Regional Chambers and Gas Chambers

  The YOUNG Conference just took place in Youngstown at the Covelli Centre. YOUNG stands for Youngs-town, Ohio Utica and Natural Gas. This third year of the expo and conference “focused on meeting the challenges of the play now that about 526 wells have been drilled.” The conference as in the past, was put on by the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber. The Youngstown Vindicator stated “Tony Paglia, vice president of government and media affairs of the Regional Chamber said this year’s conference attracted more logistics and service companies that helped foster better business-to-business networking. The aim, they said, was to focus on the Utica’s potential and how it can be fulfilled.” The chamber worked hard to make sure the 1,000 people in attendance were well-informed about the profits to be made from fracking and had a nice time.

  I was thinking the name, Tony Paglia sounded familiar. I then remembered awhile back when Tony and Regional Chamber president and CEO, Tom Humphries had come out publicly supporting Senate Bill 5. That bill would have help destroy collective bargaining rights for public employees. In that case the businessmen at the Regional Chamber were working hard to help promote and pass a bill that would give public workers a hard time. No one should be surprised that a bunch of businessmen hate workers in the private or public sector. In the case of the chamber putting on the YOUNG Conference it should come as no surprise that they were promoting a business like fracking without any regard to the safety of our families and community.

  I’m sure if regional chambers were around after our country’s founding they would have promoted slave ship building in harbor cities. I’ll bet regional chambers in Europe promoted the locations of Nazi death camps like; Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen and Treblinka. I imagine the chambers and politicians were happy to be able to provide construction workers to build these death chambers. I’m sure more than one politician in the area of these concentration camps ran on the slogan he had provided, “jobs, jobs jobs.”

  I want to provide some information that I’m sure wasn’t available at the YOUNG Conference. Here is the best list of oral ammunition I’ve found to arm yourself with to fight the pro-frackers who are putting our community and families in danger: “People’s Virtual Library // A Project of Northeast Ohio Occupations.”

Orpheus: “Congress Alley”

“Can’t Find the Time”

“There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, and nothing worth killing for.” ~ Tom Robbins


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