We’ve Got to be Watchdogs on the Watchdogs

  I remember seeing a lawsuit about a home invader that was injured by the home owner. The homeowner didn’t take to being threatened by the robber and scuffled with the thief. The would be home intruder suffered some broken bones and internal injuries. The robber was suing for pain, suffering and the cost of his hospital bill. The jury of course ruled against the robber. If I was on the jury I would have gone along with the rest of the jury. I’ve thought about what could be a similar case. Let’s say a scab got in an altercation with striking workers and was beaten badly. If the striker was put on trial for the beating I think he’d have a good defense. The homeowner said he felt his life was threatened. I think the striker would have a good case by saying his job and livelihood were threatened by the scab. The scab took the job knowing it was a risky job. He was hired by a boss that didn’t care enough to settle a contact with long time workers. If the boss didn’t give a damn about guys he’d known for years why would the scab think the boss would care about the scabs safety. If I was on the jury the striker goes free and the scab would learn a valuable lesson.

  This leads me to my last week hero Mike Trivisonno talk radio host at WTAM in Cleveland. “Triv” won because he didn’t take sides in the Strongsville, Ohio teacher’s strike. He welcomed and listened to callers on each side and asked them good questions. Mike wins again this week because he has stayed the course and heard people out. It is very unusual for a talk radio host to not take a side and call those on the other side idiots. Triv even had one of the scabs call his show. The scab said some of these teachers make over $60,000 a year and that is far too much money. Triv asked, “Then you must think the superintendent who makes $130,000 is way over paid.” She replied “He is underpaid as he works 12 months.” Trivisonno shot back, “He works a couple of months more than the teachers so that justifies the extra $70,000 over the teachers? Who do you think plays a bigger role in the students learning the teachers or the administrator?” She would not answer so he asked her several times. She finally replied, “Both.” Triv said, “Tell me which one the most out of the two.” The scab would not answer. Triv is asking some good questions to both sides and not letting anyone get away with presenting B.S. as facts.

  While I’m on schools I present the local buffoons of the week award. It goes to any Trumbull or Mahoning County school officials that wasted their time going to a Tribune Chronicle Editorial Board endorsement interview about the Tribune supporting their school levy. It would not matter if your school district had all teachers, janitors, bus drivers, coaches, secretaries and administrators work for free Tribune editor Frank Robinson will not endorse your school levy. If your building has free heat and water and you have cut all costs to zero Frank would still not back your school levy. Frank says he wants to see consolidated services and administrations between all county districts or one big county school. If all the districts made one big school and combined all services at that one building the editor would still not be happy. That is because like all conservatives he wants to wipe out public education. He is for wiping out tenure and for pushing vouchers.

  Teachers are in unions and those unions endorse candidates that support working Americans. That mean unions don’t back GOP candidates. Therefore, conservatives like Frank want teachers unions destroyed and that means putting an end to public education. So school board administrators save your time bending and groveling before Editor Robinson because he doesn’t want your school funded and doing well. Editor Robinson wants your public school buried and gone. I might suggest that this valley does not need two newspapers so the Vindicator and Tribune should combine and since two editors wouldn’t be needed Editor Robinson could get a job where his skills could shine. Some kind of job like working at a bowling alley spraying rented shoes with foot deodorant.

  I also want to nominated Bill Maher for national buffoon of the week. On his show yesterday Bill said, “The Head Start program has been shown to be a waste of money by a new study.” I expected and did hear this piece of B.S. from every brain-dead host over at FOX NEWS. I expected Maher would at least read the whole report. Conservatives saw a section that made their case against Head Start but refused to read the rest of the report. Maher heard the conservative media touting the section they liked and actually trusted their reporting without reading the report himself.  Hats off to John Stewart and the writers at the Daily Show who read the whole report and did this funny and poignant piece exposing the real truth.

  I only heard the ‘Tracey and Friends” radio show over at WSOM this week for about two minutes while I was on break listening to my car radio. Those two minutes were enough to educated me on something I was not aware of. Sticks and Jeff were spouting their usual racism against all Muslims B.S. when Sticks said, “Catholics are not Christians.” Jeff added his usual wisdom to that statement “Duh, ummha yea dats right.” I was thinking this was some info I should get to the new pope as it is something he should know. After work I smelled the stench of revisionist history upon entering my car. I put off the call to the pope and now realize the name Sticks is short for sticks for brains (or blockhead). I really do have other things I want to write about but I just can’t tolerate lies in the media. As Aldous Huxley said, ”Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

David Bowie: “Where Are We Now”

The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”

Area band:  The Bedspins

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”—Victor Hugo


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  1. Brock Featherstone

    Agree on the scab scenerio. That would be interesting. As I rumage through these archives I regret not finding this site earlier. Havent found one passage I dont like.

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