has a great operatic sounding voice. He is also a writer/ actor and director of plays and also an artist who makes jewelry. He is the Executive Director of The Rust Belt Theater Company. He is also director of the Magic Carpet Theater, a valley children’s theater group that brings plays across the state, to 40-50,000 children annually. If folks like Robert have a mold we need to set up an assembly line and start production. That’s because Robert is one of those people who help make our community a better place to live.

Here is his story in his words. “Ok…so there was this middle age couple standing on the side of a dangerous part of RT 11 with an “Out Of Money/Gas” sign. I felt bad so I offered to fill their tank. On the way to the gas station the woman told me they had been walking for hours and no one would help them. We filled up a gas can at Sheetz and we drove back to their truck. When we got there I noticed it was covered in bumper stickers including ones that said “Marriage = One Man + One Woman” and my favorite “Nothing Runs Like a Queere.” This really bothered me, and my first reaction was to drive away and leave them with the two gallons of gas…but I kept my cool and we drove back to Sheetz where I paid to fill their tank. The lady kept saying I was an “angel.” The guy, Dan, asked for my address so they could mail me a check when they get home. I went back to my car, and returned with a scrap of paper, shook his hand, wished them luck, and quickly left. I did not give them my address. The paper says: “Of all the people who drove past you standing on the road today, the “Queere” is the one who stopped to help. Remember that.”

I feel better this week being able to post what I think are positive stories. I’ll get back to my usual bitching next week.

Robert Dennick Joki” “They Don’t Make Em Like They Use To”

From Rent: Your Eyes

“I think there’s just one kind of folks.  Folks.”  ~Harper Lee,”To Kill a Mockingbird”


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