We Need to Dump the Dumpers.

  “Personally my wife is from Youngstown, this is one of the reasons I volunteered to relocate here. You see, I am what the industry calls a facilitator, a motivator, one who mobilizes and reaches the goal rapidly if required. I also am …..a hatchet man, if I see a fake, I call him out. An eliminator, if one is not producing….elimination. A resolution man, a strategist. Bottom line I was sent up here to make things happen for the betterment of community.” “We exist because you need us, want us, you are the reason we are here in the matrix.” “Man, no wonder why Youngstown is the poorest in the nation, there are no smart people left. Don’t worry, us energy people will get you straight, we love the place.” “My YSU coworker engineers warned me about the remnants up here, they even renounce your type.” “You are lucky we in industry kept innovative and perfected horizontal drilling to enable us to come up here and produce what you and your ilk aren’t educated to do.” “BP, Consol, CHK, CNOOC , Hess, Shell, this is only the beginning of free enterprise coming in to move the entitled out of this energy rich land. You entitled ones neglected your land for all these decades. Now Big Oil is taking over.” “Let me assist, since they banished me from Texas to assimilate into the entitled society of Youngstown.” “What the hell do you people make, ……….more entitled babies? You certainly produce very little and take so much.” “O Youngstown, bring me your food card, free housing, heat, phone, elect, clothed entitled masses, I have an oil pipeline ditch for them.” “I’m beginning to learn why Youngstown today is the armpit of Ohio.”

  “Youngstown” an example of what happens when free enterprise no longer is understood. An example of the rise of the entitled takers, and their forty-year reign.” “And yet here is Youngstown, stronghold for the recipient class. Their leaders are so unqualified the only energy company leasing in this urban S%$&hole withdrew from leasing despite Youngstown being encircled by the Global energy companies. The oil company got tired of trying to teach this Third World City how all their non taxpaying land is now valuable.” “The energy companies are moving in to produce for a population that take. Either the takers produce or the energy companies will ….with the abandoned lands of Youngstown, which includes most of the City lands and parks. So the City says “here is some land you can give us money on but the park down the road is off-limits. Let me help the City since the brains drained a long time ago. It doesn’t work that way. The energy companies need all the lands in Mahoning County because it sits on the wet gas zone. You can’t pick and choose.”

  “On Jay Williams: When the true Americans, the silent majority produce a landslide this election, my only fear is this unqualified bureaucrat would reappear in Youngstown. But…..the free enterprise oil companies should just about be in place then and would shut the gate on this entitled politician.” “Who says I’m going back to Texas Son? And give up this wide expanse to exploit, are you kidding? You’re right, it is the year for the return of the carpetbaggers.” “Investing into Youngstown has always been a liability” “Great to see investors put their money where their mouth is………..unlike the preachers here who talk with no action of their own.” “Read all my post and see how the problem is with the inept unqualified leaders of Youngstown. No educated oil and gas concern wants to even sit in the same room with these uneducated recipients.”

  “Down south, the businessmen stand up and kick politicians butts when they suck on the hind tit of the government.” “Whew! you locals need to throw all these bums out of leadership and get you some business people here to run and lead you.” “In Texas, we always had the business people watching that the politicians didn’t get out of hand.” “….. your politician Hagan……man why do you guys allow someone like this guy to lead you? Can’t you do better than this guy……..for heavens sake he is a train engineer for God’s sake. You have to be smart enough to see that things are really gonna be different up here now that all these Global companies bought all your mineral rights? These boys don’t play, look at Dallas oil money has millions of us working, no more room for the lazy leaders and followers.” “The Valley’s true majority conservative democrats are on the rise and will no longer back the smaller liberal bent in their party. With the rapid growth of the new industrial base stimulated by the vast amount of energy in Ohio’s Utica, the industrial roots of the conservative democrats will vote for the businessman. The republicans and the conservative democrats in the Valley know now is the time to oust the liberal experiment for the past four years, they will close ranks.”

  “All the past steelworkers and their offsprings need to rise and replace any leader that is inept in understanding the valley’s position in the global economy.” “Teachers, nurses, policemen and fireman feel entitled. Many in my family are teachers and nurses, but I will with sadness in my heart say that they have become the problem inadvertently. You see the global economy has produced these same professionals in other countries and they are willing to out compete these same professionals for their jobs and this is what WE and America has exported to the world, free enterprise. ” “I think you need to revisit Rand again or live for a while in a third world country Rand clearly made no attack on the truly weak but the takers and subsidized able-bodied whom you call weak. Yes Rand predicted in a way what has become of urban society in America and industry flight decades ago. Rather than debating theory, I know the right course for this debate is to reference the Valley’s society today and it will mirror Rand’s philosophy.” “….we maybe able to assist you and educate you. You see we are all about community and WE DO IT, the right way.”

