A Look at a Week in the Media

  I want to nominate a caller to 1100 AM WTAM talk radio in Cleveland as my so steeped in your conservative rhetoric that you are blind, deaf and dumb to reality award.  The caller called today to the Bob Frantz Show. The topic was the rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio. The caller asked, “Why didn’t the liberals come out to support this woman who was supposedly raped?” He went into further detail about how liberals don’t care about women or victims. If like me the caller watched the TV news or read newspapers he’d of seen liberal folks like women’s organizations and Occupy members holding signs supporting the rape victim in Steubenville. Had he ever turned off FOX NEWS and put on any news show on ABC, NBC, ABC, CNN,  MSNBC or Pierce Morgan’s show he’d of seen liberals being interviewed supporting the rape victim. The caller could have spent one minute on the internet to get photos from newspapers of liberal Occupy members wearing Guy Fawkes masks (I hate these masks as the real Guy was a religious zealot terrorist). Instead the caller spent over an hour on hold to talk to Frantz to express his ignorance. You’d have thought someone in the media like radio host Bob Frantz should have known liberal groups came to Steubenville to seek justice for the rape victim. Then again if you’ve ever heard Bob you’d know what a truly uninformed dumb ass he is. The real irony is that the caller made no mention of all the conservative callers that were phoning in to defend the two convicted of rape and call the girl who was a rape victim a drunken slut.

   Earlier in the week I listen to a much funnier and more informed talk radio host at WTAM. That would be Mike Trivisonno who goes by, “Triv.” Callers to Triv’s show wanted to bash the teachers in Strongsville, Ohio for going on strike. The teachers went on strike after working for two years without a contract and taking a wage freeze. Most of the issues the teachers want addressed do not involve money. The school board has been refusing to meet with the teachers. The board has cried poor yet had lots of money to call in union busting firm Huffmaster. Scab teachers and jackbooted thugs in uniform were provided by Huffmaster. Did anyone wonder that if these scabs are such good teachers why don’t they have teaching jobs? Triv did something I hear very few talk radio hosts ever do. He said he really didn’t have enough information to support the teachers or the school board. Lack of information didn’t stop his callers from phoning to spread rumors, insinuations, assumptions, lies, rhetoric and hypothetical what ifs. These things are actually at the heart of what talk radio is about as facts would just get in the way.

  One caller told Triv “I live in Strongsville and vote against the school levies as I already pay enough taxes.” Triv asked, “What do you pay a year?” The caller said “a lot.” Triv asked, “What actual amount?” The caller replied, “I don’t know as I don’t see the bill because my wife takes care of that.” Triv said, “Let me do the math for you, what is your house worth?” The caller answered, “I don’t know.” Another caller said, “Teachers are overpaid.” Triv asked what the teachers in Strongsville were paid. No callers knew the actual figure but all were willing to guess it was a huge amount. Callers complained that teachers had the whole summer off and were paid for it. Triv explained that the school system takes money out of teachers pay during the school year and then pays that amount to the teachers over the summer. Callers were just too dumb to understand that teachers are just getting their already earned money back for the summer. The truth is that benefits taxpayers as the school system is earning interest on the teachers money being held not the teachers.

  People were mostly just complaining about teachers having a union. They claimed the union protects bad teachers. The fact is Bob Frantz use to be a teacher and is now a talk show host. By that I mean it looks to me like bad teachers don’t stay. Do conservatives think school boards are so dumb they hire bad teachers? Conservatives complain about teachers getting tenure after a few years. Do they believe school officials go a few years without noticing someone is a bad teacher? If the answer to those questions is yes the real problem is not the bad teacher but the bad administration that does the hiring and supervision of that bad teacher. I’ve been in several unions and never saw a bad worker be protected by the union. The truth is all the bad workers I saw were always promoted to management.

