Sticks and Stones

  I am not so stubborn I won’t admit when I have made a mistake. I have been giving out an award for the local buffoon of the week. I was wrong to use that title. Does that mean I am going to be a nice guy peacenik, and not name call? Hell no. My number one priority is trying to make a better world for my children. That means I have to try and make sure the Earth is not destroyed by these buffoon types. The online dictionary’s description of a buffoon is, “buff-oon  (b-fn) n. 1. A clown; a jester: a court buffoon. 2. A person given to clowning and joking. 3. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.”

  The people I have described as buffoons don’t serve a king or royal master. They serve a corporate master. They also aren’t joking to me because what they say and do puts my family and yours in danger. They aren’t bumbling fools, they are soulless assassins to our health, safety, democracy, Earth and our children’s future. That means that I am still going to name call as these people have long been pushing for a war with those of us who want to save this planet. If need be I will also use sticks and stones if it comes down to it. The word buffoon just doesn’t describe what these soulless creeps are up to. I was at an event the other day to listen to civil rights leader, Vincent Harding speak. I should have left that meeting feeling more charitable towards my enemies, so I could dialogue with them.

  I have more than tested my patience trying to dialogue with conservatives in the past. I exchanged e-mails with two for over three years. In the end I got tired of providing facts to show they were wrong and having them then change subjects. These were people who would never acknowledge they were wrong. They had theories and ideas, I felt if ever enacted would threaten my family. I just plain got tired of fighting the same battles over and over, so I ended my period of trying to be a diplomat. These people sometimes say one thing but their actions prove they are liars. I have a good example of that. Recently, there was an anti-fracking demonstration on Court House Square in Warren, Ohio. A pro-fracking rally with mostly people in the oil/gas business took place across the street. The Warren Tribune interviewed some of these pro-frackers. One of those interviewed admitted he worked in the oil/gas industry. He said he had a family and would not work in the industry if he thought for a moment it was dangerous to his family. Yet, these pro-frackers went over and blew air horns to drown out speakers at the anti-fracking rally who were expressing facts and their concerns about fracking. If this worker really cared about the safety of his family he’d have been at the anti-fracking rally to learn if there are any dangers to his family. The fact is the oil/gas worker cares about getting a paycheck and not his family. If he doesn’t care about his family he certainly doesn’t care about yours or mine.

  Quite a few cities around Ohio and the country do care about their residents. That is why they have passed no fracking zones in their cities. One such city is Niles, Ohio and I have called that city council heroes. Frank Robinson the editor of the Warren Tribune Chronicle has attacked Niles City Council a few times in editorials for their stand against fracking. I have called Robinson a buffoon in the past. That term really doesn’t go far enough to express how much his desire for unregulated corporations puts my family and our valley in danger. Editor Robinson picks up a fat paycheck to express the corporate views that the corporate owned Tribune wants printed out, our children’s safety be damned.

 I want to thank a group of local people I also consider heroes as they are trying to make sure our community is a safe place to live and raise a family. That is the local activists who worked hard to get the Citizens Bill of Rights (anti-fracking in Youngstown amendment) on the Nov. 5 ballot. Thanks for your effort Lynn, Susie, Ray, John, Howard, Sean, Christine, Jean, Monica, Jeremiah, Jeanne, Dianne, Doug, Tim and the rest of those who helped on the bill and also the members of Frack Free Ohio.

 While listening to Vincent Harding (and obviously missing his good message of tolerance) I liked something I head YSU’s Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer say. He said it was hard to dialogue with a sociopath who is pro-fracking. Mr. Harding of course said one should not use that kind of terminology when you try to dialogue with them. I highly respect Mr. Harding but he is probably a way more patient man than I am (though I did spend 3 years in dialogue with 2 conservatives).  When I got home from the meeting with Mr. Harding I looked up the characteristics of a sociopath. I found that they are manipulative, conning, self-serving, don’t recognize the rights of others, have no shame or guilt, are pathological liars, have shallow emotions, are callous with  a lack of empathy, are incapable of love, have no concern for others, are irresponsible, are parasites, have criminal behavior and no concern for wrecking others’ lives and dreams.