  “The fool fractivist are little fleas in the perspective of things.” “YSU needs to retire Biersdorfer and her hippie husband too. They both are an embarrassment to the University.” “Hey Frackerface, you do not want to debate me on Nuclear science my friend, 25 years ago I held a top-secret and secret clearance in the defense industry.” “love it! as the protestors shrink in numbers, more rigs keep lining up in Mahoning Valley. Check out the huge rig in Poland’s landfill, at night it looks like a steel mill and notice all the permits on the PA line.” “Leave it to the braindrained City of Youngstown protestors to protest a God send to their wasteland of a City.” “And our unqualified leaders of Youngstown sit and do nothing as the water runs under the bridge.” “Now it is Youngstown’s turn, the center of the Wet Gas and Oil play. Y all won’t notice the progress in the next few years as it hits your decaying town like Gen. Lee slammed into Grant.”

  The above are some of 394 comments made at Vindy.com by someone with the tag UticaShale. As you can plainly see why he earns my major ahole of the year award. The “water under the bridge” that Youngstown leaders are now dealing with is the Mahoning River that just had 40,000 gallons of Heaven knows what toxins dumped in it. Ben W. Lupo, a partner in several companies that share an address at Salt Springs Road, directed employees there to dump wastewater down a storm drain. A year ago an injection well operated by Lupo’s D&L Enery company, was linked to a series of earthquakes in the area. That well, and four more in a seven-mile radius, are under indefinite suspension. Here is what UticaShale posted on Vindy.com as a comment about Lupo’s dumping: “After all this whining from non producers we find out it may be less than a car wash would drain down the sewer.” What is 40,000 gallons of toxins to Mr.UticaShale as he will be off to poison another U.S. community.

  My hero of the week is the whistleblower who blew the lid off the illegal dumping. A couple more heroes are Ohio state Rep. Bob Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th and  Sen. Joe Schiavoni of Boardman, D-33rd who pushed the issue to get  answers from the state. “This is one of the issues I fought on when Senate Bill 315 was being drafted because of this misinformation, this lack of ideas on the chemical content,” Rep. Hagan said. He added, “We have to stop letting this industry run roughshod just for the sake of jobs and economic development. First it was earthquakes, and now it’s dumping waste into the Mahoning River. What’s next?” Well, according to UticaShale they are going to turn us into their bitch and make us one big Texas. The waste we need to dump is trash talking UticaShale and his corporate polluters. We also need to imprison Lupo for decades to set an example.

  We’ve got some local “fractivists” that UticaShale hates because they won’t let him and his gas & oil corporate masters have their way with our community. These local fractivist and Occupy members rate as heroes because they want to protect and better our community. They aren’t spectators who sit on the bench they are instead long distance runners in the race to save the human race and our planet. I’d love to name each one of them but fear misspelling names or leaving someone out. You know who you are and I love and respect you all!

  The people in this valley welcome business and jobs. We will not buy a pig in a poke no matter how much lipstick the Regional Chamber corporate lap-dogs put on the pig. UticaShale I know you Texans love revisionist history but Grant kicked Lee’s ass and Lee surrendered at Gettysburg. This past steelworker is going to rise up and stick his size 12 EEEE boot up your dumb ass. I have Ohio work boots not those Texas “Sidewalk Cowboy” boots where the horse shit is on the inside. If you really did work for the Defense Department I am shocked that our nation is not speaking Chinese now. Mr UticaShale it is time for you to pack up your Marlboros, ten gallon hat and big belt buckles and get Texas bound. Go back and help Texas secede and remember if at first you don’t secede “try and try again.”

  I want to thank James J. Sobien II, another community hero from Austintown, Ohio. Mr. Sobien protested by himself against a greedy school board that wants to hire scabs. Read about this lone warrior here.

A Well Water Drillers Perspective on Fracking

Frackfree America National Coalition (based in Youngstown, Ohio)

Local Band: The House Band

“If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell” ~ Phillip Henry Sheridan


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2 responses to “We Need to Dump the Dumpers.

  1. Mark Tower

    Wow. Talk about a condescending blow-hard b@stard. Clearly someone who holds Y-town in such disregard would never, ever instruct his employees to dump toxic water in the Mahoning River. Oh no. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. And then make him clean up this mess on his own bootstraps like the “real man” that he acts like he is. Stupid Texans.

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Mark! Isn’t it odd UnticaShalle says we neglected our land? To him that means we didn’t pump toxic chemicals under our feet. It’s a lot like people joked saying about Iraq, “We had to invade your country as you had our oil underground.” I guess us Y-towners are savages like the Native Americans because they didn’t want to chop down all the trees and slaughter all the wildlife.

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