Local, State and National Buffoons of the Week


Kids take a good look at the man in this photo. If you are out trick or treating beware of this man. He will steal your candy and later pass it out to other kids when the media is around for a photo-op. Maybe you missed Willard Mitt Romney’s phony relief effort for Hurricane Sandy victims. For his phony efforts at help Willard wins national buffoon of the week.

Romney’s ads have been touting that the Detroit News endorsed him. If you are like me you thought, Romney would have let GM and Chrysler die so why would a “Motor City” newspaper endorse him. Doing some research I find, the Detroit News is a conservative newspaper that has never endorsed a Democrat for president. What Romney’s ad didn’t tell you was that The Detroit Free Press is the largest daily newspaper in Detroit.  His ads also didn’t tell you that The Free Press enthusiastically endorsed President Barack Obama for four more years as president. They stated, “Obama’s first term proved he can deliver at home under the worst imaginable circumstances, battling multiple crises that individually would have sunk lesser presidents; abroad, Obama has restored American credibility and influence that was frittered away by former President George W. Bush. With a refocus on job creation and long-term sustainability, his second four years could impress even more.” The Detroit Free Press said this about Romney, “As a candidate, Romney has been a shape-shifter, his message twisting and reconfiguring itself to fit the needs of the moment. And his economic plans are a rehash of those responsible for the fiscal crisis that greeted Obama in 2009.”

Local buffoons of the week are the area doctors who signed a full-page letter published in, The Warren Tribune Chronicle attacking the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The act is better known as, Obamacare which is based on the insurance coverage that Romney required people in Massachusetts to purchase. As I understand Massachusetts still has doctors. These doctors in our area don’t seem to care that Obamacare will help insure 30 million fellow Americans that have no health care. Doctors like this crew fought to get tort reform (limits to the amounts a patient could sue a doctor) in places like Ohio and Texas. It was about protecting the doctors not the patients. Doctors claimed they then would not have to have so many tests etc. for patients. The doctors said many of these tests were unnecessary and only done so that doctors could protect themselves from lawsuits. With tort reform the tests could be eliminated and bring down the cost of health care. Studies now show that tort reform has not lowered health care costs. 

The Hippocratic Oat is an oath historically taken by physicians and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically and honestly. Part of the oath says this, “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.” Another part states, ” In every house where I come I will enter only for the good of my patients.” Sorry docs but denying heath care for 30 million people would sure seem to violate the Hippocratic Oath. The irony is that one week before this letter was in the Warren Tribune the same newspaper did a couple of page spread on the ultra luxurious expensive home of the doctor’s home who authored the full-page article. The Trib talked about how this doctor throws an exclusive party every year to raise money for needy elderly that can’t afford to buy prescription medication. I saw a comment on Trib.com that said, “The doctor is not so giving when it comes to his own employees. He provides minimal health care benefits to them and refuses to provide benefits for their spouses and families. He would much rather line his own pockets than offer them quality insurance.” I’d say all the doctors on the list are more concerned about their wallets then they are about 30 million uninsured.

This week’s award for the buffoon of Ohio is the Marietta, Ohio priest who invited angry teabaggers to protest the Nuns on the Bus. The nuns have been touring around visiting local social service agencies and speaking out about how draconian federal budget cuts (like the Paul Ryan budget) could endanger the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. When the nuns got to Marietta they were jeered by the priest and teabaggers. The protestors called the nuns “fake nuns” and waved signs labeling their tour the “highway to hell” and “bums on the bus.” The teabaggers called the nuns anti-life and the priest distributed literature accusing the sisters of “espousing radical ideology.” One of the nuns on the bus, Sister Monica McGloin told the protesters that “we are 100 percent pro-life.” The nuns have been stating all along, “We do not see focusing on one issue, one point of life, as a way that we should proceed. And that pro-life for us means that we do concern ourselves with living wage, just wage, access to healthcare, education, food, housing, care for our seniors, Medicare and other kinds of healthcare programs that are supportive. Providing daycare for children so their parents can work…So we know from talking with people that what the people want is to continue to support the services that are helping us remain healthy, wholesome communities. So that’s what pro-life is.”

To priests still living in the 14th century and flat Earth teabaggers who worship Rush Limbaugh and their god Ronald Reagan the nuns  pro-life stand is radical ideology. Most conservatives are for the death penalty yet still call themselves pro-life. We can debate when life begins but there is no debate that inmates on death row are alive. Conservatives are all about saving fetuses and then they vote to get rid of all the current support programs that are required for these same new-born babies to survive. They don’t even care that a woman who had a baby from incest or rape will have to pay for the medical costs and expenses of raising that child. From now on let’s call these conservatives what they really are. They are not pro-life they are just pro-fetus.

In a few days the GOP is hoping they win the White House, and both other houses. Then we can go back to the days of robber barons when wealth was the only God-given virtue. Let’s hurricane Romney/Ryan and the rest of the GOP out of our state and federal houses on Tuesday! Get out and vote!

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We do not exist for ourselves…” ~ Thomas Merton



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2 responses to “Local, State and National Buffoons of the Week

  1. Ed von Richthoven

    Tort reform will lower healthcare costs. Most doctors are sued at least once or twice in their professional lives and have legal fees, which they make up by setting higher practice fees. That’s the American way to run a business. Lawyers contributed to the transition of medicine from noble profession to mere business…I know, I’m a doc. Secondly, the ACA is going to be devastating to patient care…with rationing and destruction of the doctor-patient relationship. Estimates are that 25% of all docs will retire by late 2014 when the ACA is fully implemented for seniors, etc.,with the advent of exchanges, etc. Please READ the 2000+ page law before writing about it. Someone might make the mistake of thinking you know what you are talking about. And by the way…your list of notable gays is a bit ridiculous…have any Muslims threatened to behead you for calling Saladin gay?? Be careful if you travel to the Middle East.

  2. Elecpencil

    Tort reform has NOT lowered healthcare costs.. A study published in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies examined the effects of the tort reform law in Texas, one of only two states where detailed data on malpractice claims is publicly available. “We find no evidence that Texas’s 2003 tort reforms reduced health-care spending or spending trends,” the study says. It adds, “it is time for policymakers to abandon the hope that tort reform can be a major element in health-care cost control.” Tort reform doesn’t benefit the general public and strips Americans of their rights. The tort reform laws are pushed by well-funded, anti-consumer groups with friendly-sounding names like “ALEC” and the “U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” The protect incompetent doctors from liability and promote propaganda about a non-existent “lawsuit explosion.” The result is that badly injured consumers pick up the high cost of medical mistakes in the name of cheaper malpractice insurance for doctors — who make the mistakes. If the greed of 25% of doctors overshadows their wanting to care for people I say they are doctors who aren’t worth having. In Canada 85.2% of Canadians reported that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the way health care services are provided in their country and an even higher number (89.8%) were satisfied with their physician. More than half of Americans believe the quality of U.S. healthcare is average at best. Fifty-fifty percent gave healthcare quality a C or D grade on a typical report card scale, and 11 percent said the system completely flunks out, according to a survey from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This is the system you want to keep? I suggest it is you who doesn’t know what he is talking about. I see you are also a bigot against Muslims. You’re one peach of a compassionate doctor.

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