Wall Street VS. Sesame Street

Obama Got Bin Laden; Romney Will Get Big Bird

Last Saturday Mrs. E and I took a nice fall drive around Columbiana County. We passed a development consisting of homes that were at least $700,000 or more each. Everyone had a Romney/Ryan sign in the front yard. I guess the signs come standard for wealthy neighborhoods from the Home Owners Association.

The biggest area buffoon of the week is Dan Moadus who is one of the Warren Tribune Chronicle’s Community Columnists. Moadus is a Girard resident and has served several terms as a Girard councilman. The ‘Trib” has endorsed him in the past even though they called him a loudmouth. In Dan’s recent column he said there are people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote because he feels they aren’t smart enough. Sorry Dan but citizens of the USA have a right to participate in the democratic process called, voting. I have proof that voters are way smarter than Dan gives them credit for. That is the fact that Mahoning Valley voters rejected Dan as our next congressman. He is a Teabagger who fooled no one by calling himself a Democrat and running in the primary against 17th Congressional District Congressman Tim Ryan.

If you watched the presidential debates you learned that Willard Mitt Romney wants to kill PBS’s Sesame Street and Big Bird’s “entitlements.”  This despite the fact that Sesame Street is an American institution that has won 8 Grammy Awards and 143 Emmy Awards which is way more than any other children’s show. A 1996 survey found that 95% of all American preschoolers had watched the show by their third birthday. Known as “edu-tainment,” Sesame Street was and is important to millions of children, all over the world who have learned how to count from the Count. The program is known for its educational content, and communicates through the use of puppets, short films, animation and humor. The show has many characters that are from black, Hispanic and other cultures in an effort to teach children about respect, tolerance and it also celebrates diversity. It illustrates how many different types of people make up a community. Those kinds of lessons are things that Republicans hate and it drives them crazy so Sesame Street must be destroyed. They have tried to kill them in the past as in 1970, when a state commission in Mississippi banned Sesame Street because of its “highly integrated cast of children” which “the commission members felt … Mississippi was not yet ready for.” Then in 1981, the Reagan Administration withdrew its funding and the Children’s TV Network and Sesame Street turned to, and expanded, other revenue sources, including its magazine, books, product licensing, and foreign broadcast income.

Romney thinks PBS and Sesame Street are on the public dole so they have to be sacrificed. That way he can afford $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn’t asked for. You can’t get blood out of a stone as PBS is only 0.01 percent of the federal budget. PBS has a $475 million dollar budget and only 15% comes from Congress. Romney said: “The place you put your money is a pretty good indication of where your heart is.” Willard puts his money in his off-shore accounts, which shows us where his heart is beating. He wants us to put our hard-earned tax dollars into more corporate welfare for his Wall Street friends and funds for the military-industrial complex.

Willard Mitt Romney also criticized President Obama for not drilling for more oil and gas on government land. Willard Mitt is the kind of unscrupulous businessman who would pimp out his great-grandmother for a buck. Actually, Romney’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, was a polygamist who had four wives at once. That means Willard could have actually used his business skills and done some big time “pimpin” with his own stable. If Willard would have pimped out his four great-grandmothers you can bet he’d pimp out all of our federal and state parks to gas and oil interests. We’ve all seen those oil spills where the ducks are covered in oil. Well, at least Big Bird has long legs so the oil would have to get pretty high to drown him. I’m sure come the Vice Presidential Debate Paul Ryan will be calling Oscar the Grouch a lazy third generational welfare deadbeat. He will point out like all GOP politicians that the poor in our country are better off than the poor in Third World nations. Why in Haiti a family of six live in a garbage can the size of Oscars. I’m sure that will make the homeless I see living under bridges in Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown and elsewhere feel a little warmer sleeping in the cold this January. Also, Republican politicians should note that the signs these homeless hold up say things like, “Veteran hungry and will work for food.” You GOP lawmakers seem to think those signs say, “Ban flag burning,” “Protect my Second Amendment rights” or “Stop gay marriage.”

While the GOP hates children’s programs with fictional characters like Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert and Ernie they keep trying to sell us their fictional programs. Programs that are reruns that never work like; trickledown economics, lowering taxes to raise revenue, lower taxes for the rich no matter what the costs to the country, deregulation for corporations at the expense of people’s health, cuts to the federal student loan program, bad trade policies, globalization, outsourcing and fighting against alternative energy. The GOP has a great sense of humor as they don’t support global warming, don’t believe in evolution, don’t believe there is racism, believe the Earth is only 5,000 years old and that rape can’t cause pregnancy.

Republicans like Mitt want us to believe we should fear Cookie Monster when the monster we should really fear is…….the GOP.

P.S. Conservatives feel Romney won the debate before it even began. That is because Romney had on a bigger flag lapel pin (I’m not kidding check the sizes out here) than President Obama. The GOP loves symbols like flags and crosses. That is because it is all about the flash without any of the actual commitment.

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Dear Mitt Romney,

Today Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters F & U! ~ Big Bird


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