   I realized these characteristics (especially that last one) belong to the people I have been labeling as buffoons. Buffoons just doesn’t go far enough to describe the dangers these people pose to our families. Mr. Lupo who was pouring fracking waste into the Mahonimg River is a sociopath. He didn’t care about the danger to his family only about money he was saving by not disposing of the brine water according to environmental laws. The driver of the waste water truck Michael Guesman from Cortland, Ohio only cared about his paycheck from Lupo not his family. These aren’t guys you can dialogue with.

  Warren Tribune Editor Robinson attacks Niles City Council who wants to protect their residents. Only a sociopath would be angry at public servants who want to serve the public good instead of stuffing their pockets like the oil/gas companies. Tracey Winbush and Jeff and the rest of her cast  at her WSOM radio talk show scream over top of callers that dispute her and the cast with facts. She has a corporate serving agenda full of lies to propagandize, so democracy of the airwaves be damned. These people have no respect for my family or yours and don’t care to dialogue. They will blow air horns over your speech or cut your phone call to their radio show off. Their idea of democracy is to enact laws to allow fewer people to vote. Their idea of a better world is to frack and exterminate all anti-pollution and safety laws. They are at war with our families and will use any manner of weapons of mass destruction. We don’t have time to get involved in wars in other countries, we have a very real war we need to acknowledge before it’s too late right here in this country against SOCIOPATHS.

 One goal in that war that needs to be  to pointed out is how those of us who want a better country are shooting ourselves in the foot. A case in point I have gone over and over is how we need to boycott union busting store like WalMart/Sam’s Club and boycott union busting companies like Coors and Yuengling. It is such an easy thing to do that will have major impact. I loved it when I saw picket lines in dozens of cities in the U.S. calling for fast food workers to unionize to make better wages. The foot shooters are people like Ryan Carter in New York City. He crossed the picket line to get his $1 cup of McDonald’s coffee. He said he “absolutely” supported the demand for higher wages.” He added, “They work harder than the billionaires in the city.” He then said he needs his McDonald’s coffee so he will continue his regular trips to McDonalds. The middle-class and working-class have lost ground for years in this country because of the Michael Gusmans that just go along with what the boss wants and the Ryan Carters who can’t give up a cup of coffee to make a better world. We have a lot of enemies trying to destroy our children’s future, so why give them the bullets to do it?

   The Westwood Lake Park residents in Weatherfield Township, Ohio near fracking wells experienced nasty smells, bright lights and very loud noise. As if that wasn’t enough some of them are now getting rashes and experiencing seizures. Can we find out who sold or leased this land to the fracking company? Can we find out the owners of this company? I think we should go to these people’s homes and shine lights in their windows, play loud noises and fill their neighborhoods up with fumes until they have seizures. No more time for dialogue it is time for direct action. Youngstown owns Meander Lake Reservoir and sells rights to the water to other towns in the Mahoning Valley. I was at a meeting the other day with some great local activists who are hard at work on the anti-fracking issue. Someone mentioned that General Motors owns the mineral rights under Meander Lake. I would imagine that they purchased them because sooner or later they plan on doing something with those rights. If it is true that General Motors owns those rights we have some weapons of mass destruction aimed at our drinking water in the near future. What about all those jobs the oil/gas companies are going to provide to our area citizens? A woman who lives in the Westwood Lake Park walked down to the well near her to discover a crew of Mexican workers with only one speaking a lit bit of broken English. I can also tell you the oil/gas company that has moved to my street has a parking lot full of cars with license plates from Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. I’m going to continue with my name calling but I have to go outside now and gather some sticks and stones.

More on the resident of Westwood Lake Park (Thanks to John for doing this video and to Diana Ludwig for this posting it on Facebook).

Paul Cebar: “I Love Soul”

“Didn’t Leave Me No Ladder”

“Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil.” ~ Elie Wiesel


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  1. susie

    Always LOVE reading your observations. Thank you for your direct action, thoughtfulness and ferocity!

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