Biggest Hypocrite of All Time

I want to nominate the biggest hypocrites of all time award. That award goes to the Walton Family that owns Walmart/Sam’s Club.

The Walton’s who own Walmart/Sam’s Club are worth $115 billion making them the richest family in the world. They could use their money to pay their employees a livable wage but have decided to use their wealth to fund right-wing politicians. Over the last decade the family has spent over $17 million in federal elections and millions more on state and local initiatives. Most of the donations were for Republicans and right-wing causes, including anti-gay, anti-environment and pro-gun politicians and causes. In fact the Walton’s donate to candidates with low scores on civil rights, women’s issues, immigration, and those who oppose raising the minimum wage. Though Walmart makes $16 billion in profits a year each Walmart store costs taxpayer one million in corporate welfare.

The Walton family is on the wrong side of every social justice issue. The following videos will give you just a small example of the evil they do in the world.

A Walmart global service manager weeps when he sees the working conditions of Walmart’s sweatshops. He is fired for telling Walmart what he has seen. 

1127 Walmart Bangladesh sweatshop workers dead after a building collapses in  April 2013. 

112 die in fire at Bangladesh sweatshop making Walmart apparel.

Cambodian workers at a sweatshop making products for Walmart are cheated out of their wages.

A former Walmart employee talks about Walmart is anti-union.

Confessions of a Walmart hitman about bribes, cheating employees off the clock, wiping out mom and pop stores etc.

Walmart’s Third World slave workers working up to 20 hours a day. making $2.00 a day.

Walmart lobbies against food safety measures.

Shocking Truths About Walmart.

U.S. taxpayers pay for Walmart employees.

The Walton’s who are guilty of all of this injustice had the utter BALLS to point the finger at someone else who made a mistake. Walmart announced they will no longer be selling Paula Deen’s cookbooks,  cookware, or other products because, they don’t want to soil their company name. Deen’s troubles started when she revealed in a deposition for a workplace discrimination lawsuit that she’d used the N-word in the past. She also admitted that she’d used other racist language and shared racist jokes.. Well, the big joke is Walmart getting squeamish over Deen’s racism. Besides all of Walmart’s issues above they have also had a problem with racism. In 2011, Walmart  paid $44,000 to settle a racial discrimination case filed by nine Hispanic employees. In 2009, Walmart paid out $17.5 million in a class-action case where they discriminated against African-Americans looking for jobs as truck drivers.  There are plenty of other lawsuits of discrimination by women and people of color against Walmart. Walmart easily wins the hypocrite of all time award.

The runner-up winner of being a hypocrite goes to Walmart/Sam’s Club shoppers who consider themselves caring, spiritual or Christians. You cease being anyone of those things once you make the choice to enter the doors of Hellmart/Satan’s Club.

Music: “Shadow Business”

“Walmart Song”

“We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals, we now know that it is bad economics.” ~ FDR


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