   Triv I’m sure was pushed to the limited by callers B.S. about the strike. He finally said, “Listen at one time I was in a union. At another job after that I didn’t like unions. Now after working for many people I’ve come to realize employers want you to work for nothing. They want to squeeze you for every dime so I think that if you don’t have a union where you work to represent your interests you are nuts.”  For this statement and the fact Triv didn’t want to take sides until he had more facts I want to give him my hero of the week award. Triv is right that workers need unions Have you ever heard an employee say, “I don’t need a union because my boss has my best interest at heart?” As I said last post you have conservatives like FOX NEW’s John Stossel that thinks Americans should work for nickels and dimes to compete with Hong Kong.

  My area buffoon of the week is multiple time winner Frank Robinson the editor for the Warren Tribune Chronicle. Frank wins because of his idiotic comments on the Strongsville teacher strike. Frank claims that strike has now made some Ohio voters wonder why they rejected SB5. If you remember SB5 would have taken away rights of Ohio’s state’s public workers, to strike and collectively bargain for wages, health insurance and pensions. When SB5 was up for vote it was defeated by 65% of Ohio’s voters. Editor Frank would have you believe that many of those in the 65% would change their minds because 380 teachers went on strike after working for two years without a contact. Frank mentioned that one of the students claimed teachers were worried about themselves not the students. Frank might be in the media like Triv but unlike Triv Frank will always take the corporate before worker side. That means he will not mention the students who spoke up for and marched with the teachers on the picket line. Editor Frank of course mentioned that scabs were being harassed but made no mention of the striking teachers harassed by Huffmaster thugs and student’s parents. Editor Robinson bought the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie under GW Bush. The editor had no problem with sending our sons and daughter to die for the lie of WND’s. Yet Frank thinks we should not join unions and fight to make our jobs better. The Elecpencil would rather fight for my rights on the job to better my family than to send my kids to die for a lie.

  I turned on the CSPAN channel yesterday to watch some of the CPAC meeting.  CPAC stands for the Conservative Political Action Conference. It is where cavewomen and cavemen gather to long for the good old dinosaur days. I heard Phyllis Shafly the head of the Eagle Forum speak. She is proud to be against the Equal Rights Act and against the Violence Against Women’s Act. Phyllis thinks it is OK to treat women as second class people and that the man is boss in the family so it is OK to slap a woman around. When I saw her speak my first thought was is that woman still alive. I thank God her anti-woman ideas are for the most part dead. Phyllis hates women so much I have long believed she is a female impersonator. She also hates gays even though she has a gay son. She thinks she is a great Christian role model and once told an audience “”the atomic bomb is a great gift given to our country by a wise God?” I’ve heard Jesus called the Prince of Peace but never the smart giver of the Patriot Missile. I give Phyllis the bimbo award and it was hard-fought as Sarah Palin also attended CPAC.

  Former Democrat Rep. Arthur Davis of Alabama spoke at CPAC. He was one of the national co-chairs for President Obama’s 2008 campaign. Davis is an African-American who became a Republican and is now finding it more lucrative to bash President Obama. I wonder if any of the African-Americans in attendance were bothered by the fact that CPAC attendees in a straw poll elected Rep. Rand Paul to be their next GOP presidential candidate? Rand like his father Rep. Ron Paul have said they would have voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Check this out: CPAC Tea Party event on racial tolerance turns to chaos as “Disenfranchised” whites arrive.

  In the end CPAC conservatives say they want more opportunities for minorities. Sadly the opportunities they will give minorities are: the opportunity to be asked for your papers, the opportunity to be racially profiled, the opportunity to be pulled over by the police, the right to be discriminated against by realtors, banks, mortgage companies, landlords and on job applications. Minorities will continue to have the opportunity to attend inadequately funded schools, and the opportunity to be thrown in prison more. The o in GOP stands for old (meaning keeping things the old way) not for opportunity.

John Cale: “Fear is a Man’s Best Friend”


Area band: “Wet Lemon”

The scab is a traitor to his God, his mother, and his class”~ Jack London


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