Beam Them Up Scotty

Local liars of the week are the crew at “Tracey and Friends” radio talk show on WSOM in Salem, OH. “Friend” Ben is constantly spreading lies and as usual they are aimed at President Obama. Like all his other lies this one was proven a lie a few years ago. Ben mentioned how Chrysler got a loan from the government and reorganized by getting rid of some dealers. Ben claimed that President Obama gave Chrysler the loan on the condition that the dealerships that stayed in business had to be owned by Democrats and the ones that closed would be owned by Republicans. Ben claimed that President Obama especially went after dealers who contributed to Republican candidates. “Friends” Sticks and Jeff jumped in to say, duh, yeah that’s right that’s the way it happened. First off, most dealerships are owned by someone who is wealthy and the vast majority of these owners are Republicans. That would mean that Chrysler would be out of business if all Republican owned dealerships were closed. Do you really believe the CEO’s (who are definitely Republicans) at Chrysler would sit still for President Obama only closing dealerships owned by Republicans or ones whose owners contribute to the Republican Party? In a Reuter’s article Chrysler stated that it made the decisions on which dealers to close based on location, customer satisfaction and sales potential. If Ben, Sticks and Jeff weren’t allergic to facts they could have done a moment’s research (like I did) and found the facts here. Instead they would rather go on the radio and look like buffoons by telling three year-old lies. I believe Ben and crew easily believed this lie because if conservatives like them had the opportunity to put business that are owned by Democrats or contribute to Democrats out of business they’d do it in a second. Thusly, it is easy for them to believe President Obama could be as ruthless as them. The best way to know it is a lie is if Michelle Malkin says it’s true.

September 19th was the 35th anniversary of Black Monday. On that day in 1977, Youngstown Sheet and Tube announced they would be shutting down the Campbell Works in Campbell and Struthers. With both plants gone so were 4,100 jobs and 40,000 within a decade. The 35th anniversary of Black Monday was the subject of a talk at the Labor Museum on Wednesday. That brings me to the buffoon of the week. On the front page of Thursday’s Vindictor is United Steelworkers District 1 subdistrict director Gary Steinbeck. Calling Gary a buffoon just doesn’t go far enough. From my days as an  IWW members I know they would call Gary a Piecard (A union official that identifies more with the boss than with the workers, or who is “on the take”). Gary was my union staff man until the plant I worked at closed in 1999. Gary was the kind of union man who walked into negotiations for the union and asked the owners what they needed. With Gary’s negotiations I lost a quarter of my pension and plenty of wages and benefits lost to concessionary contract after concessionary contract. When the majority of my fellow workers refused to accept a terrible contract from a company that wanted to buy us Gary overrode our vote (a legal action we were to find out) and signed the contract. Gary said he did us a favor as this company Hamlin Holding Company had a lot of money and would be good for us. On day one we found out Hamlin was a nickel and dime outfit as they came in and unscrewed every other light bulb. Hamlin proved they were a Bain Capital Jr. as they went on to buy Copperweld and in no time at all closed us and then Copperweld. Some suspected Gary of being in bed with the company. As for me I’d say if Hamlin had bed bugs I’m sure Gary did also. It saddens me that Gary is still representing area steelworkers and I feel for them. Here you will see Gary’s salary is $90,144.00 not counting other benefits (which is more than I ever made in any of four years added together of my 28 years at the plant). I am the most pro-union person you will find but I have no use for union staff like Gary or unions that set up different tiers for unions (there is no solidarity once you have tiers brothers and sisters).

I had lunch the other day at Crickets Bar on Midlothian Blvd. in Youngstown. They definitely have some of the best bar food in the area and I want you to check them out. I was disappointed to see such a working-class bar have that nasty union busting Yuengling beer on tap. That is just wrong and get with the program and boycott it you blue-collar bars. Anyway, a guy at the bar yells to another guy, “Did you see Dave Betras at the Canfield Fair with his nose up Joe Biden’s ass?” I wanted to yell, “Hey ahole Attorneys Betras is chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party, and it is his duty to show VP Biden around when he visits.” I didn’t speak up as I am finding it hard to talk to pinheads without swearing and raising my blood pressure.

You hear the same type of conservative idiots calling teabagger Dan Rivers on WKBN radio and saying, “Timmy Ryan has his head up Nancy Pelosi’s ass.” These same goofs had no problem when Jimbo Trafficant was our con in congress. They loved the fact he voted with the GOP over 60% of the time and had his head up Denny Hastert’s GOP ass. No one with a functioning brain cell would take these macho punks who hate Nancy Pelosi or any woman in power seriously. That brings me to Dr. Marisha Agana of Howland, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, as a candidate for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. She is the one who paid for a billboard on Rt.680 bashing Tim Ryan. It embraces the local right-wing radio caller crackpot idea and portrays Rep. Tim Ryan as being “an obedient lapdog” for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Pres. Obama and Sen. Harry Reid. Dr. Agana must agree with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Why else would she blast Rep. Ryan for working with members of his party for the good of the American people rather than putting his party first like McConnell.

The Ohio State Medical Association Political Action Committee had supported Dr. Agana but then withdrew its endorsement because in a tweet she compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong (she has refused to apologize for the tweet and is thankful for the public attention it got). I would suspect the Ohio Medical Association Political Action Committee decided not to support her as being in the medical field they questioned her sanity.  I was way of ahead of them as I knew she was certifiable insane when I learned she was pals with Pastor Ernie Sanders, from Newberry, OH. I’ve talked about Pastor Ernie who can be heard on local 1440 AM radio on an evening show called, “What’s Right, What’s Left.” Ernie loves to go on in length about how President Obama is a communist and wants to racially cleanse black people off of the face of the earth. Ernie missed the fact that President Obama is black. Ernie is one crazy dude and I’d put Dr. Agana in the same category because Ernie is endorsing her. Ernie has also gotten his friend, Larry Nichols to be Dr. Agana’s campaign manager. Nichols has a long history as one of former President Bill Clinton’s most outspoken critics, dating back to their days in the 1980s in Arkansas when Clinton was governor. Nichols was fired as director of marketing for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority in 1988 for misconduct because he made more than 100 calls on state telephones to Contra leaders in Nicaragua. Nichols said, “There will be people who hate me with a passion because they love Clinton, but my name will open doors.” I’m not quite sure who opens doors to officials who were fired for misconduct but I suspect it would be the same people who love Jim Trafficant. I hope for my children’s future that all of these liars, buffoons, and crazies can be as Trafficant would say, “beamed up.”

Photos of Steel Mills in Youngstown, Ohio photos

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Every advance in this half-century: Social Security, civil rights, Medicare, aid to education… one after another-came with thye support and leadership of American Labor. ~ Jimmy Carter



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