Necrophilia Capitalism

My buffoon of the week is economist, and syndicated conservative columnist Walter Edward Williams. Williams’ weekly column is syndicated in 140 U.S. newspapers. His column can be seen locally in the Warren Tribune Chronicle. Williams recently wrote a column criticizing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Gov. Christie had said, he would respond to complaints from victims of Hurricane Sandy about alleged price gouging by New Jersey merchants. He threatened to prosecute sellers for raising prices. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is also doing an investigation into post-storm price increases having received consumer complaints about higher prices for everything from gasoline to hotel rooms.

Williams says Christie and Schneiderman “are playing politics with people’s suffering, emotionalism and economic ignorance.” He says these public officials should have consulted economists like him to inform them. Walter says it’s good for a motel owner to charge $250 for a motel room that is usually $125. Maybe, even though the motel’s owner’s intentions were to make more money a family will crowd into one room instead of possibly taking two. It’s like trying to say some unintended side effect of greed might actually be good. It really is sick how people can justify evil. It’s like how some people justify horrors like torture and call the killing of innocent civilians “collateral damage” during wartime. Walter also talks about Peter Morici a former chief economist at the U.S. International Trade Commission. Moriicia has been popping up on FOX NEWS saying that Hurricane Sandy will be an economic boom for the construction sector.

An estimate of the economic losses imposed by Sandy is about $35 to 45 billion. Add in that victims of Sandy have lost family mementos, heirlooms and photos that are irreplaceable. Victims are facing poverty or at least temporary poverty. Now they are also the victims of greedy motel owners and other retailers. These business owners suffer the poverty of morality that is at the heart (or heartless I should say) of capitalist ideas like supply and demand. The temporary poor are finding what the poor already knew. That is that you don’t have a way of defending yourself from the wealthy and greedy let alone a way of fighting back. People like these hotel owners think it is alright to take advantage of someone who is down and out. They also know they can get away with it because it’s just part of capitalism. It is capitalism but in the case of disasters and war it’s a whole new ballgame of capitalism called, “Disaster Capitalism” by author, Naomi Klein. The death toll of Hurricane Sandy is now at more than 110. Williams and Morici would probably say that will be of great benefit to funeral homes, casket sellers, flower shops, sellers of headstones, gravediggers and cemeteries. I actually think the type of greedy capitalism Williams and Morici promote should be called “Necrophilia Capitalism.”

Williams is a follower of Ayn Rand and said her book, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal is “one of the best defenses and explanations of capitalism one is likely to read.” Rand believed in unbridled capitalism and rejected ethical altruism. Rand hated government but in typical conservative hypocrisy received Social Security and Medicare. Williams once said, “Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow-man.” I guess Walter thinks the motel owner is still serving his fellow-man by providing a room no matter how much he gouges someone already down on their luck. Since rooms were hard to come by I guess Walter would have told that stable owner to gouge Mary and Joseph for their stay.

Williams is opposed to the minimum wage and Affirmative Action. He is also a proponent of power being in the hands of the states, with limited power being held by the Federal government. He has also stated it is the right of U.S. states to secede from the union if they so wish, as several states did during the Civil War. He is an African-American who is opposed to Affirmative Action (even though he received some) and supported the secession of the Confederacy during the Civil War. Conservative media and right-wing organizations practice their own Affirmative Action and look for minorities who will trash their own race and support the angry-white man’s conservative viewpoint. Minorities like Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, etc. know this and comply because they know it leads to a great paying career.

I mentioned Walter Williams believing in a states right to secede because of something that is currently happening. President Obama has won re-election and it has driven some people crazy. Petitions signed by residents of up to 36 states have asked to secede from the USA. Most are red states with Texas having the most signers. Though residents of the red states complain the most about government spending they collect the most in government spending. Republican states, on average, received $1.46 in federal spending for every tax dollar paid; Democratic states, on average, received $1.16. Most of the states with the highest number of petition signers were the Confederate States during the Civil War.  Over 150 years ago the Emancipation Act freed black slaves in the USA. Now we finally had a black president and he was re-elected. This 150 years is now considered way too fast for progress to be moving by our southern states. I say we give all the signers Texas to live in. I have been to Texas and other than Austin there are no intelligent life forms in the state. So sending all the buffoon signers to Texas won’t alter the states’ makeup. Let the petition signers pack their stars and bars flags and other redneck Dixie fixins and head off into the yonder to Texas. Far as I’m concerned the whole South can leave the union and I say, “Don’t let the Mason Dixon line hit you in the ass on the way out.”

Lets get a little more compassionate folks. After all aren’t we all blood brothers.

Ingrid Michaelson: Blood Brothers

We need to love: “Everybody”

If we are not careful, capitalism will self-destruct. We will destroy it as the companies have no conscience and do not really compete. They are so big they can’t go broke, so they simply acquire everything. ~ Dick Smith


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