Life During Class Wartime

  The film, “Searching for Sugar Man” won the Oscar for best documentary feature at the 85th annual Academy Awards. It is the Cinderella story of Rodriguez, a singer/songwriter from Detroit who moved a generation of young people in South Africa 40 years ago. He never sold more than a handful of albums in the U.S. and didn’t know until recently that he was bigger than Elvis in South Africa. He’s a humble and hard-working man who is trying to make his hometown of Detroit a better place. He ran for councilman and mayor without getting elected. I urge you to see this movie that is available on Pay-Per-View on your cable. The movie made me think about all the musician I love that I thought would really hit it big in the U. S. musicians like; Mike Stout, Anne Feeney, Terry Reid, Root Boy Slim, Tonio K, The Remains, Gang of Four, The Alarm, Graham Parker, New Model Army, The Flamin Groovies, The Dictators, Greg Brown, Wayne Kramer, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Swamp Dogg, Kevin Coyne, John Cale, Robert Wyatt, Shawn Phillips, Eno etc. I think it’s sad that these musicians didn’t make it big not just for themselves but for the public who missed out on some really great music. I’m sure you have your favorites who didn’t make it big and the film will refresh your memory about your list of should be stars. The film also made me realize it is a loss to all of us when people like Rodriguez who truly love their hometown are not elected to office. This is a must see movie and a long overdue tribute to Rodriguez who embodies the “working-class hero” tag. See a preview here.

   I saw a documentary on PBS recently that I also high recommend. It’s called “As Goes Janesville” and is about the future of our middles class. The film recently won awards at the Milwaukee Film Festival and Columbia Gorge International Film Festival. The story follows what happened to three workers who lost their job at when Janesville, Wisconsin’s 100 year-old GM plant closed. It also tells the story of local business leaders who want to throw corporate welfare at any business (proven or not) that is willing to locate in Janesville. The local business leaders formed a regional chamber type of group called, “Rock County 5.0” to promote the area to business interests. One of the businesses they sought to attract with $9 million in corporate welfare was Shine Medical. The city manager, Eric Levitt, was critical of the town’s giveaway to Shine Medical who promised 125 jobs. Mr. Levitt doubted Shine because they didn’t have a product to bring to market. That didn’t matter as in the end Janesville council voted to give Shine Medical the money.

   Janesville’s business leaders like the governor are out to take away worker’s rights and bust unions. They are offering tax incentives, cheap vacant building and a labor force that with the help of the governor will have their unions destroyed and be willing to work for low wages. In the film you see Diane Hendricks the co-chair of 5.0 meeting with Gov. Walker. She greeted him saying, “Any chance we’ll ever get to be a completely red state and work on these unions and become a right-to-work state?” Hendricks continued. “What can we do to help you?” Walkers said, “Well, we’re going to start in a couple of weeks with our budget adjustment bill. The first step is we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because you use divide and conquer.” I know this is how conservatives think about working people but I was surprised to hear them say it in front of a camera. The next year Gov. Walker needed money to fight against a recall to get rid of him as governor. Diane Hendricks donated half million dollars to help Gov. Walker fight the recall and he remained governor.

  Mary Willmer-Sheedy of M&I Bank is also a member of Rock County 5.0. You will see by her comments that 5.0 isn’t really a community group out to better Janesville resident’s lives. You’ll see they are politically driven right-wingers out to break unions, lower wages for workers and destroy the middle-class. A member of Forward Janesville an organization of area businesses made an interesting statement. He said this to companies they were trying to entice to locate in Janesville, “The fact that so many people are out of work is a benefit because you can pay them less.” This film will show you about the class war going on in this country. If you are middle-class and this film doesn’t outrage you then you’re already a fatality in this war. It really is us against them and I urge all you us’s to see this film. Here is trailer for the film.

  Remember this prank showing that Governors like Scott Walker answer to the Koch brothers? In this call Walker admits he’d trick Democrat legislatures and shows he’d not be above planting troublemakers among those protesting him.

  This week’s award for biggest area lying spreaders of B.S. is of course the “Tracey and Friends” radio show at WSOM. As if the Friends crew isn’t crazy enough now they listen to caller’s paranoid dreams. A caller said she dreamt she was escorted out of the mall with others and put on a bus with dark windows. The bus riders were taken to a warehouse where they were implanted with a micro chip. The Friends crew interrupted and said the implant is the mark of the beast (Satan). The Friends expressed that this implanting was going to be part of Obamacare but was discovered and taken out. As usual the Friends are spreading lies that they will never fact check if it meets their hate filled mindset. Here are the facts disproving their B.S.

  Biggest national hate monger scumbags of the week are Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin. You can see why here as they defend a violent coach who abuses his players. Sean Hannity said, “My father hit me with a belt, I turned out OK!” No, Sean there is nothing OK about you. Hannity and Malkin like to get off on being politically incorrect. Being politically correct essentially means using some common sense and manners. Sean nor Michelle has any commons sense or manners. No one takes Malkin serious after she wrote a book that said that Japanese Americans enjoyed being interned during WWII. Malkin hates immigrants and anchor babies (children born to immigrants in the United States). That is odd as her parents are immigrants from the Philippines and she is an anchor baby. Her own hypocrisy, self-hatred and revisionist history writing supporting Japanese internment during WWII has made her popular with white supremacy nativist types. Here is a typical example of Hannity in action doing his usual spin on the facts.

  I have been proud to feature on my blog some of the musicians I listed above as musicians that should have been big in the U.S. I will continue to do in the future.

  The Lenny Bruce of the Blues, Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band: “Hey Mr. President”

  also: “Rich White Republican”

  Local band: Tongue in Groove

  “The opposite of poverty is not wealth….the opposite of poverty is justice” ~Bryan Stevenson


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