Updated Old McDonald’s Farm 21st Century Style

On Tuesday evenings  the Warren Tribune’s staff has been visiting area communities for feedback. Which brings me to my nomination for the buffoon of the week. That would be a man at one of these community gatherings that asked Editor Robinson if the “Trib” would be considered a politically middle of the road newspaper. I won’t say what community this was as I don’t want the guy’s fellow citizens to track this buffoon down and embarrass his family by making him the village idiot.

I have posted the following poem before. It is a poem I wrote a few years ago and is an open-ended poem. I add more to the poem from time to time when I see more problems in our country that need included.

Old McDonald’s Farm 21st Century Style

McDonald’s is a burger chain,


And at this burger chain, they’ve sold

over 250 billion cardboard burgers here

with minimum wage workers there

and Styrofoam containers polluting everywhere.



Small farmers were replaced with corporate farms


and on these corporate farms they have

genetically altered seeds here

and steroid injected cows there

and pesticides everywhere.



Wal-Mart is your one stop super store.


and at this super store they have

low paid red vested associates here

with aisles of sweatshop products there

putting mom & pop stores out of business everywhere.



Now it’s Amazon.com, Starbucks, and Home Depot.


No more independent bookstores here

or corner coffee shops there.

Gone are neighborhood hardware stores everywhere.



Energy Companies spent $20 million buying politicians.


who will shout out,“Drill Baby Drill” here

and Youngstown has a dozen earthquakes there

while our air is polluted, water is poisoned everywhere.

Seven million gallons of water

are used to frack a single well here

Drinking water is more important than fracking water there

but the public’s thirst is overshadowed

by the oil & gas companies thirst for profits everywhere.



The GOP has declared war on our fundamental right to vote.


They win more elections when fewer people vote

so they have passed voter suppression bills,

purged voter rolls, demanded photo ID’s,

and shortened early voting time frames here.

The GOP’s bought and paid for 5-4 Supreme Court

selected the president in 2000 there.

Now the 5-4 court passed Citizens United

giving corporations the power to buy elections everywhere.



Republican governors around the country are attacking public sector unions.


They are pushing bills designed to reduce or eliminate

their state’s public employee’s rights and benefits here.

It’s the GOP’s way of assaulting the union’s money

to weaken the union’s political influence there.

If the GOP’s job hatchet man Mitt Romney is elected

the private sector jobs not yet farmed out

will be sent to Third World sweatshops everywhere.



All went according to corporate plans.

workers were brutalized and downsized here

consumers were hypnotized and dogmatized there

and the public was carbonized and homogenized everywhere.



Now monopolies own the world

and we’re fucked fucked here

and fucked fucked there

and fucked fucked everywhere.



I love singer/songwriter Frank Turner! Check out a couple of his tunes:

Frank Turner: “Love Ire & Song”

“Thatcher Fucked the Kids”

“The master says it’s a glorious thing to die for the Faith and Dad says it’s a glorious thing to die for Ireland and I wonder if there’s anyone in the world who would like us to live.” ~ Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes


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