I got no comments or e-mails from Walmart shoppers and Sam’s Club members telling me why they don’t think they are soulless for shopping at Walmart/Sam’s Club. That just tells me that they agree with me they are soulless and that a bargain is worth more to them than humanity. Good to know where we stand.

  I love the concept of pay it forward which means that when you benefit by a good deed you do a good deed for someone else instead of the person who helped you. This concept would make for a better world but it’s pretty hard to do in these times of what’s in it for me teabagger mentality. Last week in the Warren Tribune was an article on how the state of Ohio’s new budget will affect school levies. The two-year budget will eliminate a state property rollback on new and replacement levies passed in November 2013 and beyond.  What this means is that there will be a 37 cent per month increase for owners of a $100,000 house which would total $4.38 a year. Sherry Champion, a longtime Champion, Ohio resident said, “We have a lot of folks in Champion, they’re older … and when things like this happen, we have to figure out some way to cut so that we can pay for something that, really, we’re not getting any benefit from.” she added, “My husband and I have talked about moving to get out of Champion. I’ve lived here my whole life … It’s going to be hard to do, but in order to be able for me to enjoy the lifestyle that I’m used to, I have to go someplace else.”

  I’d say Sherry Champion has a teabagger mentality. She thinks educating students is something she doesn’t benefit from. Perhaps she’d rather pay to house them in prison when they drop out of school and have no option but a life of crime. Someone paid for her to go to school now she needs to pay for someone else to go. That’s paying it forward. Sherry would rather move than pay $4.38 more a year. Her budget is so tight that 37 cents a month is going to wreck her lifestyle? Sherry I say move out of the valley as we need people to help the next generation and this community is really not getting any benefits from having you self-interested types here. If you decide to stay contact me and I’ll send you $4.38 to keep you out of the poorhouse.

  These are the greedy times we live in where people don’t use common sense and care about anyone. I’ve seen union workers shop at stores that bust unions. I’ve seen union workers drink beer from companies that have busted their unions. I’ve seen people in public education have their job depend on the passage of a school levy in the district they work and vote against the school levy in the district where they live. I’ve met teachers that really care about kids and yet I heard a very greedy retired one just the other day. She is a leader in the area Tea Party and was on the “Tracey and Friends” radio show. She was bashing taxes and public sector workers. She has time to spread her hate as she is retired with a good pension from being a public sector worker. She just doesn’t want any other public sector worker to be able to afford to retire. She’s like these union workers who at contract time look out for their own benefits and vote for newer workers to have second and third tier wages and benefits. Let’s spell those tiers “tears” because that is what they are for fellow workers that pay the same prices for living expenses.

  The middle-class is disappearing because we have allowed ourselves to be divided by region, religion, race, gender, private vs. public sector, skilled vs. unskilled labor etc. People in the right-wing media are paid big dollars to divide the middle-class. Why do you think the 1%ers pay Rush Limbaugh $37.5 million a year for a mere 15 hour work week. He is paid to be a sheep herder and lead the middle-class to further slaughter. Rush drives a car that costs $450,000 and lives in a compound of five homes he owns worth  $65 million. He is the world’s richest drug addict and yet I hear average people who believe Rush has their best interest at heart. Has there ever been a more successful snake oil salesman?  The 1% is bottling the snake oil and hoping their top salesman can keep delivering. Rush’s snake oil hardens the heart, rots the mind and gives you “greeditis”.

  Every year the Warren Tribune Chronicle hires a few “community columnists.” They have even hired some of the same ones two or three times. I have criticized these columnists because they don’t write about the community. Instead they just echo the editor’s far right-wing agenda. They finally have a community columnist that has been writing about the community and is worth reading. His name is Andrew Herman and here is his most recent column. Keep up the great work Andrew it’s refreshing. I give Andrew this week’s award for best local community builder. For the betterment of our local community and my children’s future we need more Andrews and fewer Sherrys.

Badly Drawn Boy: “Year of the Rat”

“Too Many Miracles”

Local Band: The Rage

“A motto of many politicians, public servants and money bags: Ask not ‘What can I do for you?’ but ‘What can I do you for?”

~ H. M. Forester



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2 responses to ““Greeditis”

  1. Anonymous

    which sam’s has the pickles?

  2. elecpencil

    All of them. They are located on the shelf next to the 8 pack of 96 ounce Heinz Ketchup bottles.

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