CEO: Cannibalistic Evil Oppressor

I think that Ron Verb and Mike Romigh over at WKBN talk radio are the best local talk show hosts. Most of talk radio callers are conservatives and these two hosts do a good job at taking on crazy and hate filled comments. Mike had a caller that is my local buffoon of the week pick. The caller said he works in the energy field and hinted it was in the fracking field. He said that the energy companies were going to be going great guns and hiring thousands but now they were going to shut down production instead because President Obama was elected. Romigh countered saying that the energy companies want to make a profit and if that means expanding and hiring they will do that. He said they are all about the profit and one man even a president doesn’t matter in the least to them about making money. I have been worried about the damage this fracking where they put over 600 chemicals into the ground (with 30 of them being  chemicals that are carcinogenic) to cause an explosion is doing to the planet our children will inherit. When I hear that a buffoon like this caller is someone who works in the fracking business I fear for all our lives.

More than anything else I can write about I want to alert you to some businesses that need to be boycotted (they are my pick for country-wide buffoons). They are all successful businesses that are complaining about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  They claim they will lose money because of Obamacare. Instead of their CEO’s making a dime less in their multi-million dollar plus salaries they are going after their workers. John Schnatter CEO of Papa John’s is passing the costs of health care reform to his workers as he will be reducing their hours. He is reducing their hours, since Obamacare mandates that a business of 5o employees or more that work more than 30 hours per week are covered under their employers health insurance with basic health benefits.

John claims that the Affordable Care Act will cost him 11-14 cents a pizza. CNN’s Tom Foreman fact-checked the Papa John’s claim that Obamacare will cost 11-14 cents per pizza and says it’s a false claim. Papa John had a fundraiser for Willard Mitt Romney at John’s 40,000 sq. ft. home on his 16 acre estate. The house resembles a castle and has a 22-car underground garage, complete with an office for valet parking, a car wash and even a motorized turn table to move limousines. John is listed on the Forbes list as one of the wealthiest (under 40 years old) with a net worth of $240 million.

Zane Tankel, the CEO of Applebee’s New York Franchise, Apple-Metro has said he won’t hire any new workers because of Obamacare. A Georgia business owner laid off employees because of Obamacare and says he laid off those he thought had voted for President Obama. Darden restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie V’s and Yard House has already started reducing employees hours in anticipation of Obamacare. They are the world’s largest full-service restaurant company. Through subsidiaries, they own and operate more than 2,000 restaurants and employ 185,000 workers. A labor activist group is suing Darden Restaurants for paying its workers what it called a “tip credit wage,” a wage reaching as low as a meager $2.13 per hour.

These franchised restaurants with over 50 employees are putting their profits over their employee’s well-being. How many more garages and cars does Papa John need? If these CEO’s actually looked into  Obamacare before they panicked they’d find many ways in the plan that business and large corporations can easily offset any increased costs. The above companies really want it all, corporate welfare, no corporate taxes, low wages and no benefits to employees. It’s all what I call reversal Bible lessons, ones like taking care of the greedy and not the needy.

I already have a long list of companies I boycott and I’ll just add these ones to it. The truth of the matter is Papa John’s pizza tastes like burnt cardboard. Every town has an independent pizza shop with better pizza than John’s corporate pies. If your town doesn’t have a local mom and pop Italian restaurant with better pasta than the slop at Olive Garden you need to move. I hate Applebee’s and the list of boring restaurants that Dresden owns. That is because they are restaurants with manufactured atmosphere pretending they are a neighborhood gathering places which gives me the creeps. Independent owned businesses are what give character to a neighborhood and make it a community. I hate the fact that so many of these franchise places take business away from good mom and pop neighborhood stores. If Satan came back he’d own a restaurant franchise.

Papa John’s 40,000 sq. ft.  house.

A salute to our veterans on Veteran’s Day: “When You Come Home”

“Bricks could take the place of corporate CEOs. They have about the same level of thinking, but bricks are far more ethical than most CEOs.” ~ Amy Riekhof



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2 responses to “CEO: Cannibalistic Evil Oppressor

  1. rick trusick

    log onto revolution radio freedomslips Sat 4-6 PM. Taking back the rustbelt one radio station at a time.

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks Rick I’ll have to check that out!

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