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“Whatever you’ve been thinking about go ahead and do it! You don’t have to have all of the information and resources you need to get started. A singular intention is enough.” That was the horoscope for me from Friday’s newspaper. I’m not a big believer in horoscopes but I glance at them like a lot of people in their newspaper. I found this horoscope odd because it was like one I had when I was thinking about starting this blog back in 2008.  I had more than a singular intention when I started writing this blog. I wanted to promoted the Mahoning Valley community, talk about issues (local, national and world), and convince others to write a blog. I still lack more computer and writing skills then I know. I was very up front about that and encourage others that if I could do a blog so could they. I’m better looking and funnier than you but I’m no smarter than you are. I think everyone has something to say and I wanted to help make people’s voices heard.

  If you had a couple of years of language in school how much of it do you remember? If you are like me you can probably count to ten in German and not much more. In German when using “the” you need to know that there are three different words for the. If used to address something that is masculine you use der, something feminine is die, and neuter is das. You need to know that a table is masculine and a chair is feminine etc. to know whether to use der or die. Which the to use is stupid as who cares what gender an object is and it all seems sexist anyway. So as we have forgotten our foreign language I have also forgotten grammar, sentence structure, spelling etc. Truth is nothing bored me in school more than diagramming sentences. I did not take typing in school and really regret that as I hunt and peck. I did not take speech in school and regret that as I’d probably be better at poetry readings. I tend to write as if I’m talking which ignores commas and lots of writing rules. Rules are meant to be broken.

  I had a site tell me they liked my post from last week and were putting it on their site. I noticed a commenter that said, “Excellent but no proofread.” I kind of felt hurt as over the last four years everyone has been very forgiving about my lack of computer and grammar skills. The WordPress check that I use on my blog only picks up spelling mistakes. They are also obsessed about hyphenating words. I cut and paste my post on Microsoft Office Word and they only find spelling errors and spacing problems. So I Googled to see what free proofreading services are available. I cut and pasted my last post on one to see what problems they found. They were only good at telling me about passive and active sentence mistakes. As I said I write like I talk and I really don’t give a crap about active and passive within a sentence. The next site I tried only pointed out that I used a couple of clichés. When I use a cliché it’s because I still feel it has meaning and effect. I can’t seem to find a good proofreading site that will do the job. Since I can’t find such a site I’m going to say that if someone has a problem with my proofreading then it’s their problem and not mine. I did see an article saying that a reader can pick up three times more grammar errors in an article than the writer.

  If you feel like it make a drinking game out of how many errors you can find in each of my posts. I’m betting you end up with a bad hangover as I’m done caring about mistakes. It takes me many hours to write each weekly post. I am never satisfied with my finished content let alone worry about grammar mistakes. If I spend more time looking for those errors Mrs. E. will feel like more of a widow then she already does when she sees me sit down to write a weekly post. Once again I urge you to consider blogging. It’s time for you to be heard so write on. ~ The Elecpencil

Buffoon of the week is Utah teacher Carolyn Cain who is going to carry a gun to school and thinks her students parents don’t need to know that. Here she is on The Ed Show.

“John Stewart and The Daily Show” do an excellent piece taking on those scapegoating the problems with guns.

Midge Ure: “Dear God”

“Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” -Claude M. Bristol



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2 responses to “Blog On

  1. Sue

    No need to change!

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Sue! Truth is I’m too old to change. Ooooops I used another cliché.

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