F Yall

  Thanks to Tom S. for telling me about this event in Tennessee. I did some research about it and looked over comments people made about it. I then took that info added my own thoughts and put it in this poem form.

Tennessee Teabagging Islamaphobia

In August of 2010 a new Islamic center being built

in a Nashville suburb was destroyed by arson.

It was just one of the Mosques that have been

vandalized or burned in the USA over the last decade.

Recently a Facebook posting by Coffee County,

Tennessee Commissioner Barry West

showed a man pictured pointing a gun at a camera

with words that read “How to wink at a Muslim.”

It drew lots of hate-filled comments about Muslims.

A Tennessee group the American Muslim Advisory Council,

put on an event called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society,”

It was an educational opportunity for the public to learn about American Muslims,

as well as how the civil rights of all citizens are protected under the Constitution.

A Muslim speaker showed photos of American Muslim soldiers killed

 while serving their country in the United States military

The crowd booed at the photos and cheered and clapped

at photos of an arsonist burned mosque in Columbia, Tennessee.

Anyone who cheers the firebombing of a mosque is racist,

bigoted and dangerous and needs to be put on a watch list.

Wrapped in American flags and waving Bibles, the protesters loudly shouted,

“speak English” at a Muslim man who has been in the United States for three decades.

They accused all Muslims of being terrorists and yelled at them to “go home.”

One man, who donned a confederate soldier’s cap,

shouted, “Mohammed was a pedophile!”

People who came wearing t-shirts or bought one

 outside of the event saying

 “Stay calm and eat pork”

didn’t exactly come with an open mind.

This could have been an informative exchange of cultures

and a positive learning experience for the people of Coffee County

who need to switch to decaf to brew up a little love.

The event instead turned into a typical angry racist white man

GOP redneck teabagger shitstorm show

or in the words of one redneck commenter

“They was just display Merican’ Values…praise Jesus.”

Right-wing talk radio tried to put a spin on the event.

They said the event put on by Muslims was a liberal plot

to make patriotic conservative Christians look like ignorant bigots.

I guess the evil liberal media was trying to make

Conservative Americans look bad by quoting them

like they did to Tea Party queen Sara Palin.

Nearly 1.000 people showed up for the event

and many could not fit in the building.

Those who couldn’t get inside due to overcrowded conditions

 called law enforcement officers “communists.

In the early 1960’s these angry teabaggers loved police officers

because they arrested black citizens as they attempted to eat at a counter,

 sit in front on the bus, go to a water fountain, pool or bathroom

with the words “whites only” emblazoned on the wall.

 In those days black churches were firebombed

without anyone ever fearing prosecution

 but today the hate crime of mosques being burned

is being investigating so today’s racist long for the old days.

I have real bad news for these hate-filled small-minded bigots.

That is that the younger generations have more tolerance,

understanding and intellectual curiosity than you.

Soon enough you small-minded greedy old fucks

will all be dead and the young will not put flowers your racist

 Great-grandfather’s confederate soldier’s grave

and the Civil War can finally die.

Fuck Yall


Now it’s time for the award for local/national buffoons of the week. It goes to callers to local talk and national radio shows that spread B.S. about jobs. These callers say there are lots of jobs around the nation that go unfilled because applicants can’t pass drug tests. Politicians are also spreading this lie. This from Arthur Delaney at Huffington Post: “South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) said scads of job applicants flunked a drug test at the Savannah River Site, a nuclear reservation along the Savannah River.” Down on River Site, they were hiring a few hundred people, and when we sat down and talked to them — this was back before the campaign — when we sat down and talked to them, they said of everybody they interviewed, half of them failed a drug test.” Jim Giusti, a spokesman for the Department of Energy, which owns the River Site, told HuffPost he had no idea what Haley was talking about with regard to applicants flunking a drug test. “Half the people who applied for a job last year or year 2009 did not fail the drug test,” Giusti said. “At the peak of hiring under the Recovery Act we had less than 1 percent of those hired test positive.” The River Site doesn’t even test applicants. “We only test them when they have been accepted;” Giusti said. A spokesman for Gov. Haley did not respond to requests for comment.”

  What is the difference between cowboy boots and talk radio callers boots? The cowboy boots have the bull shit on the outside.

  I do salute a recent caller to WKBN’s Dan Rivers. Dan was bashing immigrants and being a racist and a caller pointed it out. Dan got flustered and his producer Viking Jim weighed in with his own stupid racist comments. One of Dan’s statements was that we need to stop Latino immigrants coming into this country because they vote for democrats. He also said we need to stop them because the white race is soon going to be a minority in this country. The sad part is that most callers agreed with Dan and his racism.

 Local band: The Barflies

 Sweet Honey in the Rock: “Are We a Nation”

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ’round”

 “What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.” ~ Albert Einstein









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